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The “my dream job essay 150 words engineer” is an essay that describes the author’s dream job. The essay can be written in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 words.

Essay on My Dream in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Students

Everyone has a goal in life that they want to accomplish. I, too, as well as you, believe this. That is why we are providing some fantastic essays about my ambition in the following lengths: 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 words for children in grades 1 through 12. All pupils will be able to locate an appropriate my dream essay for their studies here.

In 200 words or less, write a short essay on my dream.

As a high school student, I have a lifelong ambition. My ambition is to work as a social worker. I like working for others. If at all feasible, I would want to pursue a profession as a doctor. Because I believe that a doctor can assist others to the best of his ability. 

My ambition is to assist the needy. After becoming a doctor, I want to volunteer in a low-income community. There are many rural places where individuals are not properly treated and die as a result of a minor ailment. They are also unconcerned about their health. I’m going to work for them. 

My main focus is on social warfare. I’m not going to become a doctor only to earn money. I’ll earn enough money to live a basic life, and I’ll spend the majority of my time with others. This, I believe, is the finest option for me. My parents have been quite supportive of my choice. 

I’m working hard to achieve my objective. To become a doctor, I need to be accepted into a medical school. It is not simple, but I am certain that with hard effort and thorough study, I will be able to achieve my goals. My dream is something I’m quite serious about, and I’m pretty open about it. 

My 300-Word Dream Essay



The dream has no bounds. In your life, you have the ability to fantasize about anything. All of your dreams should not come true. However, we do have certain productive goals and objectives that must be met. Today, I’m going to speak about my ambition to become a pilot. It’s a big deal for me, and it’s going to be difficult. But I’m still optimistic that I’ll make it. Today I’m going to tell you about my dream and how I prepared for it. 

My ambition is to become a pilot.

My ambition is to work as a pilot. And I’ve had this goal since I was a youngster. My parents are encouraging, and I am certain that I will succeed. I understand that it is a difficult task in life. And only a small percentage of individuals achieve their goal of becoming a pilot. I’m aware that it will be difficult for me. But I’ll do all I can to get into an aviation school. 

My Preparedness:

Physics is a topic that I am really interested about, and it is a crucial subject in aviation education. I’m paying close attention to this matter. And I’m hoping that once I graduate from high school, I’ll be able to go into an aviation college. 

If I can get myself accepted, the procedure of becoming a pilot will be a lot simpler. My parents are constantly upbeat and assure me that I will succeed. And I am a dedicated and focused learner. I’m hoping for favorable results so I can become a pilot. 



My ambition is to become a pilot. My dream is really serious and open to me. I am willing to put in as much effort as possible to realize my ambition. I’m hoping that realizing my desire won’t be difficult. 

In 400 words or less, write an essay on my desire to become a doctor.


Everyone has a desire to attain in their life when they are young. However, not everyone is able to reach the objective. Nonetheless, individuals strive for their goals and work hard to achieve them. What’s the point of having a dream? Because it will help you stay on course if you want to be successful. 

The most vital aspect of being a successful person is to have a definite goal in mind. Even if none of your dreams come true, you should not quit or never stop dreaming. Here I am discussing my ambition to become a doctor. 

How do you go about becoming a doctor?


To become a doctor in my nation, one must first get admission to a medical college after completing the 12th grade. Following that, there is a six-year MBBS program. That’s how it works. After that, some students pursue further education, while others begin working in other locations. 

Admission to medical schools, on the other hand, is very difficult and difficult. There is a great deal of competition. The admissions exam attracts tens of thousands of pupils. However, there are just a few seats available. But I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to make it. 

To get into a medical institution, a student must have a scientific background in high school and college. It is necessary to raise the grade. Finally, he must be proficient in biology. 

My Preparedness:

I’ve done a good job of preparing. I’m now studying since science is my major. In addition, I excel in Biology. I’m hoping for excellent grades in my 10th and 12th grades. Both of my scores will assist me in gaining admission to a medical school. 

I know it won’t be easy, but I’m confident in my abilities. I’m a focused student who adheres to a rigid daily schedule. This regimen assists me in appropriately scheduling things. 


What Will I Do After I Finish Medical School?

I want to help the people of my town after earning my medical degree. My village’s residents are not wealthy. They can’t afford to be treated better. 

They also have to deal with a variety of deadly illnesses. However, there is no doctor available to assist them. I’ll be there to assist the folks of my community. I’m going to attempt to build a little hospital there. 


My ambition to become a doctor is a sincere one. I wish to assist and serve the community. I like being around people at all times. That is the goal I have set for myself. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to realize my dream. 

Essay about My Life’s Dream (500 Words)

Essay about My Life's Dream (500 Words)Essay about My Life’s Dream (500 Words)



In their lives, everyone has a dream. Dreams and ambitions assist us in achieving achievement. When you have a definite goal in mind and are solely focused on that goal, you have a better chance of achieving success in life. 

Because you can concentrate and devote yourself to a single task at the appropriate moment. That is why it is important to have a goal or a desire. My ambition is to work as an engineer. I’m going to speak about my dream today. I’m hoping you’ll like it. 

My ambition is to work as an engineer.

My father got me a computer while I was in second grade and reading. Playing computer games was the major cause. I had a strong desire to play video games. I was curious as to how these games are created. And it’s something I’ve always wanted to understand more about. 

I learnt as I grew older that these games are created by computer engineers. And it was at that point that I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a game developer. To become one, I must study computer engineering and get a CSE degree. 

Why I’d Like to Be an Engineer:


The primary motivation is to work as a game developer. After that, I realize that the modern world is centered on technology and knowledge. Someone who is good in these two areas has a greater chance of having a secure job. This is a really transformative period for computer engineers, in my opinion. 

