Mother’s Day is a day to honor your mom, grandmother or other mother figure that takes care of you and makes up for all the time she missed out on when she was pregnant with you. Most children take it as an opportunity to show their appreciation by doing something nice for her from cooking breakfast in bed to taking her shopping.

This essay on Mother’s Day for students and children is a 1000 words. It focuses on the importance of mothers in our lives and what they have done to help us grow into better people. Read more in detail here: essay on mothers day in 150 words.

Essay on Mother’s Day for Students & Children 1000 Words

You can find a 1000-word essay about Mother’s Day for kids and children in this post. It contains information such as the date, history, significance, and celebration.

Mother’s Day Essay (1000 Words)

Mother is the greatest gift that God has bestowed to human beings on our planet. A mother is as important to the growth of a kid as water is to a sapling. She provides love, protection, care, and sustenance to those around her.

Whatever a mother does for her child, she does it out of love and with only one goal in mind: her child’s development and well-being. 

On diverse days that fit with national cultures, the globe honors the spirit of motherhood. Even though many countries have their own dates, we in India celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May every year.

People commemorate this day to show their love and respect for God’s greatest gift, the mother’s unconditional love, which is unparalleled.

A mother’s love is not conditional on her child’s mental or physical abilities. A mother loves her physically challenged kid just as much as she loves a healthy one.

A mother also offers her kid emotional support and helps frame for general personal growth in addition to providing sustenance.

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When does Mother’s Day fall?

Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday in May in most countries, including the United States, Canada, and European countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and South Africa. However, Mother’s Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In most countries, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 9th, in 2021.

Mother’s Day has a long and illustrious history.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis conducted a memorial service for her mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, which gave birth to modern Mother’s Day.

In 1905, her mother died after caring for injured troops on both sides of the American Civil War. To address public health issues, she created Mother’s Day health clubs. 

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Motherhood in Its Purest Form

A mother is therefore that person who, on a large scale, looks after us, nourishes us, and prepares us for life ahead. It is clear that not every household is straightforward.

Some children have been raised by their dads after losing their biological moms at an early age. The kid in such a family should spend Mother’s Day with their father, since he served as both father and mother. 

The father had invested both emotionally and financially to make his children feel like they were part of a full family. On Mother’s Day, we should honor all fathers for their admirable efforts, and their efforts should not be overlooked. 

Because some women are physically incapable of carrying children, society regards them as worthless and makes them feel guilty. With advances in science, it is now feasible for physically disabled women to carry children of their own. 

These ladies, like all mothers, should be praised across the globe because they lavish the same amount of love on their children and support them in their goals. 

Now, the same may be said about individuals who have adopted children from orphanages and provided homes for abandoned youngsters. Motherhood is a decision, and a woman may choose whether to birth a child or adopt one.

As a result, any mother who has adopted a kid and offered a home and unconditional love to poor children should celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Ms. Sushmita Sen, the 1998 Miss Universe and a well-known Bollywood actress, defied conventional expectations when she argued her way to being a single mother of two adopted baby girls. She is a strong woman who decided early on in her life that marriage was not for her.

Whatever the case, she yearned to be a mother, and she heroically battled the long-drawn legal struggle of adoption as a single parent and triumphed. Every woman who is emotionally, financially, psychologically, and physically competent of raising children may do so, according to her. 

It makes no difference whether they are married or have a male partner to assist them, since neither ensures a child’s secure and safe upbringing.

As a result, every single mother should be honored and acknowledged across the globe, and she should not be exposed to society’s irrational inquiries. Mother’s Day should be about honoring moms who strive against the odds to bring their children into the world. 

A particularly well-known commercial that went viral on the internet was for the Indian company Vicks, which featured a transgender lady raising an adopted baby girl amid several social advertisements. It is the true tale of Gauri, a transgender lady from India who became India’s first transgender woman to adopt a kid. 

She is also a human and transgender rights activist who is connected to different NGO groups in India. Even though we are looked down upon by society as humans, we should defy our community’s meaningless narrow-minded conventions and honor such a strong and loving personality on Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day celebrations

Because of the link it sustains, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a very homey and unique manner. On this day, children all around the globe purchase presents and create greeting cards for their moms to express their love for them.

They also commemorate Mother’s Day in schools by hosting interactive events for moms and students, such as storytelling sessions, creative or cultural programs. On that day, pupils are urged to devote themselves to their moms.

Websites and shopping malls give discounts, deals, and presents on women’s apparel and accessories in honor of the event on this day. On this day, special telecasts on television and radio are devoted to moms all across the globe, such as movies based on chat programs or Motherhood on the issue. 

Mother’s Day’s Importance

“I remember my mother’s prayer, and they have always followed me,” stated Abraham Lincoln, the first president of the United States.

They’ve clung to me throughout my life,” she says, demonstrating that even powerful individuals are thankful to their moms for the indisputable influence they’ve had in shaping their personalities and enabling them to reach such lofty goals. 

It shows that the love of a mother is a kind of love that is untouched and rare. It is devoid of any selfish reason & is the purest form of love on the planet. Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio said,” My mother is a walking miracle.” All mothers are no less than a gift. 

Mothers take care of the home, educate their children, and even work in the workplace. They know where every single item in the home is, they remember all of the major dates, and they make it appear so easy.

She is the kind of lady who stays up late at night assisting her kid with his academics and who spends sleepless hours tending to her child when he is ill. 

As a result, it’s critical to appreciate a mother’s abilities and to be thankful for the sacrifices and love she makes. People often take their mothers for granted since, no matter how they act or treat them, a mother will never leave her child’s side. She almost completely and vehemently supports him/her throughout her whole life. 

As children, it is our responsibility to not take advantage of such pure love and instead celebrate Mother’s Day every day, not only on the 2nd Sunday in May. We should all realize the value of moms and provide them the love and appreciation they deserve. 


Millions of people may adore a guy or a lady. Even yet, just one in a million will love them unreservedly in all circumstances, including success and failure, good health and bad health, abject poverty and great wealth.

“Mother” is that one individual. A mother’s love is unconditional and is unaffected by materialistic obsessions or physical attractiveness. I hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day essay for students and kids.

Mothers Day is a day for mothers to show their appreciation for the sacrifices of their children. It is also a time for children to show their appreciation for the sacrifices of their mothers. This essay will focus on what it means to be a mother, and how being one can be tough at times. Reference: mothers day essay in english.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write mothers day essay?

A: It is difficult to speak about mothers day without addressing how this holiday has been influenced by decades of cultural change. Mothers Day was first officially recognized in 1908, which means it didnt actually exist until well over a century later. Even though its still celebrated today, the idea that Motherhood could be separated from having children and being married changed rapidly during the course of history.

How do you write lines on mothers day?

A: Mothers Day is an annual holiday that falls on the second Sunday of May. It was originally created to honor mothers, but has now turned into a day worth celebrating all across America and elsewhere.

How do you celebrate mothers day paragraph?

A: Mothers day is a time to celebrate the mothers of your family. Its important because it reminds you how great they are and that they deserve to be celebrated with love, gifts, or some sort of special recognition.

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