The school system highlighted in this paper is a public, urban middle school located in California. It’s accessible by bus from the surrounding neighborhoods which are mostly Latino and low-income. My role as a student researcher was to explore how best to support students’ learning of English language arts with technology.

The “my school essay for class 2” is an essay that is written by a student who attends a school in the United States. The essay discusses what it was like to attend this particular school and how he felt about it.

Essay on My School for All Class Students

Everyone loves his school, and I am no exception. Here are a couple of my school’s essays. I hope you like these pieces as much as I did. If you like these, don’t forget to share them. These are really well-written for students in every subject.

We have both short and lengthy my school essays here, so you can pick and choose what you need.

My School is an Essay 

Short My School is an Essay (150 Words) for Class 1, 2

The most essential place to learn is in school. We all went to school, and I am now enrolled in Delhi Public Boys School. My school is one of my favorites. My school is one of the most well-known in the neighborhood. With over 1000 pupils, it has a vast campus. On the school grounds, there is a very outstanding and gorgeous flower garden. There are four large buildings on the main campus. Staff and instructors are housed in one building, while classrooms and laboratories are housed in another. Our school has a reputation for producing excellent results. Every year, we have a large number of talented kids who do very well throughout the spectrum of education. Our school’s principal is a very bright and intellectual individual. He is putting in his best effort to improve our school. As a student at this institution, I am always proud.

My High School: Class 3, 4 Essay (300 Words)


My education is a vital part of my life. Everyone is enamored with their own school. School, as we all know, is a very essential institution where individuals go to get an education. I’ll tell you everything about my school here. I am a ninth-grade student.

My High School:

Mumbai Central Boy’s School is the name of my school. For the next four years, I will be studying here. My school is one of the most prestigious and well-known in the region. Because my school has such a high number of pupils and staff, the space is rather vast. In the third building, we have a school library.


In the school, we have over a thousand active pupils in five courses. Every lesson is broken down into three or four parts. I am a ninth-grade student in section ‘B.’ In the section, there are a total of 30 pupils. Our kids are very intelligent and diligent in their studies.


The total number of instructors at the school is about 40. Among them, I have a favorite instructor. Mr. Shukla is his name. He is our English instructor and is in charge of our class.

Our principal is a talented and intelligent educator who excels in his area. He is putting forth a lot of effort to make our school a better place.


My school has a lot of athletic talent. In football, cricket, and basketball, we have three big teams. Last year, our school won an inter-school cricket championship. I am a normal sportsperson who represents our team as a batter. In the final last year, I hit a match-winning 55 runs. Every sports team at our school has given the school several awards as well as recognition.


My school is one of my favorites. I like the classmates, the instructor, and the atmosphere here.

Our Institution: Class 5, 6 Essay (350 Words)

My School is an Essay  – 350 Words

Our Institution:

The name of our Mumbai institution is ‘Ideal Sports School for Boys.’ There, I am a ninth-grade student. I am a regular student at the school, and I adore my teachers and classmates. Because of our strong results and contributions to local athletics, our school is rather well-known in the neighborhood. Our school is primarily a sports institution. With the course, we learn four main sports: cricket, football, hockey, and basketball.

I am a cricketer who is still learning the game.

Teachers and Students:

Our school has around 200 pupils, all of them live in the dormitory. We have our own field in the school area, and the school is entirely residential. We are not allowed to go outdoors. We had a great time here because of the surroundings. The school offers a huge outdoor space with lovely scenery.

We have a total of ten instructors, the majority of them are sports coaches. They also reside at the hostel with us. We are separated into ten sections, each with twenty pupils. Sections govern how we eat, live, sleep, and read. In my sector, I have a few excellent buddies.

Mr. Sunil Dutt is the principal and creator of this sports school. He is a former cricketer who had a successful ten-year career playing first-class cricket.

We’re Playing Cricket:

Our school squad, in my opinion, is the greatest school cricket team in Mumbai. We’ve shown it several times. Even though the school has only been open for 10 years, we have already won five inter-school championships. We’ve also had great success in a few other sports.

We’re playing football:

Our football squad is also quite excellent; we were champions last year and runners-up the year before. In our school, we have a lot of youthful talent. I hope that one day these players will be able to represent their nation.


Being a member of this fantastic institution has been a fantastic experience for me. My school is one of my favorites.

My High School: Essay (400 Words) for Class 7, 8

My School is an Essay  – 400 Words


My name is Sanjay, and I’m from a Haryana village. In my own hometown, I went to a school called “Ideal Boys High School.” From my house, it takes just 5 minutes to walk there. Our school is well-known and doing well in all areas. I’m going to write about my school today.

