Noise pollution is a serious environmental concern in the United States. For students, this means it is easy to over-scheduled and forget about time to take care of themselves. In order to help them focus on schoolwork instead of noise pollution, parents should schedule fewer activities for their children so they have more time during the day and can spend less energy with other things like gaming or social media.

The “short essay on noise pollution” is an essay that discusses the effects of noise pollution. The essay gives a brief overview of how noise pollution affects people in society and what can be done to reduce the impact.

Essay on Noise Pollution for Students in 1000 Words

In this post, we’ve included a 1000-word essay about noise pollution for students, complete with facts, causes, effects, and mitigation strategies. The advancement of technology has resulted in an increase in sound pollution. It’s turning into a huge danger to humanity’s survival.

So, begin reading the Noise Pollution Essay…

What is Noise Pollution and How Does It Affect You? (Introduction)

Noise pollution has become a major issue in our society. Increased urbanization, transportation (all modes), and the problem of sound pollution pose a serious and multifaceted danger to the growth and development process.  

The world has been confronting a fatal threat to physical and mental health for the last thirty years, resulting in dysfunction of the same parts of the human body. Air, rail, and road transportation, as well as starting trucks, hard music, and Harley Davidson motorcycles, are all major contributors.  

Sleeplessness, hearing damage, and the work environment are examples of natural influences on areas of concern. Increased sound pollution is a huge hazard to humans and other animals as a whole.

Noise Pollution Statistics

These are some important Noise Pollution Statistics-

  1. The Chief Sources of Noise Pollution is from Air, Rail & Road Transport, which is the regular feature in all cities and even Rural Areas in India.
  2. Political gatherings, religious institutions, television, and entertainment, as well as barking dogs throughout the clock, are additional sources. Transportation is a common occurrence. Working in Sound Pollution doubles the influence on human body stress, according to many research conducted in the United States.
  3. In our country and over the globe, industrial facilities, aero drums, bus complexes, railway tracks, and industrial cyclanes are a never-ending source of sound pollution. In the 1980s, the United States had a population-to-planes ratio of 1,000:400, followed by Japan. Noise pollution has been a global problem since World War II, and it is particularly severe in wealthy nations today. 

Noise Pollution Causes

There are two forms of noise pollution. Industrial Equipment and Community Noise Domestic sound sources include refrigerators, juice mixer grinders, televisions, washing machines, and gas cookers, whereas industrial sound sources include vehicles on the road, construction activities, fireworks, and loudspeakers from religious and political events. 

  1. Engineering firms, printing presses, textile mills, and metal industries all contribute to noise pollution in the industrial sector. 
  2. N. P. From Transport systems, Alarm & Social events:  Sound from Vehicles through Air, Road, Railway and Water Transport, alarms systems from Ambulances, VIP Vehicles & Fire Brigades.  Social events like Marriages, parties, Pubs, Worship places are the Chief sources; rule-breaking on all fronts is a continuous threat to daily life.
  3. Defense, Construction, and Other Sources: Defense equipment such as Tanks, Explosions, Military Aircraft, Shooting Exercises, Rocket Launching, and Jet Planes produce a lot of noise. Residential construction is a common occurrence. Sound pollution is increased by the construction of roads, flyover bridges, and dams. Other causes of noise pollution include stone cutting, mountain climbing, automotive repair businesses, blasting, and bulldozing.

Noise Pollution’s Consequences

Some main consequences were described as under-developed.

  1. The term “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)” is used to describe persons who are sensitive to loud noises, which is estimated to affect 25% of the population in the United States. Nearly 30 million individuals are impacted by harmful noises, and the mining, industrial, and construction industries all contribute to sound pollution, and hearing loss is a common occurrence among the elderly. 
  2. In Germany, noise pollution causes memory loss and literacy impairment in children. Another aspect is that the newborn understands noises in impact owing to the sounds of the television or radio, which acts as a barrier to learning the main language. 
  3. In Tokyo, a US military post is creating a great deal of noise, which is causing abnormal blood pressure as a consequence of the noises made as a result of winning tens of thousands of dollars in a case against the US Air Force.
  4. Noise pollution has two sorts of consequences in India: auditory and non-auditory effects. The latter causes Auditory Fatigue and Deafness, whereas the non-auditory causes annoyance, lack of working productivity, verbal communication interference, and physical disorders such as increased heartbeats, B.P., and so on.

How Can Noise Pollution Be Reduced?

1. The Central Pollution Control Board launched the first phase of the Noise Pollution Monitoring Network in 35 major cities in March 2011, with the second and third stages covering about 160 cities in India. 

2. The Government of India (GOI) enacted the Environmental Protection Act and the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules in the year 2000.

  • Noise regulations
  • Use of loudspeakers should be limited.
  • Use of horns, constructions, and firecrackers should be limited. 
  • Assigning responsibility for pollution to the state and requiring it to take appropriate steps, etc.

3. The challenges of sound pollution and management strategies are mentioned in the WHO Report to the United Nations Conference on Environment, with the following characteristics:

  • Silencing devices for aircraft, industrial, and domestic appliances are designed and built.
  • It may be reduced by changes in machine design and operation, vibration control, soundproof booths, and sound-absorbing materials.
  • Limiting motor traffic noise, prohibiting blaring horns in industrial facilities, entertainment places, and residential areas, and establishing Silent Zones near schools and hospitals.
  • In order to reduce inside noise to 6dB, trees and bushes may be placed in front of the structure to give some absorption.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms should be on the peaceful side, while kitchens, bathrooms, and elevators should be on the noisy side.


Vegetation is used to combat noise pollution. Buffer zones must be established across the city. There is a pressing need to enact laws to reduce noise pollution, as well as to educate people about noise pollution via radio, television, and newsreels in movie theaters. Its consequences on humans, and most all, public involvement and control, make it possible to limit and manage the threat to a sustainable and healthy existence on Earth. Apart from any other pollutions, only noise pollution may be reduced. I hope this noise pollution essay was useful in your assignment.

The “noise pollution articles for students” is a topic that has been covered extensively in the past. The essay will be on how noise pollution affects people and what can be done to help it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a noise pollution essay?

A: To answer this question I would need to know the context of your noise pollution essay. Please provide me with some information so that I can properly assist you.

What is noise pollution in easy words?

A: Noise pollution is the undesirable effects of noise. It can be both audible and non-audible, such as light or vibration that disrupts your daily life. Urban environments are often affected by traffic which creates a lot of sound in its own right, not to mention unwanted construction projects nearby.

What causes noise pollution essay?

A: Noise pollution is a term used to describe the negative effects that disturbances in, and around, an area have on human health. Such disturbances include unwanted noise levels (such as those created by construction) and hearing damage caused by constant exposure to loud sounds over long periods of time.

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