As a senior in high school, I spent my summer break at home. This was the first time since I was an infant that I had not been to camp or visited family and friends elsewhere. The experience taught me the importance of staying true to who you are while also embracing change.

“10 lines on how i spent my holidays at home” is an essay about my experience of spending the holidays with family. I had a great time and it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Essay on How I Spent My Holidays at Home

Short Essay (200 Words) for Classes 1, 2, and 3 on How I Spent My Holidays at Home

 I had extensive vacations throughout my previous summer break. I wanted to go back to our hometown, which I hadn’t seen in two years. I requested that my father accompany me there. He agreed with my point of view. He, too, had spare time. Our village was eventually visited by me, my father, and my mother. By automobile, the route takes 4 hours.

My father was behind the wheel. My mum drove for a few kilometers as well. We arrived in our village at long last. My relatives and aunts greeted us on the main street. They were overjoyed to see us. Present were a handful of my cousins there that I recognized.

We visited my grandparents at their house. They were overjoyed. I discovered that a lot has changed in the last two years. The situation in the community was improving. That made me delighted to see. However, the inherent beauty remained the same. In the afternoon, I went out with my cousins to see what the area has to offer. I met a lot of locals; I know the majority of them, and they know who I am. My father is well-liked in this community because he helps the residents.    

For Class 4, 5: How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home. (300 Words)

How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.

Introduction: I had a wonderful time with my family and cousins during the holidays. We organized a modest picnic that was a lot of fun. My parents were really helpful in putting together the whole event.  

Picnic with Family: Having a picnic with your family is always enjoyable. We will get the opportunity to meet my uncle, aunts, and cousins. I like spending time with my cousins. We have an opportunity to meet each other throughout the holidays. We decided to go to the nearby forest, where there was a lovely area for a picnic. On weekends, a large number of people visit.

We also made the decision to visit. At 10 a.m., we arrived at our destination. We were ecstatic to witness such natural beauty. We discovered a lot of jungle chickens and other little creatures, and the environment was really quiet. Seeing all of them left me stunned. One of my relatives was eager to have a quick look around. I agreed with him. We were joined by one of the uncles, and we went for a 10-minute stroll.


We saw a lot of stuff. Along the jungle’s edge, there was a lovely river. There’s a lot of pure water there. We were able to cross the river by stepping between large boulders since the water was not too deep. We also got some lovely rocks. The sound of birds was quite beautiful, and we spotted a variety of species. As a bird specialist, his uncle described each bird and shared knowledge about them.  

Cousins: My cousins were the most significant part of the picnic and holidays. They made it possible for me to enjoy my holiday. I feel great when I’m around them, and they’re all my closest pals.  

Finally, I was quite enthusiastic about the entire event. I wish I could return. This is a day that I will never forget.    

Essay (400 words) for Class 6, 7, and 8 on How I Spent My Holidays at Home

How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.

I always look forward to the holidays. The reason for this is because it is filled with so much pleasure and excitement. Every holiday, we always do something different. We just returned from a lengthy vacation a few weeks ago, and it was one of the most fantastic and unforgettable experiences of my life. Despite the fact that I spent the whole Christmas season at home, it was significant.  

My Cousins: Of course, my cousins were the most significant aspect of my vacation. I have a large number of relatives who all live in the same city as myself. However, due to our hectic school schedules and our parents’ busy schedules, we are unable to meet often. However, the holidays provide an excellent opportunity to meet everyone.

We met in one home and stayed together for a few days. We had intended to spend the whole Christmas season at our home this year. My folks were overjoyed when I told them. My parents are really loving and never worry or get irritated with me. My cousins are very amazing.


When we get together, we do a lot of crazy things that make the meeting more entertaining. Finally, all of my cousins arrived at my home. There were a total of five of them. We were a total of six people, including me. So it’s not a trivial figure. We’re all about the same age, which contributes to our incredible camaraderie.  

Drawing Competition: A drawing competition was organized by one of my uncles for us. The first award was ten books, the second was five books, and the third was three books. In addition, each participant will get one book. He allotted two days for us to practice. The tournament had piqued our interest.

First and foremost, we spent a day finalizing the drawing topic. Our uncle was shown our sketching topic. He offered us some sketching ideas and approved them. That day had finally come. A total of four persons served as judges. The judging crew included two of my uncles, one of my aunties, and my mother. My performance had piqued my interest. We all draw, and Nila has been nominated as the finest among us.

She drew a landscape that looked fantastic. That drawing was fantastic. Nikhil came in second, while I came in third. I didn’t care about my rating since they both did an excellent job sketching. Overall, it was an enjoyable competition.  

Conclusion: I had a wonderful weekend with my cousins. I wish I could spend my whole Christmas season with them. They’re all lovely and kind people. We have a strong relationship.    

Essay (500 words) for Class 9, 10 on How I Spent My Holidays at Home  

How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.How I Spent My Holidays at Home is an essay on how I spent my vacations at home.

Introduction: Today I’m going to tell you about how I spent my vacation at home. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I visited our village. After a few years, we really go there. That is why I am constantly ecstatic. There are several activities and sights to view. My father was born and raised in the hamlet. For me, vacationing in the village is a lot of pleasure.  


My Holidays at Home: At midday, we arrived in the village. It took 5 hours to go by automobile. The road was in fair condition. These local locations are being worked on by the government. My aunts, cousins, and grandparents awaited our arrival. They were delighted to have us pay them a visit. My little sister was ecstatic to finally meet everyone.

She was a child when she got here a few years ago, and she can’t remember anything, so she needs to learn everything all over again. I tracked down all of my relatives and accompanied them to our house. My relatives have been really helpful. They are really fond of me. They attempt to spend all of my time with me whenever I visit the village. They are really concerned about my well-being. Because of the lengthy travel, I was exhausted.

I took a bath and ate some aunties’ ‘pitha.’ They were incredible. The flavor was fantastic. Then I inquired about each uncle and aunt’s lives. A few of my neighbors came to meet my family as well. The majority of them were women. I met a large number of individuals. It made me feel great to know such kind folks in my own area.  

Visiting the Village: After resting and socializing, one of my cousins, Bhuvan, invited me to go out. I agreed, and a few of us decided to take a stroll around the hamlet. I had a strong desire to tour the whole community. On the way, we met a lot of interesting folks. I recognize some of them and am unfamiliar with others.

Seeing the village from such a close distance is a very unforgettable experience. Although many things have altered, the charm of an Indian village remained. Villagers are easygoing and peace-loving people. They get along swimmingly and have no issues living together. I admired their way of life. Fishermen and farmers make up the majority of them.

However, many children in this generation are educated, and many of them are enrolled in school or college. There is a college near our community, as well as two schools. That my community is developing is a fantastic thing.  


My Grandparents: My grandparents are the main reason I come to the village. I adore them and have always want to spend time with them. They were overjoyed to see us. My grandma, in particular, adores me and is quite fond of me. She told us a lot of interesting tales. I still like listening to her tales.  

Conclusion: Spending time in my community was an incredible experience. These were the most memorable vacations of my life.    

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