There are many ways to reduce your ecological footprint such as recycling and composting. One way is planting trees in order to conserve land and water. Planting a tree can save you $100 or more of CO2 emissions, depending on the size of the tree. There are also many benefits that come with planting trees including cleaner air, increased biodiversity and improved local hydrology among others.,

The “short paragraph on save trees” is a short essay about how saving trees can help the environment and people. The essay is 900 words long.

Essay on Save Trees Save Life for Students & Children in 900 Words

In roughly 900 words, we have described an essay on Save Trees Save Life for students and children in school and college. Included are the significance, values of life, and the necessity of conserving trees. This article will inspire and motivate everyone to plant trees and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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(900W) Introduction (Essay on Saving Trees Saves Life)

Plants and trees have provided mankind with food and oxygen, two necessities of existence, from the beginning. Not just for these reasons, but also because of trees, we have a house, medications, food, and a variety of other instruments to help us remain alive on our planet.

The need for trees is rising nowadays as a result of the expanding global population and human tree cutting. Because of the short life spans of today’s humanity, trees are being chopped down at an alarming rate, putting man in a bind in the future years.

The significance of trees in our lives

Plants are an essential part of every society. In our nearby places like streets, parks, playgrounds, trees & plants provide us clean air and keep the environment green and calm.

The air surrounding the trees stays lovely and pure, indicating that the standard of life is rising. Spending time in the tree camps and relaxing with family around them provides a unique experience.

Along with planting trees on both sides of the road in urban areas, the sun’s rays are blocked by the trees, resulting in the city’s temperature not rising in the summer.

1. Environmental Benefits

Humans benefit from plants because they give clean air and oxygen, as well as protection from climate change, water conservation, soil conservation, and wildlife. Plants transport carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis, which benefits humans.

This oxygen aids our breathing and survival. According to the US Department of Agriculture Research, a one-acre forest emits around one ton of carbon dioxide and produces four tons of oxygen.

One acre of trees produces enough oxygen to sustain 18 to 20 people for a year. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide from people, trains, and industries and convert it to oxygen.

During the summer months, the towering tree blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the sun, lowering the earth’s warmth.

The roots of the tree plant securely grip the soil during the rainy month, preventing soil erosion. Furthermore, the trees retain their roots, which aids in the prevention of natural disasters such as floods.

Many tons of leaves fall from the trees each year, which may be used as natural manure if desired. Goats, elephants, koalas, monkeys, giraffes, and other animals develop their whole lives on eating plant leaves. Many lakhs of bird species rely on trees and plants for their survival.

2. Spiritual significance

Everyone like trees and plants because they are beautiful to look at. All trees are attractive and come in a variety of colors and shapes. In our nation, India, we worship trees and consider them to be Gods.

Banyan, peepal, mango, Bella, and banana are only a few examples of major tree species with strong spiritual importance in our nation. In our lives and in the environment, tree plants help to preserve a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Commercial and Business Value

Tree plants have a very high economic worth in today’s contemporary day, when new cities are being built everywhere and the home is becoming such. Wood is still regarded the primary cooking fuel in many regions of the globe.

Wood is used in the construction of buildings, furniture, and a variety of tools. Every day, millions of little, useful home products were being manufactured. We also get fruits, such as almonds, which are an important element of our diet.

Latex is collected from the inner bark of certain plants and used to make rubber. It has millions of everyday chores that would be hard to do without trees and plants.

The current state of trees

Today’s man is driven by his own self-interest. Humans are confronted with issues such as global warming, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect as a result of excessive tree cutting.

It is critical to conserve trees and plants in order to maintain the balance of our ecosystem. People are researching to create more houses to live as the world’s population grows, and as a result, trees are being chopped down at an alarming rate.

People are clearing large woods in various regions in order to build large industries, which might result in a variety of natural disasters in the future.

Polluted air from trains is floating in the sky due to the absence of trees in metropolitan areas. The point to consider is that there will never be a time when people are oxygen deprived since plants provide oxygen to the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide, and if there are no plants, how does this natural process occur?

If such a day came, it would be the end of humanity, and the cause would be human pollution and tree chopping.


Today, we must all pledge that such a day will never occur, that we will not allow anybody to chop down trees and plants. In addition, we will plant trees in our community once a month. It is important to consider that planted plants are the lifeblood of future generations.

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