This essay is about the history of science and technology. It starts with a brief summary of how humans came to know that the Earth was round, it then moves onto more important topics such as what happens when two objects at different temperatures collide?

The “short essay on science and technology” is a short essay that will be written in 1300 words. The content of the essay will be about how science and technology has impacted society.

Essay on Science and Technology for Students in 1300 Words

We’ve included a 1300-word essay about science and Technology for kids in this post.

Science and Technology play an important part in modern life, and they have had an impact on human civilization by infiltrating deeper into it. Modern scientific development has provided us with a tremendous deal of knowledge about the mind.

In the twentieth century, scientific progress accelerated, and in the twenty-first century, it accelerated even faster. We are now approaching a new century with structures that will favor new ways of thinking and acting.

Scientific and technical advancements are becoming more important in modern society and civilization, since they have become an integral part of daily life in response to people’s wants.


Science has gone a long way in the history of the globe. The finding of a person’s development is one of the components we are aware of. Science has aided individuals in finding answers to basic questions as well as solutions to many of the problems we encounter on a daily basis.

For example, scientific knowledge has contributed in the discovery of many vaccinations, potions, and medications all over the globe.

There have been various sicknesses and diseases that have claimed the lives of many individuals in the past. It is not just about people’s lives, but also about the lives of certain animals. Technology is still present in our everyday lives, and it is still employed to combat a variety of infections and viruses. Technology plays an important role in the evolution of Technology.


Also, we must keep in mind that research, technology, and innovations are all interconnected. Technology advancements are occurring at the same time as scientific advances. Several activities have been organized to help lighten man’s workload. Machinery is a good example since it makes a lot of labor or duties easier.

It also aids its employer in limiting the amount of losses incurred as a result of paying more for human labor, and this is aided by the fact that machines are incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

Science has helped us arrive at the foundations of contemporary civilizations. This expansion has a substantial impact on practically every aspect of our everyday life. As a result, citizens are given the opportunity to appreciate these achievements, making our society more comfortable and pleasurable.

Aspects of Science & Technology

When it comes to anything, scientific and technical advancements still have a lot of benefits. We have a wide range of products, from tiny to large. For example, the correct information provided by the morning newspaper is the consequence of scientific progress. Electrical equipment, without which life would be impossible to comprehend, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and many other items, are the result of technical advancement.

Also, if people look at the transportation scenario, we can see how scientific advancements play a key part here as well. All thanks to technological advancements, we can now travel to another area of the globe in a couple of hours.

Science and technology also had an impact on the scientific and agricultural fields. The countless therapies for ailments that have been discovered as a result of study have saved millions of lives. The advancement has enhanced the yield of several crops, mostly to the benefit of farmers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Science and Technology


Physicists may produce something that will greatly benefit the future of our world by comprehending technology; for example, machines, telephones, televisions, aircraft, and so on. Citizens may now reach their goals much more easily thanks to the development of these technologies. As we all know, science has proven to be a tremendous asset to our country.

It has the ability to transform a good, little nation into an affluent one. Science is a person’s sole chance for survival in the face of sickness. Several diseases and illnesses, such as malaria, heart disease, and others, would have spread over the world if not for the innovations of science and the ongoing efforts of scientists.

In the past, sickness or illness was thought to be incurable and unbeatable. Technology has grown so popular or commercially feasible that its benefits, such as the ability to expand knowledge and connectedness, have been widely publicized. The study of education is known as engineering.

Use applications to make your everyday tasks easier. You must learn about every aspect of life, including industry, education, safety, and connection, as well as how to use and employ technology.

Other advantages include:

  1. Science and technology have made life easier and more convenient.
  2. Traveling becomes simple and fast in a matter of minutes.
  3. Interaction is becoming more readily available, quicker, and less expensive.
  4. With either a growth in invention or a rise in the standard of living, the quality of life has improved.
  5. Using a range of modern technology, man has grown more smart.


Several semi-automatic guns have been developed as a result of scientific or technological advancements, and recent battles between states have become more harmful and devastating. Nuclear power is increasingly posing a serious danger to the contemporary society. With this in mind, Einstein, the bright physicist, speculated that the fourth global war may be fought with stones or displaced plants.

He feared that advances in lethal military weaponry will one day bring humanity’s civilisation to an end. If we use technology and science to human well-being, we will be created as rapidly as feasible.

  1. Man has abused technology by putting it to detrimental use.
  2. It is used by a man to engage in illicit activities.
  3. Children are harmed by technology such as smartphones and other devices.
  4. Terrorists employ contemporary technologies to carry out their heinous acts.
  5. Many severe ailments, such as skin problems, have arisen as a result of the advent of nuclear energy and the atomic bomb.

Science & Technology in India

Since before the British reign, India has been in discussions all over the world. India has progressed over time thanks to contemporary technologies after independence. It has become a global center for creative and ground-breaking scientific breakthroughs. In other words, all of our world’s amazing scientific and technical advancements have strengthened the Indian economy.

As a result of scientific advancements, different professions such as astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, nuclear power, and others arose. The train system, cellphones, and the metro system, to name a few, are all excellent instances of such happenings.

In all corners of the world, India is becoming a vital source of creative and basic scientific advances. All of our nation’s great scientific and technological achievements have revolutionized the Indian economic situation. They’ve supplied a slew of fresh ideas for future generations to use in order to create a technologically advanced environment.

There have been several new technical product advances in the fields of mathematics, design, chemistry, science, pharmacy, metallurgy, dogmatic theology, physics, farming, medical care, pharmaceutical goods, astrophysics, nuclear energy, space exploration, computing, and defense.

Academic research, inventions, and methodologies in education have not only caused a significant change in the next generation, but they have also created various new and creative options in their own pursuits.

Medical research in India also made scientists aware of the need of perseverance and hard effort. The Indian scientist was extraordinary, having achieved world-class scientific breakthroughs.

Any nation’s performance would benefit from professional growth in any area. In 1942, the Government of India established the Science and Industry Research Commission, as well as the Science and Industry Development Council in 1940, to strengthen India’s technological capabilities.

The Indian government has created multiple research colleges in national laboratories in other sectors to emphasize the growth of science and technology across the region.

India has launched Chandrayaan 2 as its most recent achievement. India’s lunar finding gained tremendous accolades from all across the world. Scientific and technical advancements have once again enabled achievement.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, science and technology describe the status of the country in terms of advancement. Some nations are regarded backward if they lack the necessary as well as up-to-date scientific and technical means and rely on ancient means.

Every day, a large number of people, albeit not all, depend on evidence or technology. Interaction, transportation, various sorts of leisure, and health care are all examples. All of the changes we go through are heavily influenced by science and technology.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge that scientific advancements have propelled human civilisation to triumph throughout history. Nonetheless, we must utilize all of this in a prudent and limited manner. Misuse of scientific and technical information might have unfavorable outcomes. As a result, we must exercise restraint in our use and exercise caution in our actions.

An essay on the science and technology is a paper that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of scientific knowledge. The paper should be written in 1300 words. Reference: science and technology essay advantages disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is science and technology in essay?

A: Science and technology are in many ways the same thing. They deal with how people learn about, understand, create, improve or use natural and man-made things.

What is the importance of science and technology essay?

A: Science and technology are important in the lives of people because they have developed so much over time. They let us live longer, more comfortable, healthier lifestyles, and better understand how things work without needing to rely on luck.

What is science and technology in easy words?

A: Science is the study of how things work and technology is a societys use of science to satisfy people’s needs.

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