The college experience is one of the most important times in your life. College allows you to learn and grow as an individual while having fun with your friends and enjoying a social atmosphere like never before. The college years are often filled with memories that will last forever, so make sure to take advantage of all opportunities during this time.

The “unforgettable memories of college life essay” is an essay about the author’s experiences at college. The author shares some of his most memorable experiences from college and how they made him feel.

Essay on Student College Life: Feeling Amazing Times

We have provided Essay Student College Life: Feeling Amazing Times in this post.

When we were in high school, all we wanted was to get into university as soon as possible. What is causing this? We’d want to move away from wearing the same uniform every day. Not only that, but we started to think about how we might be free of schoolwork, tuition, tiffin boxes, and severe discipline.

Finally, on the first day of college, we realize we have entered a new universe. Our bodies and minds soar like liberated birds as we leave the school grounds.

Parents are not reprimanded, and instructors are not reprimanded. We’ve attempted to capture some of the highlights of college life that were like a dream for us back in the day:

Getting up late in the morning entails the following:

We don’t have the stress of rushing in the morning as we do at school. College classes begin late. The practice of sleeping late and waking up late continues.

We awaken after a restful night’s sleep. While sipping tea, you may read the newspaper or watch TV. Mummy’s handshake then has a snack before taking a bath.

There’s just one notebook:

At college, we get go of the cumbersome school bag for good. Now all you need is a notepad. Not only that, but instead of dull school bags, we have attractive bags on our shoulders in which we may carry cosmetics, a camera, or our favorite device.

Tashan and Fashion:

Everyone wants to be identifiable with attractive clothing and a distinct style when they graduate from high school and enter college. Shopping for new clothing, accessories, and bags and finding a competitive market for them has become a daily activity. Not only that, but we spend the majority of our pocket money on clothing. It’s unlikely that we’ll wear the same outfit twice in a week.

Expenditure of pocket money:

When we have less pocket money during the school day, we have more costs when we go to college. The amount of pocket money received seems to be smaller. After spending the money acquired from the father, the mother also contributes financially. They recognize that the youngster has matured and now demands more funds.


College entails making a lot of friends and having a good time. While our school group is tiny, when we go to college, our network of friends expands dramatically. Not only that, but we also have students from all around the nation on our buddy list. With these buddies, gossip, picnics, parties, sharing-caring, and fights abound.

What to be concerned about if the class is bunkered:

There is no need to attend all of your college courses. We may speak with our friends, attend to a movie, or even have a party at a friend’s home if we relax in class bunk. Yes, but don’t do it every day or your job will suffer.

Canteen Games:

College life would not be complete without a trip to the canteen. We’ve had countless dreams about the canteen since we were in school. We were filled with delight and excitement whenever we watched a restaurant scene in a Bollywood film, assuming that we, too, would have a good time in the canteen. Even if a real-life canteen isn’t as opulent and rich as a movie canteen, there’s still enough to do. We recall rumors, meals, and canteen beverages.

What is the tension if the number is low:

The exam that takes place every week at school gives us freedom. Furthermore, there is no pressure to bring nine digits into ten. Yes, we want a high grade on the final test. Even if you can’t acquire additional numbers, your confidence won’t suffer.

College is my passion:

We have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into when we surrender our hearts to a certain face in college. We’re at a loss on what to do with that guy. We will take advantage of every chance to speak with her and get to know her. This enthusiasm for college rises often, and even when it does not, it remains a pleasant memory.

My graduation from high school and subsequent admission to college was a watershed moment in my life. On the first day, I was ecstatic. The world of college is vast. Boys are often beaten with a cane by school instructors who are severe. Academic professors are similar to elder brothers. 

Some even include instructors in political discussions and debates. From the first period to the last, all of the school’s classes were full. In college, though, we had three or four periods of instruction. Being late for class does not result in a penalty.

Political awareness has increased dramatically as a result of college life. I have a solid basis as well. The University Alliance election, which included a lot of purchases, was my first democratic experience. Political leaders sometimes speak on the country’s most pressing problems. Then I get the feeling that I’m not only a college student, but also a citizen of this country.

Strikes do occur in college. It seems to be trade unions. This does not sit well with me. I like student life because it allows me to be independent, intellectually stimulated, and participate in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. I’ll never forget my wonderful college days, even after I’ve completed my studies.


College is a difficult experience at first, but it quickly becomes your favorite stage of life. The value of high school cannot be overstated. People claim that you can’t forget your college days, and this is somewhat true.

If you were asked later in life which phase of your life you would prefer to relive, the majority of you would choose your college years. Despite the fact that life is divided into several parts, these periods define our personalities and decide how we will grow into adults in the future.

Finally, we can conclude that college was a wonderful experience and memories. Every day at college is filled with exciting activities such as independence, special breaks, contests, and festivities. There’s no denying that college is an incredible phase of academic life. Its allure endures.


my college life essay in simple english” is a blog post that discusses the feeling of being an undergraduate student. It covers topics such as how to keep up with work and school, what it’s like to be a freshman, and how much money you should save for college.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did you enjoy most about your college life?

A: I enjoyed being around people that are just as intelligent and interesting as me.

What can you say about college life?

A: College life is full of fun and excitement, but it also comes with many stresses. Whether youre studying for your first exams or trying to find a job after school lets out, college can be difficult at times.

How do students feel about college?

A: One survey of students in the United States showed that 98% would recommend their college to a friend or family member.

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