Writing a persuasive essay about your favourite cousin is challenging. The paper will have to explain how you know them and why they’re so special, while also outlining the different ways that they make life easier for their family members.

The “my favourite relative essay” is a short essay that discusses my favourite cousin. The essay will be written in third person and will talk about the relationship between the author and their favourite cousin.

Essay on My Favourite Cousin for Students and Children

English Essay of 500+ Words about My Favorite Cousin

We all have cousins, and I’m no exception. Actually, I have a large number of cousins, and I adore a handful of them. I have a cousin who is one of my favorites. She is a gifted and intellectual woman. I’ll tell you about her today. Cousins are a natural extension of our family. We must maintain a positive relationship with them.  

My Favorite Cousin’s Name: Jessica is the name of my favorite cousin. She is a lovely and pretty young lady. Despite the fact that she is two years my senior, we are excellent friends. Everything is shared between us. I go to see her if I’m feeling lonely or sad. Her residence isn’t too far away from ours.

She is a medical college student. In the future, she wants to be a doctor. Her life goal is just too lofty. In the future, I also want to be a doctor. I keep a close eye on her. She has been an excellent student since she was a youngster. She did really well in the school final. In front of my home, I have a garden. After seeing her garden, I had the idea.

That was fantastic, and I wanted to replicate it in our home. I now have a lovely garden as well. She was a great source of knowledge and seeds for me. She joined us on a family picnic during our final summer vacation. That was a lot of fun, and we had a great time. She often visits our home, and I also visit theirs.  

Why I Like Her: There are a variety of reasons why I admire her. She is a trustworthy individual. She never lies to me and constantly pushes me to grow into a genuine person. She is a talented artist who can create stunning works of art. That is something she teaches me in all she does. I am an excellent student who enjoys learning new things from her.

She instructs me in gardening, painting, singing, and papercrafting. She is a cheerful young lady with a kind heart. She enjoys assisting everyone in society. Her personality is quite attractive. She is a really straightforward individual. Because she is a medical college student, she had a strong understanding of medical science.


We contact her whenever we have a little health concern, and she provides us with helpful advice. There are several reasons why I admire her. She is adored by all of our cousins.  

Her Singing and Dancing Ability: Despite her extensive knowledge in medicine, horticulture, and a variety of other subjects, she enjoys dancing and singing. Her voice has a lovely tone to it. She had never studied music before. She can, however, sing well. Her music is one of our favorites. She once performed her dance during the school’s yearly celebration. Her performance was well-received by everybody. She also sings songs around the home on occasion. She provides music and dancing for all of the events.  

That concludes my beloved cousin Jessica’s story. She is fantastic, and I adore her. I aspire to be like her. She is so inspirational and wonderful.

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The “sentences about cousins” is a short essay on my favourite cousin for students and children. It’s an easy read that can be done in less than 15 minutes.

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