Guru Ravidas Ji is one of the most widely regarded spiritual figures in Indian history. He was a Hindu mystic poet and philosopher who became an influential social reformer during the medieval period, becoming popular enough to be thought of as “the people’s guru.”

Guru Ravidas Ji is one of the most prominent figures in Sikhism. He is also known as Bhagat, which means “devotee” or “seeker.” Guru Ravidas was born in a small village called Chhoti Sadhu Rai near Lahore and died on 16 November 1538.

Essay on Guru Ravidas Ji for Students and Children in 1200 Words

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1200 word essay about Guru Ravidas Ji for students and children

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Who was Guru Ravidas Ji, and what did he do?

Guru Ravidas Ji, a great poet, social reformer, saint, philosopher, and God follower in India during the 15th and 16th centuries, was a great poet, social reformer, saint, philosopher, and God follower. These were Nirguna sect saints who spearheaded the Bhakti movement in northern India. Ravidas Ji was a great poet who sent religious and social teachings to his followers, society, and many individuals around the nation via his works. 


Guru Ravidas Ji was born near Varanasi in Seer Gobardhangaon. Santokh Das Ji was his father and Kalsa Devi was his mother. Everyone has their own take about Ravidas Ji’s birth. Some think he was born about 1376-77 CE, while others suggest 1399 CE. Ravidas Ji lived on Earth between 1450 and 1520, according to certain records.

The site of his birth is today known as ‘Sri Guru Ravidas Birth Place.’ Ravidas Ji’s father was a Raja Nagar state sarpanch. He used to be a shoemaker, and he used to enhance them. Ravidas Ji’s father used to create his sandals out of leather made from the skin of a deceased animal. Ravidas Ji was courageous and had a deep love for God since he was a youngster. Since infancy, Ravidas ji has been subjected to the superiority of the upper clans.

They continued putting this child’s thoughts, not those of his upper clan, into his head. Ravidas Ji utilized his pen to make a difference in the world. He utilized his crafts to educate people about life, telling them that a person should love his neighbor as himself, without prejudice.


Ravidas received his education at his Guru Pandit Sharda Nand’s school when he was a youngster. After a while, the higher castes forbade him from going to school. Ravidas Ji’s talent was recognized by Pandit Sharda Nand Ji.

He didn’t trust in society’s excellent things and believed Ravidas was a God-sent kid. Pandit Sharda Nand Ji then began teaching Ravidas Ji at his school. He was a gifted and bright student who knew more than his mentor; he used to educate himself with his knowledge. Ravidas Ji pleased Pandit Sharda Nand Ji so much that, based on his behavior and skill, he predicted that Ravidas would become a great spiritual teacher and social reformer.

Both Ravidas Ji and Pandit Sharda Nand Ji, the son of Pandit Sharda Nand Ji, used to study at Pathshala and were close friends. After playing hide and seek for a couple of times, it got night, so they begged to play the following day. On the second day, Ravidas arrives early to play, but his pal does not show up.

Then they go to his residence and discover that his companion died during the night. Ravidas gets numb after hearing this, and his guru Sharada Nand Ji brings him to a deceased buddy. Ravidas ji possessed magical abilities since he was a youngster. He informs his companion that now is not the time to sleep, get up, and play with me. When he hears this, his dead companion comes to life. Everyone in the room is taken aback when they see this.


Ravidas Ji’s attachment to Lord Rama’s appearance strengthens as he gets older. He was continually referring to Ram, Raghunath, Rajaram Chandra, Krishna, Hari, Govind, and other religious terms. Meera Bai’s religious master used to be Ravidas Ji. Meera Bai was the daughter of Rajasthan’s king and Chittor’s queen.

Ravidas Ji’s education had a significant impact on her, and she became a devoted devotee. Meera Bai also penned a few phrases in her guru’s praise, such as ‘Guru Milaya Ravidas Ji…’ Meera Bai was her parents’ only child, and when her mother died, her grandpa ‘Duda Ji’ gave her Was. Duda Ji was a devoted Ravidas Ji devotee.

Meera Bai used to visit Ravidas Ji with her grandpa, and she was constantly fascinated by his knowledge. Meera Bai made Ravidas Ji her guru after her marriage, with her Family’s approval. Meera Bai says in her poems that her Guru Ravidas Ji rescued her from Death numerous times.

Teaching is a major part of my job.

People believe that God sent Ravidas Ji on the earth to safeguard religion since sin had become so widespread at the time that people were practicing caste and apartheid in the name of religion. Ravidas Ji boldly confronted all forms of prejudice and educated the public on the real meaning of religion and caste. He used to tell people that man is not defined by his caste, religion, or belief in God.

His acts, on the other hand, are aware of him. Ravidas Ji put forth a lot of effort to eradicate untouchability from society. Those from the lower castes were heavily discouraged at the time. They went to the temple, went to school, and left the hamlet during the day.

They were also compelled to dwell in a makeshift hut instead of the village’s pucca home. Seeing the hardship of society, Ravidas Ji resolved to abolish untouchability and prejudice in society and began spreading the correct message to all people. Babur becomes a Ravidas Ji disciple and begins conducting wonderful social work as a result of Guruji’s profound teaching. Babur’s life narrative may be found here.

‘God created man, not man-made God,’ Ravidas Ji used to tell people. This implies that God created each and every human being, and that everyone has equal rights on the planet. Saint Guru Ravidas Ji used to educate people about international brotherhood and tolerance in a variety of ways. Ravidas Ji’s writings, devotional songs, and other works have been incorporated in the Sikh scripture ‘Guru Govind Granth Sahib.’

 The fifth Sikh Guru, ‘Arjan Dev,’ incorporated it in the text. Guru Ravidas Ji’s disciples are known as ‘Ravidassia,’ and his collection of teachings is known as ‘Ravidassia Panth.’ 


Ravidas Ji requested assistance from his neighbors when his father died, so that he may conduct his father’s final rituals on the banks of the Ganges. The Brahmins were opposed because they bathed in Ganga Ji and the burial of Shudra would have soiled the river.

Guru Ji was depressed and powerless at the moment. Even at this hour, he maintained his composure and began praying to God for his father’s soul’s peace. After then, there came a huge storm. The river’s water starts to flow in the other way. Then, all of a sudden, a big surge of water rushed up to the lifeless corpse and swallowed all of its contents. Since then, the river Ganga is reported to be flowing in the reverse way.


Guru Ravidas Ji’s devotees grew day by day as they saw his truth, humanity, love for God, and benevolence. Some Brahmins, on the other hand, were scheming to assassinate him. Some of Ravidas’ foes convened a conference, which he conducted outside of the hamlet and invited Guruji to.

Guru Ji was well aware of such people’s deception. Guruji arrives and begins the session. Bhalla Nath, their companion, is mistakenly slain in the place of Guru Ji. When Guru Ji blows a conch in his chamber after a time, everyone is taken aback. They were heartbroken to learn that their spouse had died, and they went to Guruji with a heavy heart.

Ravidas Ji’s followers think that Ravidas Ji gives up his body on his own after 120 or 126 years. According to legend, he died in Varanasi in the year 1540 AD.

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Guru Ravidas Ji is a spiritual and religious figure in Sikhism. He was born in 1469 to a Brahmin family, but he became an ascetic who lived the life of a mendicant. His teachings are found within the Guru Granth Sahib, which is considered to be the most sacred text of Sikhism. In his writings, he discusses important topics such as love, detachment from worldly possessions, devotion to God, and service to humanity. Reference: raidas.

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