In middle school, my hobby was English. I loved writing and reading books about the events of World War II- so many people had died during this time! This is what led to me loving history in general and that’s where I found myself enjoying my favorite subject- which ended up being math.-

My hobby is writing. I like to write essays and stories. There are many different types of essay topics, such as “My Hobby”, “How I Learned English”, or “Why Do You Like Soccer?”. Read more in detail here: my hobby essay 200 words.

Essay on My Hobby in 900

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A hobby is something that one does to have pleasure and enjoy one’s free time. Having fun is a wonderful skill that may be cultivated at any age, from infancy to maturity, however it is often preferable to begin having fun as a youngster. We all engage in some kind of labor that is related to our interests and provides us with joy and satisfaction; this activity is our pastime. We all have various interests, likes, and dislikes, hence we all have different hobbies.

Hobbies are one kind of entertainment. 

Singing, dancing, playing outdoor or indoor games, sketching, collecting antiques, bird watching, writing, photography, reading, eating, playing, sports, music, gardening, cooking, watching TV, conversing, and any other activity you can think of are just some of the hobbies we may pursue and enhance. Our diverse interests become sources of revenue and living, and we may use our hobbies to produce the most successful employment. Recreational activities are intended to be enjoyed in our spare time, but they may be much more.

Favorite Things vs. Hobbies

Another common fallacy is that we may only have one pastime; however, this is not the case. Growing up, I loved cooking and spent many hours watching food shows and watching my parents prepare meals. I soon began experimenting with other recipes and cuisines that I had seen on television, and I even recorded a few delights. Cooking brought me a lot of pleasure and happiness as a kid, so it’s one of my favorite things to do now. I could cook all day and be pleased just thinking about attempting a new dish.

Soccer, an unintentional pastime of mine, is one of my favorites (if anything like that). I’ve always like watching football (or football) and am an expert at analyzing and comprehending the game, but I’ve never attempted to play it due to my first culinary interest, which required me to be a housewife. One of my best friends was on the varsity football team, and all of the goalkeepers were injured, so he informed me about an open goalie position assessment, and I simply decided to attempt it.

I performed well in the tryout and earned a spot on the varsity football team. I developed into an excellent goalie and eagerly anticipated every chance to play. Every time I’m on the playground, I get this sensation of fulfillment and fulfillment. It’s highly likely that you have more than one pastime to allow you to participate in all of the many activities and intriguing things that surround us.

My Favorite Passtime 

The garden is one of my favorite things. Cooking or playing soccer in the garden take up the most of my free time. For me, the garden has provided a wealth of knowledge, education, pleasure, and amusement. From the garden, I learned a lot of new things about flowers, plants, veggies, butterflies, and even birds. My parents have set aside a tiny space for me to pursue my interest.

In my garden, I have a variety of veggies, flowers, and a few fruit trees. Carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, seedlings, peppers, spicy peppers, and other vegetables are among the veggies I cultivate. Flowers I cultivate include jasmine, lilies, lilies, sweet gold, carnation, poppies, flux, and forget-me-not. These flowers provide beauty to the yard while also providing a nice scent.

Bananas, mangoes, guavas, and pomegranates are among the fruit plants in the garden. Several birds frequent the garden, and some even make their home in the orchards. The garden’s stunning environment and atmosphere are enhanced by the humming sounds of birds and their exquisite song.

Working in the garden keeps me cognitively aware, healthy, and warm, which helps me with my other activities (soccer). The garden’s environment is extremely pleasant, fresh, and soothing; there is calm in the garden’s ambiance. Weeding, digging, connecting, pruning, ripening, irrigation, and soil cultivation are some of the processes and actions involved in gardening. All of these hobbies provide me with the necessary exercise to maintain my body and mind in good shape.

My amusement garden is well-liked by many family members and friends. I’ve been able to learn the essential abilities in the garden throughout the years, and my father sometimes assists me with garden maintenance. I have an incredible collection of publications and books about veggies, flowers, fruit trees, and gardening in general. It’s a lovely sensation to see plants thrive and develop.

In the garden, I am not an expert; I sometimes need guidance and assistance from a gardener to figure out what to do. I spend a lot of money on compost, seeds, fertilizer, and gardening tools and equipment. Also, attempt to host all of the garden-related television shows, as well as attending plant and flower exhibits, as well as fruit and vegetable events. I also manage all of my interests, classes, and other commitments without jeopardizing any of them.

Farming motivates me and provides me a feeling of accomplishment in what I can do in my life. I forget about all my cares, troubles, and worldly issues while I labor in the garden. Working in the garden or bringing fruit from the garden to my friends and family members are two of my favorite things to do.

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The “my hobby essay 150 words” is an essay on my hobby. This essay has been written in 900 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my hobby?

A: In order to write an essay about your hobby, you will need to create a certain amount of content on the subject that is related in some way. You should then make sure that you relate this content into one main point and use it as your thesis statement ensuring that all other sections are organized around supporting evidence for said point.

What are your hobbies In 1000 words?

A: I like to write, and play games.

How do you write 500 words as a hobby?

A: Its not that simple. If youre looking for a good word count, I would suggest about 3000-5000 words.

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