Smoking is one of the most difficult topics to address in a classroom. In this paper, we will explore how smoking affects children and discuss ways that teachers can help their students deal with it.

Smoking is a major issue in our society. It is the leading cause of preventable death, and second only to alcohol in causing disease and other health problems. In addition to the health risks, smoking also has a negative impact on social life.

Essay on Smoking for Students and Children in 1100 Words

Here you can find a 1100 word persuasive essay about smoking for students and children. It discusses the significance of smoking, why people smoke, its drawbacks, and whether it should be outlawed.

So, let’s get this smoking essay started…

a brief introduction (Essay on Smoking-1100 Words)

People have been acclimated to or used to a few behaviors from ancient times. Some behaviors are hazardous, while others provide several advantages. Drinking, smoking, and using drugs are all unhealthy behaviors.

Nowadays, everyone understands that these are bad behaviors and habits that we should avoid. The majority of individuals make it a pastime due of their bad company. Slowly, these behaviors become compulsions for him, resulting in a slew of bad repercussions and consequences.

What is it that you’re smoking? 

In layman’s terms, this is a typical activity in which individuals burn any item or material and then inhale the smoke via the breathing process. It has been done from the beginning of time.

Before the cigarette, there existed a chukka or clay pipe, which was a different way of burning tobacco. The trend has since shifted, and smoking is now integrated into a wrapped circular paper that may be burned and used.

Why do individuals choose to smoke?

There isn’t a single reason why people smoke. People smoke for a variety of reasons. According to several research, tobacco has nicotine in its composition.

It has the properties of increasing addiction and attracting people to use it again. Few individuals smoke for the sole purpose of experimenting with it, and they are impacted by nicotine’s effects. 

Some individuals claim that smoking gives them peace of mind and relaxation. The majority of individuals begin while they are adolescents and cannot break the habit for the rest of their lives. 

According to studies, only one smoker out of every three quits, and one smoker out of every three dies.

Smoking’s Negative Effects

The dangers of smoking are well-known to all of us. The government also broadcasts information about the costs and consequences of smoking on television.

Each smoking item also has warnings and information that smoking is very unhealthy and may lead to a variety of ailments such as cancer, cough, and TB, among others.

How will we be able to live in life if our health is compromised by a deadly disease? Thousands of individuals are now quitting smoking on a daily basis and battling for their lives.  

So, these are some of the biggest issues that smoking might create. –

1. Cancer is caused by

According to research, smoking 15 cigarettes causes a mutation in the body; this mutation is the precursor of cancer.

Tobacco smoke penetrates deeper into the bloodstream, thickening the blood and increasing the risk of blood clot formation. It has been shown all over the globe that smoking is the primary cause of mouth and throat cancer.

2. Lung Disease Intensification

Many lungs-related disorders develop in the body as a result of smoking, and these problems progress to serious illnesses affecting the whole body.

During the act of smoking, people inhale not just nicotine but also other hazardous substances. Smoking causes a significant increase in the chance of lung cancer beginning and progressing.

3. Causing Heart Issues

 Because our whole body is interconnected, if one organ of the body is harmed, the toxic chemicals would impact our other organs as well.

If one of the inner organs is malfunctioning, the other organs will be unable to function properly. Smoking may harm blood vessel cells and cause cardiovascular issues. 

4. Leads to infertility

Our reproductive system is important and fragile, and it is readily harmed by smoking.

Tobacco use may harm both male and female reproductive systems, resulting in infertility issues. If infertility difficulties are severe, it will be difficult to conceive, which will make pregnancy more difficult. 

5. The Obstacle in Pregnancy

Tobacco use in any form, whether chewing or smoking by any means, causes serious pregnancy difficulties. Because smoking may harm or impact the fetus, there is a risk of preterm birth.

As a result, we encounter a lot of newborns with sudden death syndrome. Smoking may cause a baby’s weight to drop during pregnancy, putting the infant at danger.

6. Diabetic Issues

One factor that contributes to the development of diabetes in humans is smoking. This is type two diabetes, according to the experts.

According to studies, smokers have a 30-40% chance of acquiring diabetes.

Problems with Oral Hygiene

We may preserve ourselves from various debasements if we keep our dental hygiene. Smoking is harmful to our dental health. This may lead to more serious infections in the mouth, increasing the risk of gum disease. 

Should smoking be prohibited?

Why is this permitted by the government, and why should it not be prohibited?

Tobacco planting, eating, selling, and producing tobacco-related things and commodities should all be prohibited in the ideal world. Smoking, whether in public or privately, is very harmful to one’s health.

This is a way for the government to make money. Tobacco product manufacturers pay a significant sum to the government each year, which supports the government financially.

However, each year, hundreds or millions of individuals get ill as a result of cigarette usage. For prevention and treatment, the government used to provide separate hospitals and diagnostic institutes. Because they have license to use tobacco in society, they spend a significant amount of money in the medical industry.

Smoking should be prohibited, and the government should look for alternative sources of cash to replace the tobacco industry. As previously stated, smoking causes a variety of health issues.

Because of smoking, our people or citizens are becoming financially weaker. They are wasting their money in both cases. They pay cash for tobacco and cigarettes, and if they get sick as a result, they pay more than they paid for these items.

The government may devise a unique strategy for firms and tobacco manufacturers. We should urge them to establish any other kind of manufacturing instead of tobacco. The government does not require the production of cigarettes or associated products.

Our society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should also take actions and file widespread complaints to stop individuals from utilizing this. The drawbacks of consuming this tobacco product should be made public, and greater charges should be levied. 


In conclusion, we might argue that we should cease smoking for the benefit of mankind, and that the government should likewise rigorously prohibit smoking. Smoking should be forbidden if we want to preserve our people’s lives and money; otherwise, our future generation will be more prone to addiction than we are today. If a country’s inhabitants are weak or unwell, it will be unable to develop.

I hope you like this smoking essay. In the comments area below, please share your opinions on this subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of smoking essay?

A: Smoking has a variety of effects on people. Some of the more commonly known are an increased risk for cancer, lung diseases and heart disease. There is also a general increase in mortality rates due to smoking cigarettes as well as other methods such as cigars or pipes.

What is smoking in simple words?

A: Smoking is the practice of breathing smoke from burning material, usually tobacco.

Should smoking be banned essay 100 words?

A: This is a really broad question, so I would have to refer you to the government.

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