And now is the ideal moment to put in the work. For me, my goal and dream are quite thrilling. I am certain that this is my calling. I also like spending time in front of the computer. I could spend all day learning new things about programming and other subjects. 

My Preparedness:

I’ve done an excellent job of preparing for this dream. My parents have been informed of my plans for the future. They have been quite helpful in this regard. My father, too, is a computer officer. After 12th grade, I intended to enroll in a university. 

I intend to take part in the government university admissions exam. If I don’t get accepted there, I’ll go to a private institution and finish my CSE degree there. I am optimistic that I will get accepted into a good institution. 

Right now, I’m concentrating on my present research. In addition, I’m studying a variety of computer-related skills. I want to enroll in an online school where I will gradually learn Java programming. 


What Will I Do After I Graduate from Engineering School:

I want to build my own game firm when I finish my degree. I’ll recruit or collaborate with some folks who share my interests. It will be determined by the circumstances at the moment. But, before beginning my own business, I’ll do my best to get some work experience. For me, the most important aim is to start a business. 


That concludes my ambition to become an engineer. I hope that one day I will be one, and that my dream will come true. I am open and honest about my ambitions, and I am working extremely hard to realize them. 

In 600 words, write an essay on my dream.

In 600 words, write an essay on my dream.In 600 words, write an essay on my dream.


A dream is something that helps us stay focused and committed to our goals in life. To achieve our goals, we must all have a very particular dream. We won’t be able to succeed in the end unless we have a clear goal or desire. Your dream will assist you intellectually and strengthen you on the inside. It will be difficult to achieve a goal without a dream or passion. That is why everyone, including myself, has a life objective. Today, I’m going to speak about my ambition to become a teacher. 


My ambition is to become a teacher.

Different individuals have different aspirations, and one of mine is to one day become a teacher. Yes, it is my fantasy. My viewpoint was always unique. I wanted to make a difference in my life. Right now, the stage I’m at isn’t very difficult. 

I am a student, and I must study diligently. Running behind a goal or a desire, on the other hand, may be quite difficult. That is something I am aware of. I’ve always enjoyed instructing children. 

Finally, I discovered that this is my true calling. If I can become a teacher, it would be fantastic. People may want to be college professors or university teachers, but I would rather be a regular high school teacher. 

I like a simple and typical way of living. I wish to spend the rest of my life in a peaceful, natural setting, educating a large number of children and pupils. And I’m doing all I can to make my goal a reality. 

Why do I want to work as a teacher?


There are several explanations behind this dream. The first thing I can say is that I like teaching. That is the primary cause. My folks were really supportive when I told them about my desire. They advised me to pursue my passion and ambition. 

Then I experienced a significant increase in my desire. There are a variety of additional motivations to pursue a career as a teacher. I like living a simple life. And, as far as I’m aware, a teacher is someone who can live a very modest life. 

I’d want to have a positive impact on our educational system. As you may be aware, our educational system is inadequate. That’s something I’d want to change. It’s a difficult aspect, but it’s my life’s ultimate objective. I’d want to make some improvements to the teaching system. 

This vocation, in my opinion, provides strong job stability and pays well. Also, I failed to say that every day is full of fun and excitement. Every day brings something new to me, which is a major plus. 

My Dream Preparation consists of the following steps:

I know I’ll need to prepare if I want to be a teacher. And, yeah, I’m getting ready for it. I am now a student, and I must prioritize my studies. However, I like teaching in my spare time. 


My relatives are fantastic and come to my house to practice arithmetic and learn English. I educate them and have a lot of fun with them. After graduating from high school, I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in ‘English Literature.’ 

And that is the topic I will teach in my future teaching career. Finally, after becoming a teacher, I want to work at a government school, where I will help underprivileged children. My ambition is to open my own school for street children. 


Overall, I am dedicated and committed to achieving my goal. I wish to realize my ambition. And I’m working on it right now. I understand that teaching is a great vocation, and that teachers are the primary leaders of the country. 

Essay about My Dream in 10 Lines

1. Every person should have a definite life goal or dream. 

2. That is why I have a dream in my life as well. 


3. I wish to serve the less fortunate and assist them wherever possible.

4. That is my ambition, and that is why I am pursuing a career as a doctor. 

5. Because I believe that the ideal profession for serving the underprivileged is that of a doctor. 

6. After finishing my 12th grade, I want to apply to medical schools. 

7. I want to start a clinic in a low-income neighborhood and serve the needy for free. 

8. Doing this will provide me a lot of inner serenity. 


9. My parents are very supportive and constantly encourage me to pursue my goals. 

10. That concludes my fantasy.


What is the topic of your ideal essay? 

We’ve got some lovely’my dream essays’ here. These writings are really helpful and simple to comprehend. You may attempt to learn them on your own as a student. I can tell you that these writings will be beneficial to your academic endeavors.

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my dream job essay 150 words teacher” is an essay that students can write to explain their dreams and aspirations. The essay should be about 200, 300, 400, 500, or 600 words in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your dream in life as a student?

A: My dream in life is to become a doctor. I want to be able to help people, especially children who do not have health insurance or cannot afford medical treatments.

How do you write a dream essay?

A: The way to write a good dream essay is by starting with the setting and end.
I am sitting in an empty room. I take a moment before continuing, looking around at my surroundings as if they might hold some sort of meaning or significance that will help me find the answer to this question. Then, when Ive gathered enough information about where and what Im writing about, its time for me to begin filling out details using anecdotes related to this place of importance-the bedroom in which you see yourself sleeping next. Once again returning back into perspective (your own point of view) after doing so helps establish your narrative voice and provides context for what follows later on during the body paragraphs.

How do you write your dreams?

A: I would rather not say.

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