My home is a place where I can escape. As soon as the alarm goes off, I am there in my own little world. The first thing that greets me when I open the door is usually my favorite stuffed animal, Spikey-Bob (a teddy bear with a plastic sword). Even though it has been years since we last saw each other, he still recognizes me and comes running over to give a big hug.
Up until now our house has always been small enough for us to share but recently two more members of our family moved into this tiny space and now every day feels like an obstacle course between them all trying not to step on one another’s toes or leave no room for air and sharing out toys!
In order for everyone to find their spot again, both inside and outside will have to be rearranged which means taking down some walls too so let’s hope nothing falls through too…

My house essay 40 words is a short essay on my school and home. It’s about how I feel at the moment, and what I think of when I look back on it.

Essay on My House for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

Here you will find a 1000+ word essay about My Residence for students and children. This essay will help you to write an essay on your home. We’ve also added ten short lines to my home.

(1000+ Words) Essay about My Home

Many people don’t realize that offering a safe haven is a luxury for thousands of individuals living in poverty.

Having a secure location to call home is a blessing that we must appreciate. We also bemoan the fact that we don’t have any luxuries, regardless of whether we earned them.

There are many organisms in our planet. Others are fortunate enough to have access to amenities while others do not. It is most common in countries like India, where the majority of the population is poor. It’s no less of a joy to own a house here, which I am fortunate to do. I’m blessed to have four walls or a roof around me.

Homes are places where people may relax, eat, and maintain their personal hygiene in peace. As a result, these basic protection standards become unachievable for those who are homeless or expected to live in overcrowded shelters for people like them.

At first, I’d find it incredible that I’m shielded by four protective barriers whenever I desire to enter a planet as scary or strong as ours.

This gift has come as a result of my parents’ hard work. Many people in today’s society are still complaining about what they don’t have. The man who owns a home desires a castle, whereas the man who owns a home desires a bungalow.

The occupant of the palace is on the lookout for an island. This never-ending cycle continues. We will be happier, though, if we regard people behind us rather than those above us.

A Blessing That Is Underappreciated

The delight of owning a home is exaggerated. If you haven’t noticed it yet, go ask someone who doesn’t have a place to live.

Only then can you appreciate how fortunate you are to view a house. Houses do not necessarily have to be well furnished with modern amenities. The home is truly full if you’re fortunate enough to have a roof over your head.

Furthermore, there are no greater advantages than having your loved ones around you. You must understand the worth of your home before it is too late. Even I had no idea how significant my home was until a life event altered my viewpoint.

Several situations let me see how my home was taken for granted. It’s an underappreciated gift that most people overlook. Until it reaches to this stage, we have to enjoy our homes.

My Residence

My grandmother’s ancestral house, my parents’ home, or my siblings’ home are where I reside. I appreciate their efforts, especially my grandparents, who created this house. There are four bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a terrace in this home. My structure is about fifty years old.

I adore the aesthetics of my house. It’s even more striking because of the vintage reflections. My grandparents have a little patio garden that adds a splash of color to my house. It just has two plants in contrast. A pomegranate tree is one, while a Henna tree is the other. They provide us with shade as well as wonderful fruits.

When a person moves many times in a few years, it is difficult to form a meaningful attachment to a place they can call home.

However, my favorite aspect of an apartment is certainly the wide windows in my bedroom. My Residence consists mostly of windows that allow sun rays to come in and give me this beautiful view of the sunset and evening.

I just like the balcony in My Residence – it’s next to the kitchen, and overflowing with several species of plants, most of which also have lovely flowers. The balcony is a great place to stand and watch the sun dip far below the sea within the tall buildings.

Everyone should have a home.

People live in a variety of housing types across the globe, as well as in varied regions of a city, town, or hamlet. Many of the houses seem to be in the form of buildings, and they are either apartments or houses.

Depending on the construction region, they may be made of wood, stone, and a few other materials. This is mostly determined by the platform’s accessible services.

However, not all residences are safe. Many homes are mobile, meaning they can be moved around to meet the requirements of the people who live in them.

Small dwellings, houseboats, tents, and campers are used by the majority of inhabitants. Mobility is advantageous for individuals who do not want to dwell in a certain region and wish to relocate and work at a lower cost.

For economic and legal reasons, a small number of individuals may not be able to afford their own houses and must instead live in bigger accommodation alongside others in similar situations. Nursery schools, orphanages, convents, and nursing homes are just a few examples.

Similarly, those who cannot afford a home for themselves and their family opt to live in shacks that create slums when clumped together.

On the other hand, some individuals choose to live on the streets or create comparable, unsanitary living areas. Their stories have also been documented in the media, with films like Parasite examining the disparity between the affluent and the poor, as well as how desperate the impoverished are for basic necessities like a house.

However, as a result of increased media attention and initiatives to assist the homeless, the number of homeless persons and families continues to climb.

10 Lines on My Residence

  1. My Residence has high ceilings as it was created nearly fifty years ago.
  2. We have vintage switchboards that give it a very unique appearance.
  3. My Residence is in the middle of four paths and not beside to any other.
  4. My Residence has four exits from each side.
  5. When my visitors arrive to my house, they take a lot of pictures.
  6. The inside of the house, which is a mix of modern and historical architecture, appeals to my whole family.
  7. My Residence is built in brown or beige, so it stands out in our neighborhood.
  8. After a long day at work, I believe my house is the ideal location to relax and unwind.
  9. I spend a lot of time with my father, and I love how much fun we have together.
  10. The view from my balcony is breathtaking. It also serves as a source of inspiration for me, since I write a lot of poetry.


Having a home is a gift that separates the affluent from the poor in the society in which we live. We shall never fail to help those who are homeless. We may help them by doing the simplest things, such as providing them with food or potable water.

It is not always essential to share your home with someone else, therefore if you can assist them in surviving in a better environment, they will gladly take those steps.

Apart from that, My Residences come in various sizes and designs. There are houses that are made on the water, including houseboats. These houses are designed and packed with the most luxurious and modern amenities.

But none of these factors determine what constitutes a house a home–a home is one in which the entity feels at peace and can spend time with the people for whom they actually live.

“My House is my Home” is a poem that was written by the famous poet, Walt Whitman. In this essay I will be discussing what it means to have a home and why it is important for children and students to know about their homes. Reference: essay on house and home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my house?

A: The best way to start an essay is by describing the house. What makes it unique? How does living there make a difference in your life?

Why is home so important Write your answer in your own 50 words?

Why do we need a house essay?

A: A house is a place where we live, cook food, sleep and have our children. Therefore its necessary for us to understand the importance of houses in our lives because they help shape who we are as individuals.

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