It is impossible to imagine a world without cities. In the past, people always lived in communities that were too small for them to notice anything else but their own World of immediate needs and wants. Today, we are living in what some refer to as “World City.”

The “village life essay 150 words” is an essay on how to live in a village. The essay will be written from the perspective of a child living in a village.

Essay on Village Life for Students & Children in 1000+ Words

We have provided a 1000+ word essay about village life for kids and youngsters in this post, along with its benefits and drawbacks in points. So, let’s have a look about the town and see what it’s like to live there.

a brief introduction (Essay on Village Life)

The greatest way to develop a connection with nature and the land is to live in a village. A village is a location where we may see a natural setting.

The town is densely packed with structures and industry. It is much more difficult to establish a link between natures in the city. It can be mixed, but it will take the shape of environmental degradation, which is the most serious issue facing the environment. We can now observe that city dwellers are likewise attempting to restore nature. This is accomplished by planting trees in the front and nearby areas.

Many people believe that living in poor rural regions or in a hamlet is impossible, but contemporary city life can supply practically everything conceivable. However, not everyone is suited to such an active and bright lifestyle. Many individuals prefer their life to be simple and bright, rather than striving for extreme prosperity and luxury.

If you want to live in peace with nature, the village is the place to be. People have all they need to live comfortably. Villagers are content to just meet their basic requirements, and they always have fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, water, and clean air on hand.

Life in the countryside is distinguished by its simplicity, natural beauty, and tranquility. Furthermore, living in a specific jungle might be stressful and lead to melancholy.

Our native customs and traditions are preserved in the villages. Village inhabitants often arrange festivals and fairs to showcase the diversity of our culture. The folks are religious and believe in God.

A village temple is a heavenly location where people may find inspiration for new projects and pray for their families and themselves. Village living fosters a special bond between older and younger generations. Young people hold their parents and grandparents in high regard and heed their wise counsel.

There are many industries in places like Mumbai that produce trash and pollution. There aren’t many industries in the area, therefore pollution isn’t a problem.

People in the community have direct interaction with one another. The residents of the rural community have a distinct “feeling.” They support one another and share their joys and sorrows. They are familiar with everyone in the community.

Relationships in the village are personal. Nobody is a stranger; everyone knows each other. Each individual learns a lot about their neighbors, their activities, interests, and attitudes, thanks to these connections. We have a solid understanding of each member of the communal village.

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Village life is simple and consistent.

The way of life in the village is consistent and uncomplicated. There aren’t many ambitious guys, and there aren’t many feelings. The locals live simply, working the land and raising livestock.

Because their options for earning money are limited, their level of life is lower than in the city. They see the planet as the most significant accomplishment of all.

Their main source of income is agriculture. When onerous taxes or other measures endanger their property ownership, they join extreme groups such as the Soviet Union in Russia.

The word of honor is more essential than written contracts. Crimes in remote areas are uncommon. Stolen items cannot be utilized and are tough to remove due to a little secret.

They follow the idea of mutual understanding in whatever they do. Closeness is far less important in the town’s existence. Residents of the city are practically unacquainted with the area.

The village is a natural setting.

The village takes on a more natural appearance. There are many trees and a diverse range of natural resources. Pollution is being reduced as a result of the possibilities. Village life is the most natural life for people and all living things.

The village is the most significant spot if someone desires to experience the tactile nature and witness its goodness. Here you may witness how people’s lives are changing as well as wonderful sceneries with the view.

The most major and profound influence on nature is the atmosphere. The value of a village is heavenly aesthetic touches, such as mind and soul rest.

It is a well-known aphorism attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, the nation’s father:

“India’s villages hold the key to the country’s future.”

Villagers’ Daily Lives

In the village, there are individuals whose personalities aren’t very trendy or appealing, but their presence makes them attractive. The village is likewise a basic and easy-going human society. The town provides for basic requirements and necessities such as food, housing, and clothes.

The residents of the hamlet may not live in luxury like city dwellers, but they are content with their situation. They can cope with them in a limited range of foods, clothing, and facilities.

Residents of the countryside eat regular cuisine and do not consume junk food in the same way that city dwellers do. Village life is a life of tiny groupings of communities living in quiet. Villagers have a very different experience than city dwellers.

Village Life’s Benefits

The poet is best described by the poet’s ability to live in the community. The peasants’ lives went by rapidly, which may have been advantageous to them. They are most lovely when they are surrounded by all-natural landscapes.

The village’s commotion and craziness are indicators that man is living his most natural and healthy existence. There is peace and harmony in the villages, which is good for the environment’s health. The locals live a modest, non-luxury lifestyle.

They exemplify the ideal existence that poets sing about. The lives of peasants pass them by pleasantly, and nature surrounds them in their labor.

Villagers have many options and live in a lovely, gift-filled environment. People, there is a thriving community that is surrounded by pure air.

Residents in the village are healthier, more active, and more direct than city dwellers.

The quiet and tranquility of living in rural places give possibilities to think, learn, and develop, which are hard to do in the fast-paced urban environment.

The quantity of fresh air and better living circumstances give a healthy physical and mental state, which city life has never been able to deliver.

The inhabitants have several opportunity to appreciate nature’s lovely treasures.

DisVillage Life’s Benefits

The peasants yearn for the city’s conveniences and opportunities. Educational advantages are sometimes few and difficult to get, and work chances are much less than in the metropolis.

 Village life is usually laborious and results in a lack of clarity and gloss, putting them in a disadvantaged position in comparison to city dwellers.

Ignorance, bigotry, and narrowness are more prevalent in rural settings than in urban ones. The locals are impoverished and religious.

Many communities lack basic infrastructure such as decent roads, schools, and hospitals.

Because the equipment and teaching schools in rural regions are inadequate, you will not be able to get a full education. Furthermore, the people are unaware of the significance of education.

 Many youngsters are unaware of the value of education and agricultural devotion.

The residents of the hamlet are unaware of the importance of maintaining excellent health.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi quotes a well-known proverb:

“Information, education, skills, health care, maintenance measures, including financial, small and rural companies, opportunities for women, natural resource preservation, and renewable energy distribution.” New opportunities arose to alter model development.”

People who live in villages are healthier, more active, and have more simple habits than those who live in cities.


Many philosophers and great minds appreciated village life because the purposefulness of everyday living in the countryside allows peasants to feel good.

You may simply discover some spiritual weather and relax while admiring the magnificent scenery. There may come a point when you feel the need to get away from the stresses and complexities of city life. You may sense the passage of time and experience a slower pace in your rural life. I hope you enjoyed this rural life article.

The “Village life essay for class 8” is an essay on the village life. The author of the essay talks about how, in villages people live a simple lifestyle and have a lot of time to spend with each other. Reference: village life essay for class 8.

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