The winter season in India is one of the most beautiful and significant seasons. Not only does it signify a time when people go out more, but also brings joy to everyone’s hearts by bringing snowfall on its own accord. The first day of winter usually signals that students have returned from summer vacations and schools are back in session. In this essay I am going to talk about how winters change lives for those living in lower temperatures with less sunlight than usual
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The “favourite season winter short paragraph” is a very popular essay topic for students. It is also one of the most difficult topics to write about.

Essay on Winter Season in India for Students in 1200 Words

In this post, you will read an Essay on Winter Season in India for Students in 1200 Words. This article also includes its importance, benefits & Loss. It is called Sheet Ritu in the Hindi language.

So, let’s get started on the Winter Season Essay…

a brief introduction (Essay on Winter Season)

Winter is regarded as one of India’s most important seasons. This is the coldest of the four seasons that occur each year, and it begins in December and lasts until March. Winter is most noticeable in December and January, when the season is at its height.

Winter seasons are highly valued and important in India. Many people like its essence since it allows them to participate in various sports such as ice hockey, snowman construction, snowball fights, and so on. As a result, this is a fantastic time for kids to relax and enjoy their vacation while snuggled up in their blankets.

Winter is the coldest season of the year, with falling snow and very low temperatures, which are sometimes compounded by strong winds. Because the affected region is distant from the sun in the earth’s orbit, the season lasts around three months. The wet season is followed by winter, and people appreciate this environment.

People are now urged to dress warmly and appropriately throughout this season. People in many regions are unable to function without woolen clothing when the ambient temperature drops in comparison to other seasons. Northern India’s temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, whereas Southern India’s temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

The winter season’s facts

The most important thing to know about India’s winter season –

Many people do not become weary quickly in the winter because they do not expend much energy via sweating. As a result, individuals may take a lengthy snooze since the cold creates a dull and peaceful atmosphere everywhere. Even at night, dewdrops may be seen, and fog can be seen in the morning.

This is the finest time of year to go for a morning stroll and get some fresh air. It has been established that the air one inhales first thing in the morning, especially during the winter, is very important and beneficial to one’s health since it keeps one energized to work hard throughout the day.

Because of the low heat and sunshine, the days during the winter seem pleasant and bring. As a result, this season attracts more visitors to India. You’ll also witness magnificent birds flying across the skies. During this period, animals and birds move their locations.

Winter in this region is defined by short days and lengthy nights, as well as a lower temperature than in other seasons. This season occurs when the earth tilts away from the sun, accompanied by a winter storm and snowfall. During this season, birds and animals migrate.

The advantages of the winter season

The benefit of the winter season varies depending on one’s point of view and where one lives. People in various parts of the country have distinct winters. There are, however, certain typical perspectives that make every winter season appear same.

As previously stated, the days are substantially shorter in the winter than the nights. The days are beautiful and the nights are really chilly here. Fog typically blankets the whole globe in the morning. Quilts and blankets are often needed by those who are sitting around the fireplace. They like to sleep in a warm bed and are prone to catching a cold when they go outside. 

Seasons have their own charms and delights here. Dewdrops gleam like jewels in the morning. When people go outdoors, they observe a wide range of lovely flowers in a rainbow of hues, which is quite appealing. Flowers such as dahlias, marigolds, sunflowers, roses, and others create a lovely scene. During this season, you can also obtain a wide range of veggies.

Generally, veggies are quite inexpensive around this time, and it is fruit season. People get a wide variety of fruits; for example, rice is harvested, and the golden ears of this paddy are highly attractive to the farmers. With their sickles, the harvesters are visible in their field. 

Other benefits of cold seasons include:

  • It provides a lot of fruits and veggies to the population.
  • It is beneficial to one’s health and is ideal for hard labor since one does not get weary quickly enough.
  • Students like this time of year because they put in a lot of effort. They engage in sports such as badminton, hockey, and cricket. 
  • Improves one’s health since digestion improves at this time of year, and individuals seem smarter and more active.
  • Cold increases one’s stamina and helps one feel well.
  • Calorie expenditure is higher since the body expends energy to keep warm.
  • There will be less yard work.
  • Snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing are all winter sports. It’s a wonderful time to be outside.
  • It’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down.
  • During the holidays, people are often more joyful and kind.

The winter season’s losses


Winter storms cause delays in air freight, air passengers, and ground transportation such as trains, buses, and truckers, when they get stopped in traffic due to ice roads.

Municipalities, counties, and states spend a lot of money to get rid of ice and snow.


In the event of a mild winter, snowpacks may be minimal, resulting in drought.


In the winter, many people get sad. Winter depression, commonly known as seasonal affective disorder, is approaching.


Many people who venture outside without being prepared risk frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration.

Snow shoveling

Winter encourages one to get up early, regardless of how little, allowing time to wipe off the vehicle, warm it up, and shovel off the driveway.

The road conditions have grown quite hazardous in recent years; nonetheless, you must drive on occasion. Not all industries, such as fire departments, hospitals, and hotels, are willing to overlook bad weather.

Winter is particularly harsh and brutal in the case of the homeless and underprivileged communities in northern climates. Lack of sun, lack of getting out, and a constant desire to remain at home rather than travel in a dreadful climate

Wind chills are common here, and the temperature may drop to below freezing in an instant. When it becomes too chilly, the eyes feel as if they are about to freeze. 

Every time it heats up enough to melt the snow and prepare for the mud, all the mud. Any day above freezing, attempting to find a car wash that doesn’t perform an underbody wash, road salt and the damage it does to the vehicle, trying to get a car wash that doesn’t do an underbody wash, 

Other negative aspects of the winter season may include the following:

Blizzards, Snow shoveling, treacherous roads, winter drive (too slow), winter drive (too fast), scraping ice off the car, children who hate the snow, dogs who hate the snow, nothing growing, no green leaves nor flowers, concrete-like ice everywhere, slipping and falling over the ice, snow emergencies, salt from the sidewalk staining boots and pants, no outdoor farmers markets and a dearth of local fresh produce, climbing over snowbanks to get to businesses and houses, getting out of bed in a cold house, walking the dog, heating bills, ice dams, potholes, winter cycling is possible, but isn’t fun, grey melting slushy snow at the end of winter, being able to get sunburn even when its below freezing, wind chill, permanently chapped lips, and sore, dry skin, snot, dressing like a marshmallow just to stay warm, losing gloves, 

With the decrease in humidity and temperature, the body becomes more fragile, and all of the season’s little downsides become more difficult to overcome. The winter season, in reality, has a direct influence on humans, causing fragility, weakness, exhaustion, and other issues.


I hope you enjoyed my Winter Season Essay.

The “winter season essay in english for class 9” is an essay on the winter season in India. The essay will be written in 1200 words and will include a brief introduction, body paragraph, conclusion and bibliography.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a winter season essay?

A: A winter season essay is one that puts emphasis on the weather and climate of a particular time during the year. They are most often written in response to some sort of literary prompt, for example an assignment from school or just personal interests. They will usually have three sections-

What is winter season in simple words?

A: Winter season is the time of year when plants stop growing and trees lose their leaves.

What is winter season in India?

A: Winter season in India can be defined as the months of December and January.

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