The goal of this essay is to teach manners in a way that young students can understand and remember. The numbers correspond with the number of words you should write for each point, so if your teacher wants an essay on good manners from you it would only take around 300 words.

The “short essay good manners paragraph” is an essay that discusses the importance of good manners. The essay discusses why it’s important to have good manners, and how it can affect your life.

Essay on Good Manners in 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Class 1

Here are some excellent manners essays in 300, 400, 500, and 600 words for kids in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You may choose the best one for yourself.

In 300 words, write an essay about good manners.


There are several excellent manners that might assist us in leading a more fulfilling life. Manners are taught to us by our families, schools, and society. There is no particular location where you may learn it. It is something that we may learn from anyplace. In our everyday lives, we need to include a few decent manners.

If we can achieve that, we will be able to live a better life. Following these manners will put us in the good graces of the majority of people. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Household Manners: 

Here are a few housekeeping rules to remember. 


• Love the younger and respect the older.

• Everyone should be greeted with respect.

• Take care of your health by getting up early and brushing your teeth. 

• Take a morning stroll.

• If at all feasible, engage in some physical activity. 

• Maintain a nice and tidy appearance. 


• Wash your clothing and other personal items on a regular basis. 

• Take charge of your own work and don’t rely on others. 

• Before you do anything, get your parents’ permission. 

These are the fundamental good manners that may be practiced at home. Following these excellent manners will offer you a great deal of enjoyment. 

Manners in the Classroom:

Let’s take a look at some school etiquette. 


• At school, behave properly with your classmates.

• Be respectful to your professors.

• When you meet the instructors, greet them. 

· Ask permission before entering the classroom.

• Make an effort to complete all of your schoolwork.

· Follow your instructors’ instructions.


These are the proper etiquette rules to observe in school.


Every pupil should practice these excellent manners. You must strictly adhere to them. They may be able to assist you in bettering your life.

In 400 words or less, write an essay about good manners.


In order to become a wonderful person, we must follow numerous excellent manners throughout our lives. We may identify ourselves as a respectable person in society by adopting these excellent manners. If you follow these rules, everyone will love and trust you. These manners are really important for living a healthy existence. 

The Importance of Good Manners in Our Lives: 


There are numerous manners that are quite significant in our lives. They are really important in our lives. We have a lot of etiquette to observe at school and at home. When you’re at school, you should respect and follow your instructors.

You won’t be able to join their favorite list until you accomplish that. That is why you should treat your professors with respect. Your peers have a vital role in your academic career. You should become friends with them.

We must respect the elderly and cherish the children at home. There are several factors that have an immediate effect on our bodies. It assists us in improving our fitness and physical appearance. 

How to Pick Up Manners: 

Good manners may be learned in a variety of ways. Our moral instructions begin in the home. As a result, we pick up the majority of our fundamental manners from our family members. Family plays the most important part in a child’s life since they teach him good manners and habits.

They educate what is correct and incorrect. That is how a child learns good manners. However, certain manners are taught to us by society, our friends, and our school. As a result, we might conclude that good manners can be learnt anywhere, at any time. 


What are the Benefits of Good Manners?

There are several reasons why we should practice excellent manners. Let’s look at these arguments in more detail.

• These etiquette lessons assist us in being more courteous.

• We have the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

• They boost our self-assurance.

• We maintain a nice and tidy appearance.


• We have the ability to maintain positive relationships with our friends and family.

• People admire those who have good manners. 

• We become popular among our classmates and instructors.

• If you follow these etiquette rules at work, you will get respect. This is critical for your professional life. 


As a result, excellent manners are quite vital in our lives. It assists us in a variety of ways to better our lives. 


In 500 words, write an essay about the importance of good manners.

In 500 words, write an essay about the importance of good manners.In 500 words, write an essay about the importance of good manners.


We must observe certain manners in order to become a flawless person in society, school, family, or the business. These excellent manners enable us to portray ourselves more effectively in front of others. That is why we must acquire all of these manners. We shall discuss some extremely essential etiquette here. 

Some Common Courtesies: 

There are several standard etiquette guidelines that we might follow to improve our lives. First and foremost, let us discuss family life. When you live with the rest of your family in your house, there are a few etiquette rules to observe that will make your family life easier.

You must learn to be polite to all of your family’s elders. And the younger ones must be adored. You must always consult your parents before making any decisions, and you must never leave the house without their consent. Go for a morning stroll first thing in the morning.

This is really vital and beneficial to our health. That’s all you can accomplish from the comfort of your own home. You may now follow the school’s etiquette if you wish to. Always make an effort to get to school on time. The timely student is adored by teachers. Maintain a positive relationship with your peers while paying respect to your instructor.


When you see any of your professors, give them a courteous greeting. Take nothing from anybody until they give you permission. Tyro must learn to be helpful and to assist the rest of the class. These little gestures will provide you with an incredible chance to get closer to the whole class. 

