There is a time in the year when it rains every day and temperatures drop. This season’s rainy weather is known as “rainy season.” In this essay, I will discuss what causes rain during rainy seasons by looking at how water evaporates from earth’s surface or condenses into clouds.

The “rainy season essay for class 5” is an essay on the rainy season in 1000 words. It will be a good example of how to write a short story.

Essay on Rainy Season in 1000 words for 5

Summer, rain, winter, before winter, autumn, and spring are the six seasons that vary every two months in our nation. The earth’s environment fluctuates according to the seasons’ names, one of which is the rainy season, which operates like a string throughout the cosmos.

During the rainy season, there is a lot of rain, and the majority of the time, it lasts for weeks. July marks the start of the rainy season, which lasts through August.


When the rainy season arrives, there is happiness and greenery all around, and life is emancipated of the blazing heat.

During the rainy season, the children play hard and swim in their paper boat in the water & the farmer is also very happy for waving his harvest.

During the rainy season, freshly cut trees of dry forest trees are replanted. A green sheet is stretched out across the silent, gloomy hills, and brilliant flowers can be seen everywhere. Rivers, lakes, ponds, dams, and other bodies of water Everything is submerged in water, and the air is frigid. Green grass and bird plants are eaten by animals. The coming of the rainy season is essential for all living beings on the planet to be happy.


The rainy season helps all of nature; as a result of the rain, we can describe the many advantages of nature with the point below.


Farmers do not see the rainy season as a gift in disguise since, before to the rainy season, they prepare their fields by sowing weeds and compost. The farmer toils away in the scorching sun all day, keeping an eye on the sky for clouds to arrive and water his crops.

 In our nation, most farmers only grow their crops during the wet season. Also, have a look at the conclusion of the Rainy Season Essay.


The rainy season is critical for the proper operation of our planet’s natural cycle; otherwise, the whole ecosystem would collapse. There will be anarchy everywhere, and life on Earth will be terrible. As a result, when the rains arrive, animals have access to fodder water, and people have access to water and other vegetation. Earthly life also makes its way into the environment. As a consequence, the rainy season is very important for the environment.


Because the animals have nothing to eat and very little water to drink, all trees, plants, and grass will dry up, and rivers and streams will dry up as a result of the intense heat. However, when the rainy season arrives, the scarcity of water and food disappears as well, making the rainy season a nectar for animals.


Groundwater vapor is increasing owing to intense heat and humidity, while groundwater levels are dropping due to overexploitation of groundwater by people, resulting in the earth being warm and us being unable to drink safe water.

When the rainy season arrives, the groundwater level rises as a consequence of the rain, lowering the earth’s warmth and providing us with pure water.


Because India is primarily an agricultural nation, agriculture provides the majority of the country’s revenue. As a result, when the rains are poor, all prices rise and business slows. When it rains a lot, farmers make a lot of money and go to the market to purchase new products, which boosts commerce.

(6) Country Development:

Agriculture still provides more than 70% of our nation’s economy, and many individuals in our country are still farmers. As a result, if it rains a lot and the harvest is excellent, every kind of company prospers. As a result, everyone has money to spend, and everyone buys new items, which helps the nation thrive.


There are some losses due to the wet season, but their deaths are visible because to the large amount of effort done by people. The following are some of the most significant losses as a result of the wet season:


Flooding happens as a consequence of severe rainfall, resulting in crop failure and the loss of public resources, but floods may also be caused by human activity, as people harvest forest, which allows water to flow more quickly. People have also contributed to the loss of life by establishing their habitat along rivers and creating their own flow as a result of the present flooding condition. When individuals live within their means, a flood scenario does not become as dangerous.


Seasonal ailments such as cholera, malaria, skin infections, coughs, colds, and other illnesses are more common during the rainy season. There would be no infections caused by the rainy season if we take care of the human environment.


Erosion occurs as a consequence of heavy rainfall, allowing rich soil to flow. Unsuitable for plants and nature. Because overgrown trees have been taken by people, which causes erosion, the condition of erosion is now the most severe; thus, I will need to plant additional trees to avoid erosion. In India, there is a flurry of celebrations after the entrance of the rainy season; similarly, everyone finds delight in the Indian rain, and everything of nature is cool and appealing.

After the rainy season, we celebrate significant holidays such as Teej, Rakshabandhan, and Diwali, among others.


A wave of enjoyment washes over all of human existence as a result of the rainy season, and the rainy season serves as a beacon for all living species on the planet. The lovely view of the orchard in the fields is incredibly relaxing; seeing the green all around gives everyone a sense of calm. Animals and birds tell their new raga; this is a highly comprehensive picture of the term itself, and respite from the tremendous heat brought on by the rainy season is unfathomable. We should also gather water throughout the rainy season to celebrate the rainy season.

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How do you write a rainy season essay?

A: The writing of a rainy season essay is typically the same as that of any other personal narrative. You should start with an introduction and include descriptive language to kick off your paragraph or two, followed by a build up to your thesis statement and finally ending it in some sort of conclusion

What is rainy season in English?

A: It is when it rains a lot.

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