Trees are the most valuable assets for humans because they help mitigate climate change. They also provide oxygen, food and shelter to animals which in turn clean our air and water. Trees have been around since before dinosaurs roamed the earth; so why is it that we’re now realizing their importance?

In today’s world, trees are an integral part of our lives. Trees provide us with oxygen and shade. Trees give us fruits and vegetables to eat. Trees help in the purification of water. There is no end to what trees can do for us. They are a necessity for life on Earth.

Essay on Importance of Trees for Students and Children in 1000+ W

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Let’s have a look at the significance of trees.

(1000+ words) Essay on the Importance of Trees

Trees are very vital and required for the survival of both plants and animals on the planet.

Food and oxygen, two basic components of life, are both provided by trees. Aside from providing us with oxygen, trees supply us with a variety of additional advantages. 

Trees are essential for the survival of all living things. As a result, governments all over the globe, as well as various organizations, are constantly taking steps to avoid deforestation and to educate people about the advantages of afforestation.

The following are some key points concerning the significance of trees for the survival of life on Earth.

The Advantages of Trees

Trees provide us with a variety of advantages and so make a significant impact in our lives. One of the most significant advantages is that they absorb greenhouse gases, which helps in the battle against climate change.

Trees also aid with groundwater replenishment. Pollutants and odors are filtered out of the air by trees. Food may be found in plenty in trees.

Trees use sunshine to generate food, making humans the first tropic level of the food chain. Mango, the king of fruits, grows on trees as well.

Global Warming and Oxygen

Trees take in Carbon Dioxide from the air and release Oxygen, the life-sustaining gas. This is a natural cycle that keeps everything alive alive. Carbon dioxide is a key greenhouse gas that is absorbed by the plants.

When greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, they produce a layer that traps heat from the sun, raising the temperature of the atmosphere.

Finally, this results in global warming. As a result, planting more trees will absorb more carbon dioxide and help to mitigate global warming.


Trees are the most important component of a healthy environment. Animals, birds, insects, and other species live in trees, rely on them for sustenance, and contribute to the diversity of the ecosystem.

Human well-being is enhanced as a result of this well-balanced environment. Trees are autotrophic, which means they make their own food, and hence are at the bottom of the food chain.

Photosynthesis is the mechanism through which trees make their own nourishment. Furthermore, trees are a great source of natural medications that may be utilized to cure ailments.

Balance of Water

Rainwater is collected by trees and stored in the soil. Clean water cannot flow and be swept away as a result of this.

Furthermore, trees serve as a watershed by retaining floods in their root zone for a period of time before releasing them into the Earth and atmosphere.

Trees sustain an area’s water foundation and supply us with a water bed in this way. The root structure of the trees is designed in such a manner that it avoids landslides and soil erosion by holding the soil underneath it from being carried away during rain and floods.

A Long and Healthy Life

We benefit from trees because they supply us with clean air, food, and water. The fresh air and vegetation serve as stress relievers, as well as cooling sheds during the hot summer months.

It also creates a nice energy to the environment. Tress that grows around homes, schools, universities, and other buildings creates new emotions and memories.

When patients are exposed to greenery and trees, they may quickly recover. Trees offer us with a variety of benefits for a healthier existence.

Environment and Economy

Food, fruits, and medicines are produced by trees, which are sold to many nations, resulting in increased economic prosperity. People all throughout the globe make a living by cultivating trees and selling their products.

The trunk of the tree is also quite precious. The two most significant basic products produced from trees are wood and paper. In the summer, trees work as a natural chiller, lowering air conditioning expenditures and keeping the surroundings cool.

Rain is caused by trees because they draw clouds to the surface, causing them to rain. They are an excellent illustration of variety in unity.

The Sad Reality of Deforestation

Humans are increasingly chopping down trees for development and urbanization. In the previous several decades, many forest covers and natural patches have been taken off throughout the globe. This was done to make room for the ever-increasing human population and to accommodate their expanding need.

People are increasingly migrating from rural to urban regions as a result of rising migration. To accommodate them, cities are expanding their residential areas, but this is done by removing forest cover.

Trees are being felled, and concrete structures are being constructed in their stead. In regions that were previously green, factories, offices, and other residential complexes are being built.

Trees are also being chopped down at a quicker rate as the demand for basic resources such as lumber grows. Wood is used to make houses, tools, paper, medicine, and furniture, among other things.

True, these things are required for survival, but we must not forget that plants and oxygen are the most important factors for humans. If trees are taken down at the present pace, oxygen and other requirements will be in short supply, resulting in future demands.

The Worth of Trees

When a seed matures into a tree, it greens the environment around it. It also provides habitat for animals and birds. Birds build nests in it, insects build homes in it, and certain animals live on it or in its vicinity.

The tree also produces flowers and edibles. Many elements of the tree, including the fruit, blooms, seed, trunk, root, stem, and leaves, are edible. Trees never expect anything in exchange for their services. Trees help to keep the environment and ecology in check.

Plant a Tree to Increase Life Expectancy

Humans are hooked to the pleasures of life. Many of the substances we get from trees are necessary for our existence. This is the only cause for deforestation.

The felling of trees is a necessary part of addressing our growing needs. However, in order to balance the act, we need also plant more and more trees. We should all plant trees and participate in tree-planting events.

Students should be educated about the value of trees and how to preserve them. Tree-planting events should be held on a regular basis at colleges, schools, and companies to motivate participation.

If we plant more trees, we can make every environment more pollution-free for today’s and future generations. For water management, same tasks should be carried out.

10 Lines on Trees’ Importance

  1. Trees have a vital role in the ecology.
  2. There are countless of tree species on the planet.
  3. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees, and oxygen is released.
  4. Trees supply us with sustenance in the form of vegetables and fruits, as well as shelter for animals.
  5. Trees also supply us with a variety of valuable materials.
  6. Trees are a valuable source of medicinal plants.
  7. Furniture, wood, and paper items are all made from trees.
  8. Tree branches are employed as a source of energy.
  9. Trees help to keep the soil from eroding and flooding.
  10. Trees help to purify the air we breathe.


Trees are very significant in our lives because they offer continuous environmental service. As a result, we must safeguard trees and combat global warming, pollution, and the negative consequences of deforestation.

Trees are critical to life’s existence on our planet. More trees should be planted, and this should be encouraged.

We must learn about the value of trees and spread the word to others. Trees might be considered the foundations of life on Earth. I hope you enjoyed my article about the significance of trees.

The “importance of trees essay for class 3” is an essay on the importance of trees for students and children. The essay has been written by a student in class 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of tree essay?

A: In order to understand the importance of trees, one must first fully comprehend what they are. They serve as a life support system for many organisms and plant species that live in forests or other environments with plenty of vegetation. They provide food through fruits, nuts, leaves etc., which is crucial in terms of survival since it provides humans with sustenance when theres not much else around them. Trees also help prevent erosion by holding soil together making it less likely to be swept away during rainstorms or snow fall.

Why trees are important in our life in 150 words?

A: Trees are important for a number of reasons. One reason is that they provide oxygen to the earth and maintain our ecosystem. Another reason is because trees help protect us from rising sea levels, and many also have medicinal qualities that can be used in different ways such as fruit, flowers or leaves.

What is importance of trees in our life?

A: Trees are important for many reasons. They provide food and shelter, they help to purify the air we breathe, they prevent heat from escaping Earths atmosphere while absorbing some of it…

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