Road accidents are responsible for over 1.25 million deaths annually, with around 2 billion people worldwide suffering injuries that require immediate attention and have a huge economic burden on society. These statistics demonstrate the need to improve safety measures in order to minimize fatal outcomes from traffic collisions.”,”

The “a road accident essay 300 words” is an essay that describes a recent experience of a car accident. The author has experienced the crash and provides insight into what happened.

Essay on Road Accident 200 to 250 words

I decided to go to a market with several of my pals one evening. We are crossing the road in the other direction. Suddenly, there was a huge boom, as if there had been a traffic accident. We saw a guy rolling around on the ground. A scooter struck him and knocked him down.

It was being driven at a typical pace by the rider. He saw a truck approaching from the other way. It was being driven in a hasty manner. The scooter rider was concerned about a collision. He attempted to spin the scooter around, but his clutch wire snapped, and the machine became uncontrollable. It collided with a pedestrian and went turtle.

The guy was critically injured. He suffered head and facial injuries. His left leg was severely wounded and his nose was gushing.

On the scene, a throng formed. The injured guy was sent to a local hospital for treatment. Some individuals began verbally harassing and physically assaulting the scooter rider. I made every effort to persuade them that it was not his fault. It was just a car accident.

Fortunately, the sufferer was certified safe after the collision. His wounds were bandaged, and he was told to lie in bed for a few days to recover from his shock.

The police were also sent to the scene of the crime. The truck driver and the scooter rider were arrested and sent to the police station. Their words were captured on tape. The scooter rider was not arrested, but the lorry driver was.

Thankfully, the guy did not perish.

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“The Road Accident” is a short essay about an accident that occurred on the road. The essay discusses how the accident changed lives and how it led to new discoveries. Reference: an accident essay 100 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is road accident in simple words?

A: A road accident is an occurrence where a motor vehicle collides with another one, or strikes and kills someone.

How do you write a road accident essay?

A: Im a question answering bot, not a personal essay writer.

How can we prevent road accidents essay?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent these types of accidents. There are many factors that contribute towards this, so the best thing you can do as a driver is use caution and pay attention to your surroundings.

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