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In this post, we’ve included a 700-word essay about India’s Pre-Winter Season for students. This covers information about its significance, features, and dos and don’ts. In Hindi, it is known as Hemant Ritu.

Let’s begin this essay on India’s Pre-Winter Season…

Hemant Ritu’s 700-word essay about India’s Pre-Winter Season

Hemant Ritu, or pre-winter season, is one of the six Indian seasons that precedes the winter season. Cold climatic conditions may be found all around. This season occurs between the months of “Pausa” and “Margashirsha,” according to the Hindu calendar.

However, it is observed from the middle of October until the middle of December on the Gregorian calendar. To be sure, this season is the most joyful and pleasurable of the whole year, since the weather seems to be lovely and improves one’s festive attitude.

This season is also the transition from fall to winter, and it is somewhat chilly, with minimum temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. As a result, November and December are considered pre-winter months.

During this time of year, trees in the Himalayas and other hills begin to drop their leaves. The early dew, somewhat chilly air, and mild wind make the season seem wonderful here.

announcing the start of the pre-winter season

During this time, the nights are foggy, colder and longer and the trees are full of sprouts loaded with flowers. One can see the greenery everywhere and the early morning sunray that falls on petals announcing the start of the pre-winter season.

During this season, flowers such as Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Rose, Water Lily, and Jasmine bloom, spreading their fragrance throughout the area. In the late evening, you may detect a pleasant aroma from them.

You will be acquainted with the cold and flu as this is a pre-winter notice. But it’s not the weather or the dip in temperature that makes you sick; it’s the viruses that grow quicker and make you sick. Apart from the lovely and pleasant season, you may also encounter winter skin concerns.

Characteristics of the Pre-Winter Season (Hemant Ritu)

You will feel the coolness and a chilly air throughout this season. Additionally, greater digesting capacity keeps people’s strength and vitality at a high level. Furthermore, individuals have a strong hunger due to the digestive fire, and they have superb bodily strength.

Because the temperature is chilly, the water and air components are out of balance. The buildup of water, according to certain research results, increases the suppression of fire components.

Some Issues You Might Face During the Pre-Winter Season

Split hairs, hair fall, dandruff, swelling of hands and fingers, pigmentation, peeling cuticle, scabies, itchy skin, chapped lips, cracked heel, dry scaly skin, diabetes mellitus, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, oral stomatitis, constipation, dermatitis, psoriasis, cough, viral fever, flu, and common cold

Some Pre-Winter Season Dos and Don’ts


Stay healthy and enjoy the pre-winter season by doing the following:

  • Drink as little fluid as possible, such as soft coconut, vegetable juices, fruits, or water. These will keep your skin nourished from the inside out and give your face an inner shine.
  • Install a humidifier in your house to keep the air moist. The heating system normally dries up the air in this area. 
  • To avoid cracked and dry skin, hydrate your skin with an oil-based moisturizer at regular intervals during the day and before night.
  • The main cause of weak bones is the body’s inability to absorb calcium and vitamin D. Furthermore, merely taking calcium does not guarantee optimum health, thus it is essential that you exercise to maintain your vitamin D and calcium levels.
  • Eat ghee to replenish lost moisture and apply it to dry areas of your skin to nourish them.
  • Stay in a warm and inviting environment.


Do not engage in these activities that can damage your pre-winter months-

  • Without complete protection, avoid going between frigid temperatures outside and warm surroundings inside.
  • Drink cold liquids and eat light, cold, dry meals.
  • Foods that are spicy or bitter should be avoided.
  • There will be no sleeping on this day.
  • Getting up before the sun rises
  • I was up till late at night.
  • A lengthy hot shower can dry up your skin, so avoid it.
  • Fasting, cold, and strong breezes should all be avoided.


We have covered all about India’s pre-winter season in this enlightening. Now you know how to celebrate, what to do, and what not to do throughout the months leading up to winter.

I hope you like this article about India’s pre-winter season, Hemant Ritu Essay. If you like this post, please leave a comment and share it.

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