It is difficult to write something that will truly inspire and resonate with all readers, but I do my best. My father was a very strong man who had a heart of gold. He taught me important lessons in life through the stories he told us when we were growing up (I have three siblings: two older brothers and one younger sister).

My father is a very busy man. He wakes up before the sun, goes to work, and comes home late. His days are filled with work and his life revolves around his job. My father’s routine can be seen as difficult for some people but he always has a smile on his face. Read more in detail here: paragraph on my father daily routine in 100 words.

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(1000+ Words) Essay about My Father

Typically, people focus on the mother’s love and admiration while overlooking the father’s involvement. Mother’s love is often discussed in films, television shows, and other media.

What we forget, though, is the power of a parent who is constantly neglected. My father is a gift that few people get to witness in their life. 

It would be a mistake to presume that every father is a flawless hero for his children; this is not the case. However, until I am able to become a perfect man, I will vote for my father without hesitation.

What a contrast between my father and myself.

I, like everyone else, want to believe that my father is extraordinary. This notion, however, is founded not just on my feelings for him, but also on his character.

My father has a business and is very conscientious in all aspects of his life. My father is one of those who has advised me to maintain professionalism regardless of the kind of job I undertake.

Most importantly, he has a lovely demeanor and never fails to make my mother laugh with his antics, even after 27 months of dating.

When he’s among his family, I really appreciate his goofy side. He tries his utmost to fulfill all of our wishes, yet he maintains his strictness when necessary.

My early recollections of him are of a severe, rigid, or uncommunicative guy. He’d tell his dad’s most amusing jokes, and we’d all laugh and grin.

He felt a strong sense of responsibility for both his biological family and his married family.

My father’s tiny wage was usually split between two families, so since he wasn’t good at currying favor or supporting himself, he didn’t climb through the ranks, and his earnings remained a mirage until he died.

As a result of this, we were technically classified as a low-income family, and our childhoods were marked by thrift, economical living, and austerity. A little sum of money might make a big difference.

Despite these limits, my father has done an excellent job of planning our futures. If his provident fund was released during his retirement, he spent the whole amount, plus a personal loan, to buy a house in his son’s name. For the rest of our days, we had a roof over our heads.

Why am I so fond of my father?

The quantity of activities my father was engaged in was one of the most astonishing parts about him.

He’d stand outside the tailor’s shop for hours, watching him stitch shirts, and within a few months, he’d bought himself a Singer sewing machine. From that day on, he sewed all of us clothes, even the winter school uniforms.

He taught himself carpentry and created the couch sets that have been passed down through the generations.

He learned how to dry clean, and in the winter, we did go to school smelling like kerosene.

My father was a fantastic cook, therefore he really loved the meal. While my mother was bedridden with lymphatic TB, she must have cooked breakfast, lunch, or supper for her family, as well as breakfast in the morning before going to work.

Above all, he was a gifted guitarist who had the vichitra veena. He had his own Carnatic’ band, which included a flautist and a mridangam musician.

My father taught me a few things.

Slowly, I realized how much more I was inspired by who he is and what he stands for. I’m never weary, like him, thus everything else in my life fascinates me.

I’m still looking for anything constructive or instructive to do. I’m two years younger than he was when he died, so I started learning how to play the piano, appreciate SEO, UX design, and sketching.

Every act of compassion, he told me, is a state of mind, not a financial position. My father sponsored a large number of nameless, faceless impoverished people, about whom we only learned after he died.

Never humiliating the receivers with such a gift, he urged them to repay at their own speed and time, but only after confirming that they had done so, protecting their dignity.

He taught me what it meant to be a father and what it means to be a dead person without even saying anything.

As a source of inspiration, I look to my father.

This was my father, who has been the source of my motivation from the beginning. In other words, his attitude and demeanor inspired me as a human being.

In the same manner, he continues to have a significant impact on the environment in his own unique way. My father volunteers his free time to care for stray animals, which inspires me to do the same.

My father has taught me the meaning of love in the form of a rose, which he delivers to my mother on a daily basis. This consistency and dedication encourages us all to treat them the same way.

My father has taught me all I know about sports and autos. One of the few reasons why I want to play cricket in the future is because of this.

The following are ten lines about my father.

  1. He is a kind and kind guy who looks after my whole family.
  2. He is either a gifted engineer or a dedicated worker.
  3. He’s a well-spoken individual who intelligently answers all of the inquiries.
  4. My father loves his own family, as well as my mother and the rest of the family.
  5. With our family, friends, and coworkers, he maintains a friendly connection.
  6. Every day, he’ll take my sister or myself to college or my mother to work.
  7. He helps my younger sister and myself with our schoolwork every day.
  8. He demonstrates excellent etiquette, kindness, and a strong work ethic.
  9. My father is my role model, and I want to spend some time with him one day.
  10. My father has always been, and continues to be, a great source of inspiration for me.


A single incident sums up my relationship with my father. He wanted me to go to IIT and study engineering.

I opted to pursue a career as a writer, which he despised as having no prospects. In 1969, I defiantly exited the train carrying my family from Delhi to Bombay as the whistle blew. I’ve been hell-bent on living my life to the fullest.

My father, who was really offended, cut me off without a word, telling me that if I was so enthusiastic about writing, I should truly assist myself. But I did as well, earning enough money to pay my rent, college fees, and food by writing night papers.

My father, who was passing through Delhi in December to check how his powerful-headed son was doing, visited me six months later and realized that I had done fairly well without borrowing or begging. He was visibly brimming with pride.

My father embraced me, forgiven me for a second, and spent his Christmas bonus of 400 rupees to purchase me kitchenware, a mattress, and other necessities.

“My kid followed his heart more than my mind – look what a terrific job he achieved,” he could proudly declare since that day.

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How do I write an essay about my father?

A: There are a couple ways to write an essay about your father. You have the option of writing about what you know him to be like, or if you dont know anything else on his personality traits then try focusing on something that he is known for as well as how this played into your life and influenced everything from there.

What can I write about my dad?

A: You can write about anything you want, but this article will be focused on your dad.

Why is your father important essay?

A: The essay you are looking for is called The Importance of the Father in Literature by Virginia Woolf.

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