Health Benefits of Good Manners:

Some manners are inextricably linked to our health. These behaviors may help you achieve better physical and mental health. The first is to keep oneself clean and tidy. When you are nice and clean, you will feel refreshed and have more energy to work or study more effectively.

Another key aspect of good manners or habits is getting up early. Getting up early allows you to witness a lovely moment that you would not be able to experience at any other time. The atmosphere is serene and relaxing. You are able to concentrate adequately on any work at such time.

Brush your teeth on a regular basis and don’t forget to floss. It will maintain your teeth in good condition. You must eat a well-balanced diet. Always try to stay away from junk food and quick food. These meals deplete our vitality and cause us to become sedentary. If feasible, engage in some physical activity. They may assist you in improving your body form and fitness.

Early morning is the greatest time for physical activity. That is why you must get up early in the morning. Finally, you should go to bed as early as possible at the conclusion of the day. Staying up late at night is terrible for our health and has a negative influence. 



Good manners may alter our way of living, allowing us to live a more fulfilling existence. 

In 600 words, write an essay about good manners.

In 600 words, write an essay about good manners.In 600 words, write an essay about good manners.


Good manners are some real-life lessons that everyone, everywhere in the world, may benefit from. Manners are required in school, at home, and in public spaces. These demeanors will shape our future personalities. We may show how kind we are by using our excellent manners.

It also displays the positive aspects of our personality, and others will see us favorably. They will instantly accept us and have a positive impression of our family. A few little gestures may completely influence someone’s opinion of you. Let’s start with some basic etiquette. 

At School, Use Proper Etiquette: 


You must attend school on a regular basis as a student. After you go home, that’s where you’ll spend the majority of your time. So, in order to make your school life joyful, you must observe certain extremely fundamental etiquette. Following these rules will make you a valuable member of the class, and everyone will be concerned about you.

Most significantly, if you obey these school rules, your professors will adore you. First and foremost, you must learn to respect your professors. You must welcome them correctly wherever you find them. Obtain permission before joining the class.

You should get friends with your students when you spend time with them. Don’t let your ego get in the way of being helpful. As much as you can, assist them with their schoolwork and other responsibilities. It will help you develop your mindset and prepare you to be a future leader.

Never steal anything from someone else without their consent. Make an effort to pay attention in class and follow the teacher’s directions. It will make you an excellent student and put you on the teacher’s favorite list. When you’re in line, don’t rush someone; instead, wait your time.

Always provide courteous greetings to your instructors, classmates, and other school personnel. That’s how you can keep a positive image of yourself in school. These common courtesy might be really beneficial. 

Household Manners: 


For us, home is really essential. Because we spend the majority of our time with our families at home. There are a plethora of excellent manners that may help us better our family life. We may become a decent person in everyone’s eyes by adopting these habits.

Let’s start with etiquette at home. At home, the primary priority is to keep oneself tidy and clean. You must guarantee that anything you use is clean. It might be your clothing or a cuisine that you consume. It is important to get up early in the morning. And you must constantly get up early in the morning.

It has a lot of positive effects on your body and mind. You can study more effectively at that time since it allows you to concentrate better. After that, you’ll need to eat well. Avoid quick meals and junk food. Get your parents’ permission before heading out.

If you make a mistake, confess it and apologize. Never, ever, ever tell a falsehood to your parents. Also, constantly remember to look after your health. Respect your elders and care for your children. At home, these are the essential etiquette rules to observe. If you do these things on a regular basis, your family life will be fantastic. 


Good manners are quite important in our lives. It boosts productivity and helps us feel good about ourselves. If you practice these excellent manners at school or at home, you will be liked. Everyone must adhere to these guidelines in order to develop positive traits in the future. We can change the world by changing ourselves. 


Good Manners Essay in 10 Lines

1. We must adhere to a variety of etiquette in our daily lives.

2. These excellent manners enable us to communicate effectively.

3. We are able to maintain positive relationships with all members of society.

4. Our family and society instill these values in us. 

5. We must also use proper etiquette at school. 

6. Everything is good manners, from speaking the truth to keeping oneself tidy. 


7. Etiquette has an important function in our health. 

8. Show respect for your elders, parents, and instructors. 

9. Maintain positive relationships with peers and others. 

10. These etiquette rules should be followed by everyone. 


What is the significance of good manners?

What do you mean when you say “good manners”?


What are the top ten excellent manners?

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It is important to have good manners in order to be a well-mannered person. The simple act of being polite can make a huge difference in the life of an individual. In this essay, I will discuss what it means to be polite and how it has changed throughout history. Reference: good behaviour essay in english.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good manners definition for Class 1?

A: In the dictionary, a good manners definition is a code of behavior considered proper and socially acceptable in social interactions, so it would vary between individuals. You can find more information at

How do you write a good manner essay?

A: A good manner essay would be one that takes the reader on a journey through your thoughts and emotions while also addressing relevant issues. As an example, I could write about how my family travels all around the country to visit different cities in America as we feel close ties with so many places.

What is good manners in simple words?

A: Good manners are the rules of politeness including what you say, how you act, and when you eat.

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