I had never been to school before and I was very nervous. It took me a while to get used to the idea of not being able to explore my new surroundings, but eventually I got into it…

My first day at school was very overwhelming and confusing. There were so many new things to take in, with a lot of unknowns about what would happen next. It wasn’t until I talked with my teacher that I felt more comfortable as time went on.,

This is a short essay on my first day at school for class 5. I was excited to go to school and meet my classmates. I had never been in a classroom before, so it was interesting. My teacher told me that there are some rules we need to follow, like no backpacks or pencils in the classroom.

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(For the test, I wrote an essay about my first day of school for classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in English after the summer holiday, 200-250 words.)

A school is a location where students can study. Here, he creates new friendships, interacts with guys of various temperaments, and develops new ideas and habits. He prepares himself for the challenges of life here.

I was sent to school when I was five years old. It was a primary school during the time. My first day of school remains a vivid recollection in my mind. It was a modest, eight-room school. The physical education instructor was one of 10 instructors. The school has a green lawn and a few flower beds on the grounds.

My father drove me to the headmaster’s office, where I was accepted into K.G.’s class. He handed me a bag of toffees to distribute to my teachers.

My instructor in class was a male. He was encouraging and polite to me. In a new atmosphere, I felt a little uneasy. The lads grinned as they gazed at me in awe. I carried my Hindi Primer ‘Akshar Mala’ with me and had my first lesson in alphabets.

The bell rung to signal the end of the intermission. The youngster dashed from their quarters. They gathered in a circle around me. They made fun of me and laughed at me. Some of them felt sorry for me and rescued me from a gang of unruly youngsters. Despite this, I was always apprehensive.


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My first day at school was very exciting. I had a lot of fun and learned many new things. My teacher was really nice and I liked all my classmates. Reference: my first day at school essay 350 words.

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How do I write my first day of school essay?

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How do you write the first day of school?

A: The first day of school is the one that starts on a given Monday. It doesnt matter if you start any other days, so its easy to answer this question by saying The first day of class.

How you feel on the first day of school?

A: I feel excited, nervous and happy.

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