My High School:

My school’s name is ‘Ideal Boys High School,’ as I previously said. Our school is not as large as the metropolitan schools, but we are rather large in our community. Students in grades six through ten read in school. In our school, we have nice labs, a computer lab, a library, and a scientific practice zone. These are assisting us in learning something in addition to our normal studies. Most significantly, we have a few forward-thinking instructors in our school who are dedicated to making us the best. They have fantastic extracurricular initiatives, which has propelled our school to the forefront.

Buildings such as schools and others:

Our school has three buildings in total. Two of the buildings are two floors tall, while the third is just one story tall. Two of the buildings are utilized as classrooms, while the third is used by the instructors and personnel. Our school’s structure is rather ancient, since it is a very old school. I even heard that my grandparents attended the same school. However, in recent years, they have modified the infrastructure of the structures.

We have a large school library in the academic building. There are almost two thousand books in this collection. In the library, I’m just another regular. I like reading novels. We have a scientific lab in the same building. Our school excels in science, particularly in the ‘Science Fair.’ Last year, we were awarded a silver prize for a very innovative scientific work written by students. 

Teachers and Students:

In our school, there are around 500 kids. Our pupils are very kind and well-behaved toward one another and their instructors. The majority of the pupils are very bright and get excellent results.

We will be taught by around 20 instructors. Our professors are very gifted and imaginative. They are giving their all for the school and helping us to become one of Haryana’s greatest schools. I’m hoping for a higher ranking.

Our school’s principal’s name is Nitesh Malhotra, and he is a visionary who leads from the front. He is the one who makes all of the school’s decisions. And he’s doing a fantastic job.


My school is one of my favorites.

My High School: Long Essay (500 Words) for Class 9, 10

My School is an Essay  – 500 Words


For everyone, schools are very essential. Everyone is required to attend school. From there, our educational journey begins. Hello, my name is Sania Ahmed, and I am from the Indian city of Ahmadabad. Ahmadabad is one of India’s most beautiful, serene, and tranquil cities. At class nine, I am enrolled in a local school. I’m going to tell you everything about my school today.

My High School:

‘Ideal Girls High School’ is the name of my school. In this school, I read in class seven. In our school, there are over 1000 kids. A total of 50 instructors are employed here.

There are four structures at the school. Each structure is two stories tall, and they are massive structures. Our school is well-known in the neighborhood. We are competing well against other schools.

There are so many facilities and other things to enjoy at my school.

The principal of My High School:

‘Neha Sharma’ is the name of my school’s principal. She is a teacher and an educator who is very enthusiastic about what she does. She is doing all she can to improve our school’s standing. Neha mam is 35 years old and the mother of two children.

She is a genuine leader who is leading from the front at our school. Her way of thinking is really unusual, and it is affecting the climate at our school. He has made such remarkable and courageous reforms at the institution.

She enjoys taking on new tasks and effectively completing them.

My teacher in class:

Sania Sharma is my class teacher, and she is also our English instructor. She is a gifted educator. I can’t possibly list all of her positive attributes. She is never late for class and always teaches us the best she can.

She is a lovely person who is usually smiling. If we make a mistake, she never screams at us. However, she can be rather rigorous when it comes to studying and according to the rules.

Sports at My School:

Sport is an essential aspect of any school, and we are involved in it as well.

We don’t compete in every sport since we are a female school, but we do have a few good sports teams. Because of my height, I am a basketball player. In the previous inter-school basketball tournament, we were victorious. I was the tournament’s top player.

The football team is another important squad. They’re putting on a fantastic show on the field. They’ve also brought a couple of medals for the school. Our cricket squad isn’t very strong on the field, but we’ve hired a new coach. We aspire to do well in cricket as well.

My Library at School:

The school has a very large and well-stocked library. It has almost ten thousand books. The library is enormous and sprawling. We have unrestricted access there. Each week, we may take 5 novels. I am an avid reader who makes it a point to borrow books from the library whenever possible.


My school is the best school ever; My school is one of my favorites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write an essay about my school?

A: It is imperative that your essay on the school you are writing about should be specific. You must include significant details and not just generalities. You can mention a particular event, teacher or student to provide this level of specificity in your assignment

What we can write about our school?

A: There are many things you can write about your school. One of the most popular is that its a great place to talk to people from all over the world, or just get some one-on-one time with friends and family. Another popular topic would be graduation because its such an important milestone for each student in their life!

What is a school essay?

A: A short essay is a form of writing which recounts your thoughts and opinions on something that you have firsthand experience with. They tend to be written in the first person, using I as the pronoun. Essays are typically less than 1000 words long, but they can range anywhere from 500-4000 depending on their purpose or length requirement.

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