The world is a global and local phenomenon, often the same. Politics has evolved over time to encompass more than just the government of states or countries; it also refers to society in general. This essay will explore how people can better understand politics as they live their lives on different levels and discuss some possible solutions that are already implemented today while examining what could be done in the future.

The “short essay on politics” is an essay that can be written in 1300 words. It will give students and children a brief introduction to the subject of politics.

Essay on Politics for Students and Children in 1300 Words

In this post, we’ve included a 1300-word educational essay about politics for students and children. What is politics, Politics in India, Politics in the World, their relevance, criminalization, and Politics in ten lines with a Conclusion are all covered in this article.

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(Essay on Politics – 1300 Words) Introduction

Political philosophy has a long and illustrious history. It started in ancient Greece, when Greece was a little society inside the state. In Greek, city-states were referred to as polis. “The key site for selecting the immediate state legislature of the city of Athens,” according to the Acropolis. The word ‘polis’ literally means ‘Nagar Raj’ in that location’s name.

Furthermore, it is now often assumed that the phrase ‘legislative concerns’ or ‘political theories’ comes from the Greek word ‘polis.’ In the past, the topic that is now known as political opinion or governmental concerns was known as ‘legislative issues.’ The term “administrative difficulties” comes from the Greek word “administrative” (polis). 

What exactly is politics?

Politics is a set of rules. Governmental concerns are referred to as a whole framework, whose primary aims are open intrigue and whose accomplishment is contingent on individual prosperity.

The open chooses a hireling, a worker known as a pioneer, for administrative affairs. They are aware of each individual’s problems. As a result, there should be no mystery between him and the people. The straightforwardness of this approach is critical. 

Politics in India 

India is a democratic country. Through the democratic framework, India’s political pioneers and gatherings gain power. Indian inhabitants above the age of 18 are given the opportunity to vote for their pioneers. Despite the fact that it is a legislative of the people, for the people, and by the people, the common man must accept a great lot. 

It is, to a large part, a hindrance to the nation’s progress and improvement. Because to degenerative Indian governmental concerns, the average citizen of the nation suffers. Clergymen, on the other hand, are men who use their power and position to further their inclinations. 

The population as a whole is heavily taxed. Degenerate lawmakers are stuffing their ledgers with this money instead of using it to improve the country. 

Politics in the World 

Globe legislative issues – The name of the enemy of control in the problems of political and financial investigations of the world and culture is connected to the name of world governmental issues. The present varied process of political globalization places social power questions at the center of the discussion. 

Relationships between municipalities, state-countries, states, global partnerships, non-administrative organizations, and universal associations seem to be under control. Guidelines for national and ethnic debates, legislative issues of majority rules system and national self-assurance, globalization and vote-based systems, similar governmental issues and harmony, near legal matters, political economy, and relations with the global world of politics are among the current discussion topics. 

The Importance of Politics

The importance and need of thinking about political theory –

Is this a serious investigation in which evaluating legislative concerns is necessary and relevant? It has been described as “childish, inconsequential, unproductive, unnecessary, and damaging” by a number of academics.

“Political logicians who disapprove of academics are like those who first brush dust over their feet and then claim they don’t see anything,” he said coldly. This is the significance of politics-

1. Information about the state’s improvement and utility 

In modern public life, the state and government are the most important institutions. They have a significant impact on our lives since they allow the state to manage the bulk of our work. By studying political theory, one may learn about the many types of states and governments that have existed for a long time. 

2. Getting to Know Political Concepts – 

With the study of political theory, a person becomes all-too-familiar with all of the political concepts that she encounters in her daily life. However, they are unfamiliar with concepts such as Loktantra sway, unity, and other intrigue groupings, as well as popular presumption. 

3. Creating the ideal resident 

The construction of an ideal resident is the most important need of political theory research. Residents’ education on governmental problems, legality, and the need for mandatory information regarding common aid, among other things. Everyone should be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

4. Co-activity and Adjustment Instruction

Collaboration, change, and agreement are all evident in political thought. Legislative concerns are seen as a power struggle. However, in this combative environment, a Yenken-style compromise is also reached. The study of political theory improves an individual’s ability to explain each other’s viewpoints and compare options. 

5. Helpful in the development of political consciousness (Helpful in the event of political awareness)

The most important benefit of studying political theory is that it makes a person politically aware. An person is a political creature in the sense that just a handful of his or her wants may be met exclusively by the state. 

The basic underpinnings of political debasement are examined in full.

Legislative concerns have allegedly become the means to success in every sector and to get wealthy in the near term in a country like India. This is why, on the lines of asafoetida and alum rang chokha, the gathering of government officials is becoming more lengthier. Debasement has been strewn throughout the country, from a local metropolitan councillor to those holding the country’s highest political positions. 

In a nation like India, it has become a common belief that once you become an MP, you should make arrangements to eat and drink seven books at the very least. So it’s hardly surprising that, despite the Election Commission’s and the Code of Conduct Elections’ limits, there’s a round of crores in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha decisions.

Despite the fact that all aspects of this defilement are being monitored, everyone is sitting silently. This is when real political degeneration starts. 

Politics as a criminal enterprise 

After long years of captivity under the English, our country was finally released in 1947. At the dawn of independence, all of the country’s forefathers pledged to comprehend Gandhiji’s ideal of ‘Smash Rajya,’ yet given the current rate of criminalization of Indian governmental concerns, one may argue that we have deviated. 

All citizens of the country should do a self-examination and endeavor to reclaim the values that have been lost. Payoffs, debasement, nepotism, casteism, and communalism are all important factors in the expansion of politics throughout the country. 

Debasement claims have been made from time to time by everyone from a common laborer to top pioneers. Criminalization is gradually becoming more prevalent in the country’s legislative concerns. 

Politics in ten lines

  1. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, is known as the “Father of Political Science.”
  2. ‘Politics’ is a synonym for ‘politics,’ which comes from the Greek word ‘polis.’
  3. Political science or political science is the study of themes relating to the state.
  4. Political science and political economy, or economics, are intimately intertwined.
  5. Today’s world requires and demands clear and clean politics.
  6. Politics, sometimes known as political science, is a large branch of study.
  7. Politics is, in a sense, the art and science of resolving social issues.
  8. Politics’ primary goal is to establish a “perfect existence.”
  9. In politics, leadership traits, communication skills, decision-making ability, and the capacity to deal with stress are all regarded vital.
  10. People’s attitudes about politics are often unfavorable.


Finally, political and legislative problems are often perceived as a dirty game in which people are motivated only by narrow-minded objectives and do not value the attention of others. 

Individuals become morally distorted and evasive as a result. Even if government officials continue to anticipate their positions and responsibilities and begin to release them generously, the term “legislative problems” will no longer be associated with negative aspects. There should be a creative mind rather than a shattered political game based on the government’s support to people, much as the nation state.

I hope you found this essay about politics for kids and youngsters to be useful and informative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a political essay?

A: A political essay is a report or analysis of an aspect of the current state and future potentials for society that has been assigned to you by your professor. You should research as many viewpoints as possible, but also try to provide your own point of view on what could be done in order to make things better. The difference between this writing assignment and others that you may have had before is that its not just about coming up with information-its about taking those ideas and turning them into something tangible so they can be discussed further.

What is politics short note?

A: A short note is a small, informal piece of writing.

What is the importance of studying politics?

A: The importance of studying politics is that it gives you insight into the workings and issues in society. It will help you understand how decisions are made, who has power, and what can be done to change things for the better.

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