In the 19th century, a great deal of progress was made in regards to animal conservation. In 1877, the first Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) opened its doors in New York City and began working toward protecting animals from abuse. However, despite this growing awareness around animal welfare concerns, humans have continued their treatment towards different animal populations with little regard for their individual needs or feelings

The “elephant essay in english 10 lines” is a short essay that discusses the elephant and its importance to people.

Essay on Elephant for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this post, we’ve included a 1000-word essay about elephants for students and children. It has an introduction, structure, significance, sorts of application, and ten lines regarding elephants.

(Essay about Elephant – 1000W) Introduction

The elephant is the world’s biggest land mammal and animal. It has a quick and acute memory and is quite intelligent. Elephants are revered as divine beings in several cultures.

Elephant Structure

The Elephant’s skin might be gray or black in hue. We think of them as descendants of the extinct mammalian species.

The Elephant has a massive body with four thick or huge legs that aid in balance and stability. It also possesses an outer pinna and an audiot meatus, as well as two big ears.

Elephants, on the other hand, have short eyes and tails. Elephants have a large trunk in which they may fill water from their nostrils (only Elephants breathe from all of these nostrils).

Elephants: Their Importance and Use

We can all agree that the animals were all beneficial. Elephants are also very beneficial to the environment. They have the biggest body of all the creatures and can go on a forest tour, which is often done when tourists visit a forest.

The forest guide often employs the Elephant as a vehicle, despite the fact that the Elephant is one of the largest creatures that other animals do not attack, and neither of the animals would attack passengers due to their large and tall bodies.

Many people utilize the Elephant’s trunk to collect food, and it may also be used to cut down big tree branches. In other words, an elephant’s trunk functions similarly to a human hand. Next to the trunk of an elephant were enameled tusks. These tusks resemble giant canine teeth, but they are not.

The tusks of this elephant are utilized for a variety of applications, including ornamentation, cosmetics, and design. The products manufactured from the Elephant’s tusks were very precious or expensive.

Elephants, on the other hand, are currently being exploited for the high market price. It should be phased out, or its existence will come to an end.

Elephants must be respected by humans. People in India worship elephants in the shape of Lord Ganesha, who lavishes them with deep love, care, and respect from such a person of the nation.

Elephants are an important element of this ecosystem. They must be safeguarded and cared for, but not slain and persecuted for selfish motives.

Elephant’s calm mentality

An elephant seems to be a tranquil animal that values peace and harmony, yet it may become the most dangerous creature on the planet if it gets forceful as a result of any annoying stimuli. They’re also useful to people once they die.

When it comes to animals, just a few organisms have a quiet mind. One of these creatures is an elephant. They are both quiet and motionless. They always make sure that they don’t injure any innocent people and that they don’t interfere with any of the other services they provide; they stick to their group.

If someone bothers with a Royal Forest Animal, there’s little question that his chances of surviving are fewer than 1%. This is because, if you go to a jungle or a zoo, you don’t believe anything until the Elephant explains why he is afraid of you. Elephants sit in this area, waiting for the proper moment.

Elephants are classified into many groups.

Elephants have been found mostly in Africa, but also in India. Elephants in Africa are more important than elephants in India. In contrast to India and Asia, African elephants, both male and female, have a trunk with a firm grasp.

Asian elephants are similar in size to African elephants, with the exception that Indian elephants’ grasp is not as strong as African elephants’.

Elephants may be found in many deep African and Asian forests, including those in India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma. Elephants have been found in India’s Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram.

Elephants like swimming in rivers and streams. Elephants were utilized in conflicts in ancient times for the most part. They are mostly used in epic conflicts. At the same time, that animal is both strong and intellectual. Elephants were herbivores who ate vegetation such as long tree branches, foods, bamboo, leaves, and so forth. 

Elephants, both male and female

There are two types of elephants in a group: males and females. Male elephants are split once they reach adulthood; they choose to be separated from their families.

When observed up close, the female elephants are undetectable. They want to be with the elephants. Elephants can hear the voices of other elephants from a distance of 5 miles. Elephants have exceptional hearing ability due to their large ears.

Elephant’s 10 Lines

  1. The elephant is the largest living species on the planet.
  2. The elephant is a very intelligent and obedient animal. 
  3. Four legs, two tiny eyes, two huge ears, a trunk, and a little tail make up the Elephant.
  4. The four legs of an elephant are quite thick.
  5. Elephants’ eyes are small in comparison to their bodies.
  6. The Elephant’s ears resemble large wings.
  7. The Elephant’s trunk is handy.
  8. Elephants eat and drink using their trunks.
  9. The Elephant seems to be a peaceful beast.
  10. When they feel betrayed, though, they become very aggressive.


Even a human can ride on the back of an elephant for long distances. Because of its unusual size, they should treat it with utmost care as a pet. A wild elephant, on the other hand, is significantly more dangerous than a pet.

They often maintain an elephant at the zoo, with tourists and spectators flocking to see it. This animal is also a member of a circus troupe, where it performs a variety of skilled acts to delight the crowd. This demonstrates that elephants can be efficiently instructed and comprehend a wide range of concepts. I hope you like this elephant essay.

The “how do you write an elephant essay” is a question that has been asked by many students and children, but the answer is not always clear. Here is what you need to know about writing an essay about elephants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write an elephant essay?

A: The way I write an elephant essay is by first defining what it means for something to be a elephant. Then after explaining the difference between elephants and other animals, creating a thesis statement would be my next step. After that, creating three body paragraphs with supporting evidence from those sections of text would create the skeleton of my paper. Once I have created this framework, I will then fill out each section as needed so that there are no holes in any part of my work. Finally, adding citations at

What can I write about an elephant?

A: Elephants are large, four-legged mammals with a trunk. They can live up to 80 years and have a gestation period of 25 months.

What is a elephant essay?

A: An elephant is a large, heavily-built quadruped that has an elongated trunk for snuffling and rooting in the ground. It also has four short legs which are equipped with 3 toenails each on their front feet and 1 or 2 functional toes on back feet. They have long ears covered with thick fur including bristles around the edges of its head, small eyes set far apart over high cheekbones, and one very large nose pad. Its body consists of two main parts—the hindquarters (called the buttocks) where it stores fat reserves as well as muscles used when moving slowly; while the chest area (the thorax), where breathing takes place through nostrils

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