The United Nations has set a target of achieving gender parity by 2030. However, the Sustainable Development Goals report that only 18% of women participate in education and work force globally. How can we achieve this goal?

The “write up on girl child” is an essay that shares the story of a girl who was saved by her mother. The article also includes information about how to save girls and children in general.

Essay on Save Girl Child for Students and Children in 1100 Words

Today, we’ll talk about a 1100 word essay about saving girl children for students and children. It comprises causes, saving campaigns, government programs, and strategies for rescuing girls.

It’s okay if you’ve never heard the term “God,” but never claim you’ve never heard the word “Mother.” No one ever says that since we see the mother first and then everything else. The fullest form of Girl is Mother. A mother’s and everyone’s responsibility is to save a girl child.

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We heard in Rajasthan, India, that one Royal Dynasty had never given birth to a female child. Is it even possible?

However, another disturbing news is that the daughters of that dynasty were murdered and buried in their garden, with a rose planted in their place. What a stunning event that occurred a few centuries ago.

We still witness the same thing after 70 years of freedom, with newly-born girls being thrown in trash cans for a variety of reasons. People may have practiced with ignorance in the past, but today it is the deliberate death of a female child in the mother’s womb using technology, as well as the killing of the same after delivery. Human trafficking for the Flesh Trade, drug selling, and child labor exposed girls to a variety of societal ills.

With the harsh circumstances that they face, the role of a girl is widely debated in and throughout the globe. Males have traditionally been prioritized by humans due to their muscular power and involvement in defending their families.

This might be a major contributor to our society’s and the world’s backwardness. Women did not have the right to vote until 1908, when they went on an extended strike to protest the then-rulers of Russia, which they won and are commemorated every year.

According to the Minister of Women and Child Development in 2015, 2000 children being slaughtered every day, with many more being killed before and after birth. This might be a result of a historical issue with the predominance of the Dowry menace, which is a threat or evil that leads to the death of girls while they are still in the fetal stage or later.

According to the 2011 census, India’s overall sex ratio has grown, but the child sex ratio has reached an all-time low of 914 girls for every 1,000 boys. This has prompted a public awareness movement to preserve India’s girl children by assuring their safety and putting an end to violence and criminality against them, particularly female feticide and gender inequity.

In the recent past, there has been an increase in women’s crimes and atrocities, which has resulted in a decrease in the number of girls. To achieve equality, the government took further measures forward by enacting the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005.

This might help to decrease female infanticide and encourage education, both of which are important goals for governments.

Efforts to Preserve the Girl Child

In every area, a girl child is equal to a boy; females are more obedient than boys and have shown to be more obedient and less aggressive in comparison to boys.

Girls have a great deal of responsibility for their families, jobs, and the country. In whatever form, a woman may be a mother, wife, daughter, sister, or function as a future to a guy.

Girls are the ultimate reason for mankind’s existence; they are capable of performing both domestic and professional obligations while being devoted to humanity as a whole.

Major initiatives are being taken to preserve the Precious Girls on our planet.

Gender disparity should be eradicated, and huge public awareness campaigns should be launched. Poverty eradication will teach the government a lesson about the dangers of the Dowry system, which it has already outlawed.

If we educate the girl, she will be able to support herself and may be able to put an end to the huge chaos and practice. Making women for their own empowerment and that of their daughters in particular.

Significant hazards to girls in the public and society must be eliminated by tight measures and enormous awareness initiatives, as well as tough policies that have already been drafted and must be strictly implemented.

Finally, family plays a critical role in helping the family both within and outside the house by providing safety and security measures for females in all public domains.

The Government’s Initiatives to Save Girl Children

The Indian government has made a number of measures to assist girls in receiving an education. The most recent program in this respect is Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, which has received widespread backing from the government, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and human rights groups.

They contribute to the construction of bathrooms to improve sanitary health; crimes against women would destroy society unless harsh campaigns are planned and conducted to remove them. Female feticide was one of the primary difficulties, but the government has outlawed it. The government is prioritizing the female kid as a blessing rather than a curse to society.

The Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao initiatives play an important role.

On the 22nd of January 2015, they began this scheme to raise awareness for girls, children, and women in general. Rallies, wall murals, television advertisements, billboards, short cartoons, video recording, essay writing, and discussions are all part of this effort to promote GC in a huge manner.

It includes NGO and Non-NGO campaigns in India to raise awareness via celebrities. This has resulted in widespread public awareness.

In India, there are many programs advocating the protection of girls.

To promote Girl Child, the Central government had started many programs like Sabla Scheme in 2011 to empower adolescent girls through education, Dhanalakshmi scheme 2008 to provide cash transfer to the family of girl child after birth, registration, and immunization, Kishore Shakti Yojana to improve the nutritional & health condition of adolescent girls.

Sukanya Samridhi Yozana for ensuring fair share by the family towards the GC. To protect the girl child, Ladli scheme was launched by the Delhi & Haryana governments for controlling female feticide and improving education and equal gender rights.

In India, we also observe National Girl Child Day to raise awareness about the importance of girls in the globe.

Save the Girl Child Initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Girls’ education is a basic right and a vital lever for development, according to the International Girl Child, which is concentrating on empowerment through education in 2018. Girls’ education and gender equality are two of the most pressing issues of our day.

With a high-level political commitment established at the UN General Assembly in rising to provide decent education, a collective step in ensuring it becomes a reality. As a worldwide phenomenon, the Commonwealth attempt to develop a high-level forum for girls’ education.

Over 130 million girls are out of school globally, 600 million teenage girls will join the labor force soon, and over 90% live in poor countries. This should be eliminated through continued efforts by industrialized nations, the United Nations, and the concerned countries.

The “female education essay 500 words” is an essay that discusses the importance of female education. The essay will be written in 1100 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save a girl child essay?

A: Im sorry, but it is not possible to save a girl child.

How can we save a girl child?

A: The easiest way to save a girl child would be by sending her to an all-girls school, or just keeping her away from the dangers of society.

What is meant by save girl child?

A: Save girl child means to save a female who is in danger, typically with being forced into sexual slavery.

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