The corruption of adults is not a new phenomenon. It has been an issue for many centuries, with the occasional periods where it seems to be on its way out. However, there are still children who are being corrupted and students in schools that have fallen prey to this corrupting process. This essay will discuss how corruption affects these two groups through history, present day society and what steps people can take to eliminate this epidemic from society at large.

The “essay on corruption 500 words” is an essay that discusses the topic of corruption. The essay focuses on how children and students should be taught about the issue.

Essay on Corruption for Children and Students in 1500 Words

We have included a 1500-word essay about corruption for children and students in this post. What is Corruption, as we have discussed? Its types, examples, causes, effects, and control, as well as Government measures to eliminate it, are all covered.

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Introduction (Corruption Essay – 1500 Words)

Corruption is defined as “abuse of authority for personal benefit.” Every country’s development is hampered by corruption. Not only has pervasive corruption harmed the country’s healthy growth, but it has also prevented the economy from reaching new heights.

India is still one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. According to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), 180 nations are ranked in this category. It ranks India as the 81st most corrupt country in the world. They also rank industrialized nations like Ghana as having the highest levels of corruption. Corruption, on the other hand, is like an epidemic; people spread it everywhere.

Depending on the quantity of money lost and the industry in which it happens, we may categorize it as huge or small. The greatest corruption occurs at the highest levels of Government, distorting policy to favor a few people at the cost of the general interest.

Small corruption refers to the daily misuse of authority by low and middle-level Government workers in their dealings with regular people who often seek vital commodities or services in places like hospitals, schools, licensing offices, and other organizations.

Political corruption is the result of laws, institutions, and norms governing the distribution of resources and money by Political decision-makers who take advantage of their positions to maintain their power, riches, and prestige.

It is a social evil in which the quality of service is sacrificed for the advantage of someone. Most nations across the globe have high levels of crime. The only difference is in the degree and scope of this.

Corruption is measured by the methods utilized for the goal, as well as the degree, effect, and impact. However, since it is a social issue, the best approach to categorize it is by its social effect.

Corruption Comes in Many Forms

Below are some major Corruption Comes in Many Forms occurring in our society –

  1. Judiciary
  2. Business
  3. Political
  4. Government
  5. Officers of the law
  6. Education
  7. System of health care
  8. Administrative

1. Corruption in the Judiciary

The judiciary is one of the nation’s fully protected systems, and it administers justice to people. Judges of the courts, on the other hand, are prone to corruption due to their unrestricted authority. They stifle support for individual or societal justice. The following are examples of judicial corruption:

  1. Justice is being served late.
  2. Discretionary justice
  3. Harassment that is done voluntarily
  4. The amount to which improper activity has occurred.

2. Corruption in Politics

Political corruption occurs when government officials abuse their positions of authority for personal gain. Bribery, extortion, favoritism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, trade-in influence, transplanting, and embezzlement are some of its manifestations.

This encompasses abduction, murder, brutality, and injustice, among other things. Political leaders utilize alcohol, women, riches, and everything among people to win elections.

It’s common in government, politics, business, and other fields. India is known for its large democracy, however the country’s democratic structure encourages corruption. Politicians have a large share of the blame for the country’s corruption.

We elected our leaders with high hopes that they would guide our nation in the right path. They make a lot of promises to us at first, but as soon as the election is over, they forget about their responsibilities to us and participate in corruption.

Without a sure, every nation will be rid of corruption one day when our political leaders are free of greed and utilize their power, rank, and position for the country’s progress rather for their own comfort and personal desires.

The worst kind of moral corruption is political corruption. Political parties in our country do it in a variety of ways.

  • Freebies or subsidies should be used to calm people down.
  • Minorities should be kept at bay.
  • Purchase a ballot and a ticket.

3. Corruption in the administration

It includes personnel such as higher-ranking officials, officers, and police officers, among others. If we pay money, for example, we can have tasks done swiftly. Donate money without having to go to the workplace.

You will be issued a driver’s license. Blind and handicapped people may also get a driver’s license by paying a bribe. “Money is what drives the mare away.” You must pay money to finish any task at the hospital, court, or other government offices.

4. Corruption among government authorities

Corruption is used by rulers. They do this by committing fraud, granting contracts to their pals, and so on. They will do so till the Conclusion of the semester. Public opinion is readily followed and informed by the media. However, since few media organizations are also corrupt, they attempt to conceal such issues and protect regimes.

5. Officers of the law Corruption

Police agencies have been accused of corruption. This kind of corruption may be seen in practically any country. Bribes are accepted by police officers, and they assist in the destruction of evidence.

