My school is a place of learning, but it’s also a safe space for my friends and I to explore who we are. It’s where I get bullied and make new friends every day. My school was built with the students in mind. The perfect environment to learn and grow has been created by parents, teachers, donors, administrators and staff members who care about our development as individuals

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Essay on My School for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this post, you will find a 1000-word essay about my school written for kids and youngsters. This information covers things like the setting, the structure, the instructors, the students, the environment, and other school activities.

My School Essay for Students in Classes 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 (1000+ Words)

“Golden Gates” is the name of my school, which is located in the foothills of Yercaud in Salem district, Tamil Nadu.

Unlike the other school, it nurtures a passion of study, which is frequently evident in its location. It’s in a beautiful natural environment, with hills on all sides and streams nearby.

There’s plenty of greenery on campus, too, with almond trees along the walkways between buildings and a variety of shrubs and plants edging the various sports fields.

Our Principal and Correspondent have made it their aim to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

My school’s surroundings

My school’s location was both peaceful and pollution-free. At both ends, there were two stairwells that allowed me to access every story.

The university was well-equipped, with a well-equipped scientific lab, a large library, and a combined computer laboratory on the first floor.

On the bottom level, there was a faculty lecture theatre where all of the yearly meetings and events took place.

My school’s structure

On the ground level of my school, there was a head office, principal’s office, staff room, clerk room, and regular classrooms. On the lower level, there is also a stationery store, school cafeteria, skating rink, and chess room.

My school has two enormous concreted basketball courts just across from the faculty principal’s office, with a football field to the side. In front of the top office, there was a tiny green garden.

It was brimming with vibrant flowers and lovely plants, adding to the overall appeal of the school. My school had around 1600 pupils throughout my stay there. In any inter-school tournaments, all of the pupils do well.

My School’s Teachers

All of my school’s instructors are accessible for reminders. Those professors are passionate about the subjects they teach, and they pass on their enthusiasm to us pupils.

Even students who despise a topic will grow to like it if they attend class. Next, we have happy instructors who are happy and spread happiness to everyone around them. They’re kind and caring, and they’re the first persons all kids turn to when they have a problem.

The severe instructors are therefore stern, ensuring that discipline and decorum are maintained throughout the school. They’re the ones who keep rule violators and misbehaving pupils in check. Our professors are the heart and soul of the university.

Our University’s Students

Without a scholar, there are typically no schools. Without brilliant pupils swarming the courses on a day like today, no matter how elegantly designed a faculty is, the level of its professors, or the administration, it may all go to waste.

While my school has a large number of energetic pupils, the power of the scholar is not entirely based on their numbers.

Teachers’ jobs are made easier at my school by the students. They’re focused in class, pay attention to details, and have a penchant for completing tasks quickly.

At my school, a student’s behavior is second to none. Scholars treat each other and their superiors with respect. They also maintain the highest degree of dignity both inside and outside the classroom.

Everything I Know About My School Environment

When learning takes place in a hazardous environment, assimilation becomes more challenging. Sometimes the landscape isn’t hazardous, but it lacks the right kind of attraction for a regular student.

Students want to be greeted with the proper colors and feel at ease once they sit down, or they want to be inspired by the school’s general architecture.

My school represents all of the values listed above, as well as many more. Bright colors are used to adorn the classrooms in order to lift the students’ spirits.

In addition, the playground is designed to help students unwind after a cognitively taxing mental activity. As a result, the varsity’s overall design instinctively makes every student feel welcome.

Only pleasant recollections — a home away from home: It had been a home away from home for me. Even the little details of varsity life were a part of my daily routine. Every classroom I’ve sat in has left an unforgettable imprint on my mind.

The see-saw in the children’s park, category assemblies, physical training classes, lunch break chit-chats, art contests, sports competitions, funny arguments with friends, school anniversaries, tense special courses, records, laboratories, and examinations all left lasting impressions in my consciousness.

The instructors play the most important role in my school memories. They’re the divine in human form. They illuminate our life with the blazing light of statistics and assist us in imbibing the values that we need to measure.

Teachers’ efforts cannot be overlooked, since they played a significant part in shaping a student’s life.

A student begins by attempting to emulate the instructor and progressively transforms them into role models. A teacher is critical in leading students along the straight road. Moral principles instilled in children throughout their school years may endure a lifetime.

The instructors’ nurturing and affection for the students is touching. Our professors will be receptive to hearing about our worries and disappointments. The majority of the professors acted more like close buddies.

Every year, we aim to provide a spectacular Teachers Day celebration. Our beloved professors usually put on spellbinding shows that thrilled the students with a visual feast. Their blessings may have a significant impact on anyone’s life.

Even if you move on to further education, you’ll always return to your former school to remember the good old days. Our instructors are enthralled by our achievements and are eager to learn more about us.

Aside from this, one of the best aspects of school is our buddies. It’s the starting point for every human’s socialization. At college, you enter a different sphere of social life.

As you become older, the influence of your peers becomes more important in shaping your personality. As a result, a college friend becomes a family member. The amusing times spent with friends are priceless.

Other features of My School

Students at my school also benefit from the bus’s power, which allows them to go to the university from far away. In the morning, all of the kids wish to gather in the play area for prayer before returning to their respective classrooms.

Math, P.T., Hindi, English, G.K., Marathi, geography, history, drawing and crafts, science, and a variety of other disciplines had different professors at my school.

My School Routine

Our day begins with a prayer gathering. With a short news time, prayer hymn, and any particular instructions for the day, we go to our separate classrooms. We have a lunch break after four sessions of topics with a quick snack break in between.

Lunchtime brings the whole school to life with shouts and yells of fun as we all mingle with our classmates. After that, we have three periods of topics in the afternoon before heading home.

Saturday, on the other hand, is everyone’s favorite! Extracurricular activities take up the whole day. There are different types of music, as well as dance, gardening, math, drama, science, and environmental issues.

After lunch, we have a variety of sports groups to join. Each student must choose two clubs from which to participate in the morning. Saturdays are often full of recreation and enjoyment.


In today’s world, with all of the hustle and bustle of city life, my school might be a wonderful place to learn and develop. It improves our educational path by combining live, fun, and nature.

I hope you enjoyed this 1000-word article about my school for kids and children.

“My School Essay in 250 Words” is a story about one of my school’s students and children. This essay will be about the struggles that I faced as a student, and how it was hard to get through life without an education. Reference: my school essay in 250 words.

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