Food wastage has a huge impact on the environment and is one of the leading causes for deforestation, climate change and water scarcity. The article gives you some tips on how to reduce your food waste in daily life and at home. The essay also touches on modern farming practices that are causing environmental harm so we can make environmentally-friendly changes today.

The “food waste thesis ideas” is an essay that discusses the issue of food wastage. The essay was written for students and children.

Essay on Food Wastage for Students and Children in 1100 Words

In this post, we’ve included a 1100-word essay about food waste for students and children. It contains information about food waste in India and throughout the world, as well as its causes, impacts, and solutions, as well as expert opinions.

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(Essay on Food Waste – 1100 Words) Introduction

Food has a high significance in Indian culture, which is why it is considered a breach to erroneously relinquish or insolence food. However, in the blind dash for innovation, we have forgotten about our own ceremonial.

This is why a large volume of food is thrown out on a daily basis. This is particularly common at inns and cafés on special events such as weddings. 

Food Waste in India and Around the World

According to the World Food Organization, every seventh person sleeps hungry. We can stop waste if many people are cared for at the same time.

In the World Hunger Index, India is ranked 67th. Every year, the country produces 251 million tons of food grains, yet every fourth Indian goes to bed hungry. 

According to certain study and Conclusions in a World Food Organization report, food worth Rs. 50,000 crores is constantly imported into the country, accounting for 40% of the country’s GDP.

This waste has a daily impact on our country. Our country is experiencing a water scarcity. However, 230 cubic seconds of water are wasted in the production of this waste of food, which could quench the thirst of 100 million people. 

Wastage of food in Parties & Functions 

We are generally conscious of the food waste that occurs at our weddings or festivities. A lot of food is thrown away during these parties.

Normally, the stench and spoilage from food thrown about the residences causes problems for the residents. We keep checking for updates on creatures who have died as a result of deteriorating food. 

The Indian government is also concerned about food waste during weddings. The Food Ministry said in 2011 that it was considering limiting the number of guests fed at weddings to the same number of meals offered.

In addition, the Marriage Ceremony (Restriction of Exhibition and Useful Spending) Act, 2006, was enacted in this way. In any case, this requirement doesn’t make a significant impact. 

The Impact of Food Waste 

Food waste has been a major problem in recent years. The effects of food waste may be seen all over the place — 

Food waste, like biodiversity, has a detrimental impact on water, land, and the climate. Food waste is a common occurrence.

This results in a global economic loss of more than $750 billion, about equivalent to Switzerland’s GDP. Food waste is to blame for the poor health of a large percentage of the world’s children. 

Food grains are delivered throughout 28 percent of the world’s property, covering 1.4 billion hectares. 

Right approach to keep food & its proper use 

They waste the lack of food due to the failure to maintain soil products. If this occurs, you must be ready. 

Keep legal options in mind if you want to keep veggies and organic food at home. Use the proper utensils and keep the remainder of the food to yourself. Continue to inspect the grains that have been destroyed by humidity on a regular basis. They should be dried in the sun at the appropriate time. 

Methods for reducing food waste (Solutions)

There are several things that women may do to reduce food waste. We must teach children, in particular, to serve in the plate as much as they are hungry. Meals waste may also be greatly reduced by distributing food amongst one’s peers. 

1. Prepare as much food as you need. 

For the quantity to prepare, there should be enough family collaboration. The food has been wasted. When we were youngsters, and our mother was cooking, we remember her asking everyone first. 

2. Determine what you’re capable of. 

Look in your bathroom and refrigerator to check what food you have on hand. It may be one of two things. First and foremost, there is nothing that will go bad.

If you sense that things is about to go bad. Consider what you’ll have for dinner at that time. Also, make a plan and put it to good use.

3. You should be aware of when your food is about to spoil. 

Some goods have expiration dates, but it’s also important to understand how foods that haven’t been labeled with a date can spoil. Determine how much of the surplus food you can retain.

Housewives have a good time, but the food will be terrible. When you consume something like semolina over an extended period of time, it transforms into a worm. 


There are a few individuals who have no problem eating excess food, and there are a few people who aren’t too concerned about it afterwards. I’m not suggesting you should treasure the leftovers, but if you do, save them and eat them later. 

5. Make use of each component 

Using each thing in a different way is probably more feasible in certain foods than in others. For example, if you’re eating old-fashioned corn, I’m not sure what you’d do with wives of corn. However, I’m sure there’s something out there that, if you’re creative, you should be able to find. 

6. Provide what you need 

If you have extra food and don’t know what to do with it, please give it to the poor. When they are spared, many people do not bring food to anybody, but instead hesitate.

They also threw it in the garbage afterwards. If you give the leftovers to a needy person, you are also giving a gift. 

7. Make wise use of waste 

Squander, for example, is arranged and employed in surprising ways in certain countries, such as Japan. We chop food waste into little pieces in industrial facilities and either decompose it into plant food or bury it in landfills to generate methane gas, a fuel source. 

8. Get rid of the bad veggies and leaves as soon as possible: 

Do you notice anything when you get the veggies home or later when you take them out to cook? Do you notice that if you find a yellowish or dim leaf, you rapidly pull it out and expel it?

It’s uncomfortable to sort through piles of strange and unfamiliar herbs; removing criminals quickly reduces the risk of unwanted outcomes for others.


It is startling to learn that such a large amount of food being wasted in our nation. There is much too much recklessness here, as well as a lack of appreciation for the worth of food. We should all make a commitment to avoid wasting food.

This will be feasible thanks to society’s increased commitment and collaboration. In this battle, NGOs should also adapt. I hope you enjoyed this educational article about food waste.

The “food waste issue essay” is a well-written and informative essay on the food wastage problem in the United States. The author discusses how much food is wasted, what is being wasted, and possible solutions to the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wastage of food for kids?

A: The wastage of food is the amount or percentage that goes to waste.

What is the best way to reduce food waste essay?

A: The best way to reduce food waste is through reducing the amount of waste that gets thrown out. For example, people can start composting at home which will help reduce the number of things going into landfills. They can also try to buy in bulk if they have a large family or just cook more than one meal so there is less leftovers.

How can we avoid food wastage essay?

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