This essay is about a flower called the daffodil. The daffodil was first introduced in England around 1745 and it was just one of many new flowers that were brought to Europe from China. This particular plant has been at the center of many studies because its bright colors have made it so easy for people to observe their environment more often, thus leading them to pay more attention and act more responsibly towards nature as well.

“my favourite flower essay” is a 900-word essay about my favorite flower. The essay discusses the different types of flowers, their uses, and the history of the flower.

Essay on Flower for Students and Children 900 Words

About this page, you can find a 900-word essay on flowers for students and children. A definition of a flower, its significance, decoration, color, and friendliness are all included.

Introduction (900-word essay about flowers)

Flowers are the nicest gift we can give ourselves. Flower flowers are delicate and exquisite. Furthermore, we may find them in a variety of sizes and regions, and they contribute to the beauty of nature.

During the day, the flowers appear and then fade away at night. Many individuals are delighted to see blooms. These are used for pooja workouts, enhancements, and treatment, among other things.

Where honey bees acquire the juice from blooms, they have a dramatic effect on an individual’s mental condition. Blossoms are fragile, and they inspire us to treat everyone with care.

What exactly is Flower? 

Flowers are the most precious gift that is usually offered to us. Our whole environment becomes scented with blooms, and they have a tremendous impact on our mental state. Flowers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

A few flowers bloom early in the day, while a few blooms bloom late at night. Flowers are also a reflection of our feelings. Some of the blooms are delicate, while others are prickly.

Because of their delicate quality and beauty, flowers are a source of curiosity for everyone. Blossoms’ principal function is to aid in the growth of plants.  

The Flower as an Essential Part of Life 

The flower is, without a doubt, an important part of human existence. Their brilliance, shading, and engaging quality enable us to express our message admirably to our family and worn out companions, congratulations to a recently advanced comrade, sympathy to the bereaved gathering, and exhibit our feelings to the next person is. Blossoms are bestowed onto every gathering or celebration. 

Flowers are one of the most important gifts that nature has bestowed upon us. Blossoms are beautiful and fragrant representations of nature. We are happy because we have seen the blooms. There are several varieties of blooms. A few flowers bloom early in the day, while a few blooms bloom late at night. 

Winged species such as butterflies and honeybees devour the blossoms. A few flowers also aid in the production of medicines. Instances of Male Police Officers Many young ladies enjoy growing flowers. Developing flowers is a worthwhile and entertaining hobby. 

Making Use of Flowers

Many creepy-crawly foods are found in blossoms. A few flowers are also used as food by humans.

They’re used to decorate and in every puja ritual, and many of them may also be used to make medicines. Nature’s beauty is enhanced by blossoms. 

The Importance of Flowers

Since ancient times, the importance of blooms has been a crucial aspect of our lives. Flowers are formed into a festoon and given to the revered person and divinities. Blossoms inspire us to be kind with others.

If there are no blooms on the land, the earth will seem to be green. Similarly, we may earn money by growing flowers. Flowers may also add to the beauty of a perfect location. Everyone is intrigued by their coloration and scent.

For individuals, it is a source of sustenance. 

Flower petals, such as those from daylilies, dandles, carnations, clover, and others, have been used in cooking and tea for a long time. Citrus and banana flowers may also be used as food.

Garlic, basil, jasmine, lavender, oregano, and sage blossoms are all herbs and tastes that may be used in meals. Mint, chamomile, ginger, and angelica are some of the flowers that may be used in tea. Flowers are eaten by deer and rabbits.

Flowers are lovely, everyday representations that individuals use to express their feelings. Old rigorous literature, folklore, and social stories may all be traced back to the role of blooms. Aside from having a beautiful sight, certain blooms are also recognized for their natural properties and have been used as a medicine since ancient times.


People have been decorating their homes with fragrant blooms since antiquity, which enhances the beauty of the atmosphere. It’s also sometimes used to welcome people inside one’s house.

A large number of flowers placed in the dining zone improves one’s mood. The addition of a lovely grass with vivid blooms makes the home a one-of-a-kind charmer.

Without flowers, certain occasions such as weddings and birthday celebrations are incomplete. This location is enhanced by the presence of blooms in various locations.

Colours & Kinds of Flowers 

The country is full with blooms of all colors. Various types of flowers may be found across the country. Roses, jasmine, oats, mogra, lotus, and other flowering plants may be found. Each of these flowers has a different color and size.

Keep these lines in mind.

  1. Flowers play an important role in everyone’s life.
  2. Everyone’s heart rejoices when they see blooms. 
  3. People place flowers at the feet of God in sanctuaries, and flowers are also used in reverence. 
  4. The early part of the day sees a lot of flowers, and the second portion of the day sees a lot of blossoms.
  5. Rose is the king of blooms, and its form and scent enchant the senses.
  6. Flower petals are used to create rosewater, fragrance, and other products.
  7. Flowers may also be used to treat illnesses.
  8. With blossom development, we also get commercial gains.
  9. India’s national flower is the lotus.
  10. From birth to death, the flower is our companion.


Flowers play an important role in daily life. The nursery’s splendor will be insufficient if there are no blooms. Blossoms should never be broken in vain.

Flowers should only be used when absolutely necessary. Flowers are the greatest and most beautiful gift we have received from nature, and as a result, the beauty of each location increases by increments. Last but not least, flowers are fragile.

write up on flowers” is an essay that discusses the importance of flowers in our lives. It includes a list of flower-related topics such as how to care for them and where to find them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a flower essay?

A: It is difficult to write a flower essay in only one sentence. If you need help writing, please send me an email and I will reply with some options for topics that are appropriate for beginning writers.

What is flower for kindergarten?

A: Flower is the name given to a plant that produces flowers. Its often used as a general term for this type of plant, in contrast with its other names like herb or shrub.

What is a garden essay?

A: A garden is a work of art, which can include many different types of plants and flowers. It typically contains areas for walking or sitting, as well as ornamental trees and hedges. The word garden comes from the Latin term hortus conclusus meaning enclosed space, usually translated to mean an area with gardens for contemplation

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