Road safety is a growing concern, especially in the wake of parents and children walking to school. To promote road safety among students in schools, many cities have started campaigns that include games such as “walk your way to zero” where kids can earn points for completing each task safely. The challenge has been successful with over 10 million people participating worldwide!

The “road safety essay in english 150 words” is an essay on the importance of road safety for students and children. It’s a short, but important read.

Essay on Road Safety for Students and Children in 1000 Words

This article is a 1000-word essay about road safety for students and children. It covers India’s road safety situation, as well as the primary causes, consequences, and measures to prevent road accidents.

Most high school and college examinations include a road safety essay. As a result, students may use this essay to study for their exams.

In 1000 words, write an essay on road safety for students and children.

Following the regulations of road safety is now a major issue for us. Today, we live in a scientific era, in which the number of vehicles for transportation is growing by the day, and their speed is also expanding dramatically. Even a little blunder when driving the car might be disastrous to the person in front of us.

Allow me to tell you a true tale on road safety.

We can drive automobiles at speeds of 150-200 miles per hour or more, but we can’t manage them correctly, which leads to road accidents.

My buddy John Wilson was riding his bike at a high speed and chatting on his phone when he struck a vehicle on the wrong side as soon as the bike pivoted.

John was not paying attention to the signal or the vehicle approaching from the front, and as a result, he shattered his arm and had to spend seven days in the hospital.

John’s life was spared thanks to the truck driver’s foresight. But, my friends, I’m here to tell you that those who break the laws of the road are seldom as fortunate as John. People are sometimes murdered as a result of their blunders, and they become the cause of the deaths of others.

How Does Ignoring Road Safety Affect Day-to-Day Life?

According to the World Health Organization’s report,

India has the world’s second-highest number of traffic accidents. India is responsible for 10% of the world’s road accident fatalities. China is also the world’s most populated nation.

India has a high rate of traffic-related deaths.

There were 14.60 people per 1 lakh in 2009. In 2013, it climbed to 14.6. In high-income nations, this rate is greater. India’s road accident death rate is substantially greater than that of its middle-income neighbors, at 8.4 per 1 lakh.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest rate of road accidents in India, whereas Tamil Nadu has the lowest. In Tamil Nadu, the rate of road safety is steadily declining, although it is not in Uttar Pradesh.

Young people are involved in the majority of accidents in India. In 2016, 60 percent of persons killed in accidents in India were between the ages of 18 and 35.

Every year, 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents throughout the globe, with 1 lakh people dying in India alone. If current trends continue, it is anticipated that by 2020, the global population would be 20 lakh people every year, including 2 lakh individuals in India.

Road Accidents in India: The Most Common Causes

  1. Self-publicist
  2. Driving at high speeds
  3. Overtake
  4. Driving when inebriated
  5. Infrastructure

1. Self-promoter

People do stunts while driving to prove that they are better than others, and even a little lapse might result in a traffic disaster. As a result, they, along with the person in front of them, are slain. We must use caution while operating autos.

2. Driving at high speeds

Driving at the speed of overspending has also become a passion in India. Day by day, as more high-speed vehicles enter the nation, the number of accidents caused by their operation has grown. Many individuals have perished in traffic accidents as a result of excessive speed.

3. Make a pass

People do not consider themselves less than racers when driving on the road, and overtaking is a talent they possess. Overtaking correctly is not wrong, but overtaking incorrectly is not. You’re in danger, but you’re also putting other people’s lives in jeopardy on the road.

4. Driving when inebriated

Drunk and drive, meaning Driving when inebriated. The main cause of road accidents in India is ‘drink and drive’. And its trend is increasing among the youth and few people are going through the adventure of death in the streets of the drunken street.

Infrastructure (5.)

Road safety is influenced by a number of infrastructural issues.

  1. The road takes a sharp curve.
  2. Road’s concrete median structure
  3. The roadside slope is really steep.
  4. Poor signage on the road
  5. Gaps in the Median of the Road
  6. Road to enter/exit in a dangerous condition
  7. On the road, a driver’s eyesight is obstructed.
  8. On the road, there are curb stones.
  9. Guardrail end taper is disorganized.
  10. In the road’s median, there are flowerpots.

How to Adhere to Road Safety Rules Correctly

1. Do not operate a vehicle at a high rate of speed.

The bike is the quickest mode of transportation on the road. While riding the bike, we should keep an eye out in front of us and proceed with caution. While riding a motorbike, do not chat on your phone. We should not drive at excessive speeds even if there is no traffic.

2. Obey all traffic laws.

The majority of accidents are caused by non-compliance with traffic laws and negligence. Keeping the traffic regulations in mind when driving can help you avoid accidents. We must follow the directions of the traffic police.

At the junction, only move the car ahead when the green light has turned green. While driving, always fasten your seatbelt and converse with the person in the passenger seat.

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to drive. Parents should keep this in mind at all times. When turning, we should utilize the indication.

Do not operate any vehicle without a valid driver’s license. It is a serious offense that may result in traffic accidents.

3. Do not operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages.

After drinking, never drive a car; it is not only harmful for you, but it may also be deadly for the person in front of you. Tell your buddy to drive the car if you are inebriated. You should not take chances, even if your residence is near by.

4. Avoid Using Headphones

Never wear headphones while driving a car since your whole focus will be diverted to the phone conversation, resulting in an accident.

5. Drive with caution.

Other automobiles are approaching you from all sides. Be aware of this and prepare yourself for the unexpected. If you’re driving lengthy distances, take a break every two hours to ensure you can drive safely.

The Indian government has taken steps to improve road safety.

The Motor Vehicles Act was recently amended by India’s Parliament. However, as of September 1, 2019, the maximum effective location will be available. The primary objective for this is to lessen India’s traffic accidents.

Because of this, the punishment for most errors was ten times larger than previously for failing to obey the new instructions’ traffic laws. As a result, individuals are more likely to respect traffic regulations because they are afraid of being fined.


We should all be conscious of road safety as a family, and our children should learn to respect traffic regulations as well. Only then will we be able to limit the ever-increasing number of traffic accidents, ensuring that we are both safe and that the person in front of us is trustworthy.

I hope you found this article about road safety to be beneficial. This material will undoubtedly benefit students in high school and college. If you like this post, please leave a comment and share it.

The “road safety assignment” is an essay that discusses the importance of road safety. The essay includes a call to action, and is intended for students and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a road safety essay?

A: You start off with a paragraph on what is road safety. Then you list the different types of hazards that can occur when driving, such as bad weather conditions or unexpected obstacles in your path. Next, you talk about how to be prepared for these incidents and where its safe to make an emergency stop if need be. Finally, you end with a sentence stating the importance of following all traffic laws while driving.

What is road safety essay in English?

A: A road safety essay is a document written by an individual in order to inform others on the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones while driving. It would typically include statistics, personal stories, or other methods of supporting its claims.

What is road safety in simple words?

A: Road safety is a term that refers to the rules, regulations and laws related to using roads. This includes traffic rules, speed limits, driving assessments and low-cost transportation options for those living in economically disadvantaged areas.

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