6. Corruption in the Business World

This is a prevalent and persistent kind of corruption. To increase money, businesspeople use unscrupulous techniques. They may do this by pressuring the government to approve particular laws that benefit them.

Another option is to make lower-quality items in order to save money. The same corporation, on the other hand, will make high-quality items for nations with tight quality control laws.

Duplication of pharmaceuticals, duplication of imported commodities, contaminated manufacture of health and hygiene products, mixing lower quality substances in food items, mixture of spices, stones in grains, animal fats in ghee, kerosene in gasoline, and so on are all examples of corporate corruption.

Corruption’s Root Causes

Corruption exists in India for a variety of causes. The main cause for this is a lack of good management in the company.

There is a lack of control over the many departments and their work as a result of bad management. This unregulated and unsupervised administration enables corruption to begin on a local scale before spreading to a larger size.

Poor governance is also caused by the selection of incompetent managers, supervisors, and management at different levels of the hierarchy.

Because of a lack of adequate vigilance mechanisms in the nation, brilliant leaders are often overwhelmed and stifled due to a lack of support and collaboration from social groups. Some authorities are enticed to obtain unlawful funds, allowing unscrupulous individuals to go unpunished.

Corruption’s Consequences

Corruption obstructs the nation’s progress, resulting in a loss of money and prosperity. This is a huge setback for the future of all corruption in the United States, as well as other nations.

India’s corruption index has increased over the previous 10 years, with the government losing billions of dollars in numerous scams. Those funds came from the general public.

Corruption has hampered and slowed the execution of many development initiatives across the globe. Sports, technology, health, research, the economy, military, and infrastructure all suffer as a result of this.

These are the most typical outcomes —

1. Business stumbling blocks

It links corruption in the public sector with substantial challenges for legitimate businesses. Even the application for a company license has proven to be a major roadblock.

Companies resent having to pay a bribe, even if it is just for the supply of water or power.

2. Poverty and backwardness

It is difficult to alleviate poverty as a result of this. The privileged are growing wealthier, while the poor are becoming weaker.

Despite the announcements of rehabilitation and monetary rewards, unscrupulous personnel in different government agencies and contractors continue to siphon money from end-users via various tactics.

3. Natural resource depletion

Natural resources abound in India, however this has resulted in a loss of vital resources. Illegal sand mining is a common issue that wreaks havoc on the country’s water resources.

Bribery in mining is common, which loses substantial Government revenues. Because of the lack of supervision and transparency, there has been arising in these Corruption Comes in Many Formss.

For example, over half of the iron ore shipped from the state of Goa is thought to have been illegally mined.

Measures of control

Changes in government working styles are the first and most crucial answer. Corruption may be reduced if government members and processes are transparent.

Furthermore, the law governing the election of national representatives must be strict. As a result, initiating a lawsuit against someone disqualifies them from voting.

Second, it allows for direct connection between the government and the general public. By establishing direct interaction between the government and the governed, this may help to eliminate corruption. This is where e-administration can assist.

Third, everyone should act responsibly as a citizen. Every citizen must diligently and to the best of their ability carry out their responsibilities.

Every person should strive to rid the world of corruption. Citizens should promptly report such incidents to the Vigilance Department.

Fourth, the government and regulatory institutions should constantly verify the leaders’ and associates’ sources of income and bank accounts. It should disclose suspect transactions to the judicial system if it identifies them.

If a leader fails to carry out his responsibilities properly, he should be fired. Higher government positions should be filled based on their performance. The government should put the leaders’ efforts to the test on a regular basis.


Finally, strong, skilled, and determined leadership is essential. All individuals who have been given power via elections must keep the commitments they made to the public. They should work to rid government administration of corruption. Remove all impediments, including legislation, that enable the corrupt avoid punishment.

The “corruption essay pdf” is a well-written essay on corruption for children and students. It can be found in the English language, and it has 1500 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corruption in simple words essay?

A: Corruption is defined as the abuse of power, or the taking advantage by those in positions of trust and authority to gain financially, personally (or professionally) through illegal means. Some examples are when a military officer takes money from a company that he then invests into his own business, or an individual employee steals confidential data they have access too while working at their present company.

What is corruption short paragraph?

A: Corruption is the illegal or improper use of public office for private gain. Its a form of political behavior and can include bribery, embezzlement, extortion, influence peddling, money laundering and graft.

What is corruption in India essay?

A: Corruption in India is a serious problem. It has been taking place for decades, and it seems like the government doesnt care about anything but themselves.

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