Every day, articles are published in magazines and newspapers that talk about the great benefits of music education for children. Yet many parents still don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing musical instruments or giving their kids a musical background. This article will explore the basics of what teachers recommend for students aspiring to study music at a young age but also provide advice on how to teach your child without expensive classes and pricey gear.

Music is a universal language that can be used to connect with people of all ages. Music has the power to create memories and instill feelings, which is why it should be a part of every child’s education. Read more in detail here: essay on music 100 words.

Essay on Music for Students and Children in 900 Words

Today, we released a 900-word essay on music for students and children with benefits. Do you realize how important music is in our lives? Sitting on buses, tempos, cabs, and taxis will tell you all you need to know.

How can all-day buses, autorickshaws, taxi drivers, and individuals maintain their energy levels after hearing it?

So, let’s get started with the music essay…

Introduction (900-word essay about music)

Do you know that when Tansen sings the song, it begins to rain?

In today’s world, our nation has a plethora of well-known singers. Everyone remembers well-known singers who have been around for a long time. I hold all singers in high regard because they make us happy and relaxed by performing songs and music that we all love listening to and singing.

Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, and Udit Narayan are some of India’s most well-known vocalists. We all know that music is eternal and never dies.

India’s people, in particular, like listening to music. We all like singing and listening to others sing. It’s a one-of-a-kind characteristic in my opinion. People that sing upbeat tunes get a lot of popularity. Everybody is eager to meet him.

Music is something that we all need. Our stress and exhaustion are reduced when we listen to music. Everyone enjoys listening to music, including children, the elderly, and the young.

In most schools, music is taught as a topic. Bollywood’s music industry is enormous. A single song release may bring in millions of dollars for a company. The music business brings in millions of rupees for the country’s famous singers and artists.

Music is regarded as a difficult topic to master. The vocalists can sing appropriately while doing backbreaking labour.

Once successful, however, vocalists become well-known across the nation, with tens of millions of admirers. The major music firms in India include Saregama Private Limited, Universal Music, Tips Industries Ltd, and Sony Music Entertainment.

The Benefits of Listening to Music

1. Calms and calms the mind.

When we are stressed or tired, listening to music with a calm voice is a great way to unwind. Our tiredness is quickly relieved, and the tension is also relieved. Listening to music makes us all happy.

2. It creates jobs.

The music business is huge. It is a market worth billions of rupees. According to a research published in 2018, India’s music business is worth $. Massive music labels sell songs, and songs, and songs, and songs, and songs, and songs, and songs, and songs, and songs,

The music industry is become increasingly reliant on the Internet. Musicians who create and perform songs for films make a lot of money. Music employs a large number of individuals in this manner.

3. Assists with studying

Students like to listen to soft music in the background during examinations and hectic days since it relaxes the mind and makes it easier to read. When listening to music in a calm voice while reading, the mind does not wander and focus improves.

4. Music for God’s worship  

Everyone in our nation listens to Bhajans on their cellphones, has a PC full of devotion, and worships in the morning. Devotees perform religious tunes all day long at temples and shops. As a result, music has a significant place in our lives.

5. Teaching music as a profession

The majority of private and public schools now employ music professors. Many boys and girls choose a profession in music because it pays them well.

Weddings and other momentous events need music. The tradition of performing music during weddings is common. When the groom’s procession arrives, gorgeous wedding music are played. It’s an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

At the wedding, guests, couples, family, and friends dance a lot. Without music, Indian wedding celebrations are incomplete. Apart from that, everyone enjoys listening to music during children’s birthdays, Mundan celebrations, and other happy occasions.

6. God is a music lover.

Krishna, the Hindu God, liked to play Bansi. All of the Gopis were fascinated by the sounds of the lovely flute.

7. It keeps the body in good shape.

According to research, folks who exercise in the morning while listening to music have a more enjoyable workout. Aging is also slowed as a result of this. Music may also help you remember things better.

Aside from that, many hospitals now provide accommodations for patients to listen to music. During operations, some hospitals play music in a low voice.

8. Listening to music while sleeping is relaxing.

Listening to music before bed relieves tension headaches, sadness is relieved, and they are no longer burdened by their daily cares. They get plenty of rest. Before going to bed, people should listen to classical music.

9. Music is really beneficial to heart patients.

For cardiac patients, listening to music is really beneficial. Our minds relax quickly when we listen to music. Patients who are suffering from a stroke or a heart attack are provided with several benefits.

It helps to keep hypertension in check. Patients with high blood pressure should listen to music for a few minutes each morning.


That is absolutely correct. You must have sensed it as well. We all get a new sense of freshness and vigor when we listen to music. Which aids us in our everyday job with a double dose of enthusiasm.

I may state at the conclusion of this Music Essay! Every day, listen to music to keep yourself away from all of life’s difficulties.

I hope you like this music-related article.

Music is a universal language that can be appreciated by all. In this essay, I will discuss how music affects children and students in different ways. Reference: essay about music in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is music short essay?

A: Music short essay is a term that refers to an article or blog post in which someone discusses the subject of one specific song. It can also be used to describe an album review written by somebody who has listened to every track on said album and made a coherent argument about why they believe it should be included in their personal library.

How do you write a music introduction for an essay?

A: There are two ways to write a music introduction for an essay. The first way is to use your own song and the second way is to find a piece of sheet music that you can download, print out, and follow along with while reading through the text.

What is music in simple words for kids?

A: Music is the sound that humans use to communicate and share ideas. It can be a melody, which is a series of notes; it can also be made up of harmonies and rhythms like music does as well.

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