Pollution is an environmental issue that has been with us since the dawn of man. It can be seen in many forms, such as air pollution, water contamination and soil erosion. In humans it manifests itself in things like asthma or heart disease while more significant manifestations of this problem include global warming and species extinction.

The essay on pollution for class 5 is a 150-word essay that discusses the causes of air pollution. The essay discusses what people can do to reduce their impact on the environment.

Essay on Pollution for class 4, 5 (150

Pollution essay for class 4–5 (150–200 words)

Pollution is present in this area, in that area, in that area, in that area, in that area, in that area, in that area, in that area Pollution is really generous to the rest of the globe. These days, pollution has become a hot subject. It poses a danger to humanity’s survival. It is a development country’s curse. These nations have established industries in order to advance. However, these businesses pollute the environment. Forests were razed to make way for raw materials. Without trees, filthy air cannot be cleansed.

There are various sorts of pollution, including air pollution, water contamination, and noise pollution. The automotive industry’s ongoing expansion has resulted in a significant number of automobiles on Indian roadways. However, it is disgraceful that individuals are unconcerned about the issues that their automobiles cause. People do not get their automobiles inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are clear of pollution-producing carbon particles. The ozone layer in the sky is being thinning due to these particles. This layer shields us from the sun’s UV radiation.

Similarly, manufacturers emit a great deal of smoke, polluting the air. Industrial trash is often dumped into surrounding canals or rivers. These wastes are often toxic and kill a large number of aquatic species.

Pollution is on the rise, resulting in the emergence of deadly illnesses. As a result, it is past time to address pollution.


“The essay on pollution for class 6” is a 150-word essay that discusses the topic of pollution. The essay includes an introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 150 word pollution?

A: 150 word pollution is when an author writes too many words in one page.

What is pollution for class 4th?

A: Pollution for Class 4th is a chemical, physical or biological substance that has the potential to cause harm and damage.

What is the essay on pollution?

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