They say that children are the future. I am here to tell you why it is so important for your parents to be a child of yours as well

In the essay “My Parents: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Words”, the author talks about how their parents have been a huge part of their life. They talk about how they were taught to believe in themselves and be who they are.

Essay on My Parents: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Words

Class 1, 2, and 3 students should write a short essay on their parents (100 Words)

 Our parents brought us into this world by giving birth to us. They are the most essential and intimate persons in our lives. Both father and mother have put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to achieve this position. Here’s where I’ll tell you about my folks. My folks are wonderful people.

They are really fond of me. Sunita Mehta is my mother’s name, and she is forty years old. She is a well educated lady who works as a professor at the local university. She used to be quite preoccupied with her job. My father is an entrepreneur. After work, they both like spending time with me. They have a special place in my heart.

Class 4/5 Essay about My Parents (200 Words)

In 200 words or less, write an essay on my parents.In 200 words or less, write an essay on my parents.

Introduction: Our parents are the most significant people in our lives. We must love and respect our parents. Except for them, we have none. They are quite fond of us. Most of the time, they don’t show their affection for the children explicitly, but we can clearly see that. Fathers, in particular, are hard to love and seldom show it openly. However, we must recognize that they adore us. We must love and respect them as well. I’m going to talk about my parents today.  

My Mother and Father: Sunil Sharma is my father’s name, and he is 45 years old. He is employed by the local government as an engineer. In his profession, he has had a lot of success. My ambition in life is to be an engineer like him. My father is a model citizen. I admire his way of life and want to be like him.

He loves me and enjoys spending time with me. He spends his leisure time with his family when he has it. My mother’s name is Sneha Sharma, and she is a forty-year-old homemaker. My mum is a dedicated worker who is also very kind and well-behaved.  

Conclusion: They adore me, and I adore them as well. They are the most vital aspect of my existence. I can’t imagine living without them for even a single day.


My Parents Essay for Class 6, 7 (300 Words)

In 300 words, write an essay on my parents.In 300 words, write an essay on my parents.

My parents are the center of my universe. Everyone has parents, and they should love and respect them. Today I’m going to talk about my parents. They have a particular place in my heart. They have a significant impact on my life. Whatever they have done for me and my life, I cannot dispute their contribution.  

My Father: My father’s name is Arun Roy, and he is a high school teacher in the area. He is a 45-year-old man. He is quite robust and healthy for his age. A regular exercise is the most crucial factor in maintaining excellent health. He goes to the gym and works out properly.

He usually wakes me up early in the morning and takes me for a morning stroll. This is something I truly like. My ambition is to emulate my father. He is a perfect guy who is adored by everybody. Because of his helping personality, people flock to him and seek for all forms of assistance. He never says no to anybody.  

Susmita Roy is my mother’s name, and she is a forty-year-old housewife. My mother is, without a doubt, the most significant part of our family. Without her, we couldn’t imagine a day. She gets up early in the morning and immediately goes to work in the kitchen. She washes our clothing, cleans the whole house, and prepares our meals.

She has the appearance of a superwoman. I can’t image completing as many pieces as she has. She is very remarkable. She never complains after completing so many tasks. She is constantly cheerful. She is the happiest, especially when she sees me pleased.  

Conclusion: My father and mother are both very significant to me. I can’t imagine a day without them. I hope they could live a little longer.


Class 8 Essay about My Parents (400 Words)

In 400 words or less, write an essay on my parents.In 400 words or less, write an essay on my parents.

Parents are the most significant people in our lives. We can’t picture anybody else being as demanding as our parents. They are the human beings closest to us. They make several sacrifices in order to make us happy. They don’t seem to have much fun in their lives. They are constantly concerned with how children may be happy and do all possible to help them achieve this goal. We should love and respect our parents since loving them is really vital.  

My Father’s Name: My father’s name is Aditya Roy, and he is 45 years old. My father, on the other hand, seems to be considerably younger. He is well conscious of his state of health. He goes to the gym on a regular basis. I’m also learning a lot about health from him. He is a businessman who spends the most of his time at his office, yet he enjoys spending time with my mother and me. Koli Roy is my mother’s name, and she is forty years old.

My mother is a stay-at-home parent. She does a lot of effort for her family. She was employed as an assistant teacher at a school. She did, however, leave her employment in order to properly care for her family. That means she put her career on hold to care for her family. She’s the most fascinating and attractive lady I’ve ever seen.  

Their Hobbies: Like many other people, my parents have a variety of interests. My favorite pastimes include reading books and playing video games. Bodybuilding is my father’s most popular pastime. He enjoys reading books when he is not doing this. He begins reading novels in his spare time. Our family has a tiny library. I, too, am a book aficionado. That is why he purchases books on a monthly basis. My father instilled in me a passion for reading.

He was continuously encouraging me to read more. My mother has a different hobby, which is gardening. As a consequence, our house now has a garden in front of it. It seems to be rather lovely. Working in the garden is one of my favorite things to do. I assist my mother a lot while she works there. I like the flowers, and she’s also starting to plant some veggies.  

Conclusion: Both parents are quite helpful and kind individuals. They are really well-behaved with one another. I’ve never seen them squabble. They also provide a hand to others. They get along swimmingly with their neighbors and even our relatives.    


Essay about My Parents for Class 9 and 10 (500 Words)

In 500 words or less, write an essay on my parents.In 500 words or less, write an essay on my parents.

Introduction: It is due of our parents that we have been born into this world. Because of this, we must be content with our whole lives. Mother has endured a great deal of suffering in order to give birth to us. I’m going to tell you everything about my father and mum today. They are a very remarkable individual. I can’t imagine my life without them in it. They’ve made a difference in my life. They act as a guide, pointing me in the direction of the light.  

Rokeya Begum is the name of my mum. She is a stay-at-home mom. My mum is a well-educated lady. She was an elementary school teacher at the time. But she quit her work to look after us. For the family, this is a significant sacrifice. She is forty, yet she seems to be much younger. My mother is conscious of her health; he rises early in the morning and takes a short walk. Then she gets down to business.

I’ve seen that she works virtually the whole day. We all get enough sleep, but she doesn’t. My sister sometimes assists mom in the kitchen, but she performs the most of the work. She is a kind and caring lady. She loves the disadvantaged and goes out of her way to aid them. She gets along well with her neighbors. She was maintaining a positive contact with one of our relatives.  

My Father’s Name: Jahid Ahmed is my father’s name. He is a successful businessman. In the main market, we have two stores. There was a period when he used to spend his time there. My father is always occupied. However, when he has free time after all of his labor, we like spending it with him. He brings us to a modest picnic most of the time. I adore going on a family picnic. These are fantastic.

My father is one of my closest friends. His demeanor is great. He not only treats me nicely, but he treats everyone well. He is well-liked in society due of his helpful attitude. Many people seek for his assistance, and he never refuses. That is why he is so popular.  

Why is my mother the best mother in the world? My mother is, without a doubt, the finest mother on the planet. She is unrivaled. There are several explanations for this. First and foremost, I believe she has put her happiness on hold because of us. She works tirelessly like a robot and never complains. We make every effort to assist her.


My father wanted to hire a maid, but my mother refused to spend the money. She is my mentor and instructor. When I have a difficulty, she assists me and solves it. She is a lady with a lot of education. She recognizes the importance of education, which is why she is working hard to educate us.  

Last but not least, I adore my parents. They are the most wonderful parents imaginable. My want is for my parents to enjoy a long and healthy life. They adore me as well.

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My parents are my heroes. They raised me to be strong and independent, and I am so thankful for everything they have done for me. Reference: paragraph on my parents.

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