The Earth’s surface is diminishing in size at an alarming rate. The United Nations has set a goal of halting and reversing the process to save it by 2030, but the hope remains dim with so many obstacles on the way.

This essay is on deforestation. It is a problem that has been present for many years. There are many ways to help stop it, but they must be done in the right way. The paragraph will also include some facts about deforestation and what can be done to prevent it.

Essay on Deforestation for Students and Children in 1000 Words

We’ve written a 1000-word persuasive essay about deforestation for students and children. The meaning, causes, and control concepts of deforestation are discussed in this article.

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What is Deforestation and What Causes It?

Deforestation refers to the permanent removal of trees for agricultural purposes or the construction of structures for human use. The trees that are felled and utilized as fuel or building materials. Forests encompass nearly 30% of the earth’s surface, according to several studies. Many people who live near woods rely on the forest for medicinal plants, food, and fuel.

Deforestation has a long history.

Forests are often big undeveloped areas that may be transformed for human purposes such as agriculture, animal grazing, housing construction, and factory production. They adopted deforestation on a wide scale in Western nations for farming and utilising the trees for a different purpose during the 16th century.

Today, the majority of deforestation occurs in the plant’s tropical habitat, mostly in African nations. Because of contemporary technology and the roads built by mankind for safe travel, regions that were once inaccessible are now readily accessible. According to current figures, nearly 61000 square miles of forest have been gone, an area the size of Bangladesh.

Deforestation’s Effects on the Earth and Humans

On the planet Earth, mass extinctions occur, resulting in the extinction of countless species. It’s due to volcanic activity, climate change, an asteroid’s impact, or a variety of other factors that have yet to be identified. Plants and animals have developed during the last 65 million years as a result of earlier catastrophic extinctions.

According to scientists, we are on the edge of extinction. Even the WWF estimates that 60 percent of all wild-life populations have perished since 1970, implying that half of all birds, mammals, fish, and other species have perished in the last 50 years. The human population has doubled at an unparalleled rate throughout that period.

Even insect populations have dropped, particularly pollinating insects, resulting in a massive reduction in the number of different tree species throughout the planet. Human deforestation to accommodate an ever-growing population and excessive consumerism is the primary cause of biodiversity loss.

Natural forest fires are an uncommon occurrence in the tropical forest. Human-lit light is widely employed to utilise the vast swaths of forest areas for farming. Humans first chop down the valuable wood, then burn the remaining vegetation to create room for crops or cattle grazing.

In the Amazon jungle, it was recently revealed that there has been an 80% spike in human-lit forest fires compared to the 2018 report. The Amazon is regarded as the planet’s lungs, yet humans are hell-bent on destroying the jungle for personal benefit. Many acres of land have been removed to create room for palm plantations.

Palm oil is an inexpensive and flexible ingredient that can be used in both culinary and personal care items such as cosmetics and shampoo. Palm oil’s popularity and versatility have resulted in widespread deforestation so that more palm trees may be planted. The natural woods and local pet-lands are completely destroyed in order to improve the agricultural area, resulting in the devastation of the eco-system.

Forests may be found everywhere on the earth, from the tropics to the highest altitudes. They are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, which includes a diverse range of plants, animals, microorganisms, birds, and other organisms. Forests offer a safe haven for a varied range of living organisms from all over the globe.

People in nations such as Uganda depend on timber and firewood as a source of fuel. They eat the fruits and vegetables from the trees and animals. Uganda has lost 63 percent of its forest cover in the previous 25 years. Children are sent to the forest to get firewood. It might take a whole day if they have to go farther into the woods. It makes them want to go back to school.

Deforestation not only eliminates flora off the face of the planet, which is necessary for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also emits greenhouse gases. According to data from various research agencies, deforestation is the second major driver of climate change, accounting for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The atmospheric air sequence has also been altered by deforestation. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere has risen dramatically over time as a result of numerous human activities such as unregulated fuel burning.

Forests have done an excellent job of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This mechanism keeps the amount of oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere balanced, allowing us to breathe freely. Deforestation is caused in large part by population increase. The growing need for vast amounts of riches in order to live better lives has raised the necessity for deforestation. Forestry should be used as a follow-up procedure in such circumstances.

Deforestation Causes

Following are some significant Deforestation Causes:

  1. Overgrazing causes desertification and soil erosion, as well as a reduction in soil fertility.
  2. Soil fertility is depleted as a result of recurring cultivation. Farmers must use new technological technology so that they may continue to farm on the same piece of land rather than deforesting it.
  3. The principal source of deforestation is for fuelwood by the local villagers.
  4. Forest fires started by humans are one of the primary causes of deforestation.
  5. Deforestation is caused by wood, particularly lumber used as plywood in industry.
  6. We deforest vast swaths of land to create industries.
  7. The breach of the trial in the forest to develop crops is one source of deforestation.
  8. Forest decline is caused by a variety of diseases spread by parasitic fungi and bacteria.
  9. Landslides have resulted in the deforestation of mountains.
  10. Humans need additional area to develop their colony due to overcrowding.

What can be done to stop deforestation?

  1. Deforestation may be controlled by planting trees on a regular and large scale.
  2. Limit the number of trees taken down and replace them with something else.
  3. By enacting new, stringent government norms and regulations about tree cutting and preservation.
  4. People are educated and made aware of the value of trees in our lives via educational and awareness activities.


To summarize, deforestation is a detrimental human action that should be avoided. Because we only have one planet to live on, environmental conservation is our obligation. I hope you like this deforestation essay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is deforestation short essay?

A: Deforestation is the removal of forests in a region, most often for agricultural purposes. It has been linked to many environmental problems including land degradation and extinction of species.

What is deforestation in your own words?

A: Deforestation is when large amounts of trees are cut down and turned into wood, coal or other fuel. This causes many problems such as soil erosion, biodiversity loss and climate change.

What is deforestation short answer for Class 6?

A: Deforestation is the change in forest cover over time, often a result of human activity. It can refer to both natural and anthropogenic (human-caused) deforestation.

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