The world is running out of resources, and many people are trying to find ways to make a difference. One way that has been shown to be effective is recycling. Recycling can help save the natural habitat for our children by reducing waste in landfills.

Save environment essay 200 words is a short essay on the importance of saving the earth for future generations.

Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children (1300 W)

In this article, we have presented an Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children in 1300 Words. It includes, introduction, importance, need, effect of saving our environment and earth.

You are aware of the significance of the environment. We’ve also included some suggestions for preserving the environment and reducing pollution’s impact.

Save the Environment Save the Earth Essay (1300 Words)

It connects the environment to the living and nonliving objects that surround us, as well as those that are very essential to us.

Air, water, dirt, people, animals, and birds all pass through it. While living in a city, town, or hamlet, we notice that the ambiance and surroundings are similar to those of a natural setting such as a desert, forest, or river. Which we humans have converted into highways or industries for our own purpose.

People in the city, on the other hand, acquire their food, seafood, fuel, and fodder exclusively from natural sources in rural regions. As a result of our dependence on natural resources, it is critical that we take precautions to avoid environmental degradation and exploitation.

The geographical area or natural world in which human actions have an impact on air and water organisms and birds is referred to as the environment. Because of the phenomena of humankind’s urbanization and industrialization, significant progress has been made in the medical, industrial, and social sectors, resulting in the conversion of ecosystem concrete into buildings and roadways.

However, we continue to rely on these natural resources for our food, drinking water, and agriculture. Our reliance on nature is such that if we do not take steps to safeguard its resources, our very life will be jeopardized.

Natural resources are divided into two categories: renewable and non-renewable.

Natural resources that can be grown naturally, such as water, forests, and agriculture, are known as renewable natural resources.

Natural resources that cannot be replenished naturally, such as oil and minerals, are known as non-renewable natural resources. In addition, since they are being used so fast, a disaster has been brewing.

The main cause for the fast depletion of all of these natural resources is rising population and rising resource consumption among the private and upper classes.

There is no loss of animals or forest flora as a result of this, but the whole ecosystem is in peril. As a result, we must put them to good use by halting the indiscriminate exploitation of our natural resources.

As a result, we will be able to conserve them for future generations and construct a better future. Apart from our immediate surrounds and animals, which include air, water, and sunshine, and live beings that help to development and survival, such as critters, birds, and plants, people and their environment are created together.

Environmental Protection Is Critical

Roads, multi-story concrete structures, and skyscrapers are all part of today’s industrial and urban environments. Their main goal is to provide amenities for the growing population while also making the lives of the affluent and privileged more pleasant.

Regardless of the industrial and urban turmoil, human reliance on natural resources remains unchanged. We breathe air, drink water, and engage in other everyday tasks.

Not only that, but we also consume food from a range of tree plants, animals, and vegetables, as well as milk, eggs, and other dairy products. With these considerations in mind, the security of these resources has become critical.

These resources have been categorized as follows.

1. Resources that are renewable

It is a resource that may be retrieved naturally, such as rainfall and tree plants, as its name indicates. These goods, such as rubber, wood, and fresh water, will be fully depleted if they continue to consume faster than they regenerate.

Non-Renewable Resources are the second kind of non-renewable resource.

We are unable to obtain these materials since they were produced many years ago. They can only be used once. This includes nonrenewable fossil resources such as coal and oil, among others.

The most essential thing is that we must stop wasting these resources and instead utilize them wisely. The only way to reach this aim is to maintain a constant state of awareness and growth.

Apart from that, there is a requirement for industrial units to exercise control over waste and solid bi-products that are discarded as rubbish since they pollute the environment. Caloric, stomach, and numerous intestinal diseases are caused by this.

This is only feasible if we abandon our reliance on the government and take the required actions to fix these issues on our own.

“On this planet, there is no monopoly for any age; we are all fighting for the continuation of life – at whatever cost.”

Margaret Thatcher’s phrase underscores our fleeting connection with nature. Despite the wind, sunshine, water, animal fauna, and minerals that the Earth provides to make our lives simpler and to make this world worth living on, Using resources isn’t going to help.

It is necessary to save the environment in order to save the planet.

We are indiscriminately using our natural resources to fulfill the existing requirements of our rapidly rising population. We don’t even give a damn about future generations.

As a result, today’s most pressing worry is that we must take severe steps to safeguard our renewable and nonrenewable resources, as well as to save the environment.

Pollution’s Effects on the Environment

Air pollution has increased as a result of the development of traffic mechanisms and the widespread use of gasoline and diesel, which has resulted in an explosion in the amount of dangerous particles found in various kinds of unsolicited and gas air.

The ozone layer, which uses quantum carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbon, sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons, and lead to shield humans from the Sun’s UV radiation, has been depleting. As a result, a large rise in temperature has been seen, which is usually referred to as global warming.

Human and animal waste, water-soluble compounds such as mercury and lead, and the flow of biological substances in water such as detergents and oils that contaminate freshwater ponds and rivers are all examples of water pollution.

This water is unfit to drink. Aquatic life has been badly harmed as a result of these factors, as has agricultural productivity, and drinking water is no longer safe for people and animals.

Land Pollution: Increasing the use of fertilizers and pesticides such as DDT spraying and crop yields, as well as the usage of water with a high salt content, renders the land useless and unproductive.

Soil and ground contamination are other names for this pollutant. There has also been an increase in soil erosion, which is mostly due to the causes for development and deforestation.

Noise pollution is mostly caused by traffic, industry, and the boiling of crackers during Diwali in India.

It causes considerable harm to the animals since they are not insulated, which diminishes their capacity to listen. Humans and other organisms benefit from the natural environment.

Air, fresh water, sunshine, fossil fuels, and other natural resources are among them. It is so vital to our survival that we cannot live without it.

However, as the world’s population grows, these resources are being depleted quickly and in large quantities. Human health has suffered as a result of this economic progress.


The government’s role does not end with environmental protection. Our personal contribution is equally crucial in this regard. We contribute to our everyday pollution inadvertently. As a result, it is our responsibility as consumers to make advantage of nature’s offerings.

We should promote water conservation and participate in item recycling and recycling, as well as avoid wasting resources such as power and water. We can improve the state of our world by taking all of these simple steps.

However, the government has established many laws and schemes to protect nature and wildlife. However, though, we must make every contribution to protecting the environment and the future of our next generation. I hope you liked this Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children in 1300 Words.

As a student how to protect the environment essay. It is important that students learn about the importance of protecting the earth and taking care of it. The essay will discuss how as a student you can protect the environment, as well as what you can do in your everyday life to help out. Reference: as a student how to protect the environment essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a student do to save the environment essay?

A: Today, we can all make a difference by choosing to recycle and reduce our waste. Even if you are not the person in charge of recycling your school or apartment complex, trashcan etiquette is important! Please follow these simple guidelines for any situation:

How can we save our environment essay?

A: There are two options. The first is to use less electricity and paper, as these resources are often used in the production of papers. A good way to do this would be by switching over from printing documents on a computer printer to using an ink jet or laser printer that uses significantly less power and ink! Another option is donating your old pieces of paper and other recyclable items so they can help save our planet!

How can a student save the earth?

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