Children and adults alike can learn a lot from visiting zoos. This essay will explore the reasons for this, and how it affects children’s thinking about animals in general.

The “a visit to a zoo essay 150 words” is an essay that talks about visiting a zoo for students and children.

Essay on Zoo Visit for Students and Children in 1000 Words

You can find a great 1000-word essay about a zoo visit for students and children in this post. Here you will learn what a zoo is, what it does, and what my zoo visit was like.

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Introduction (1000-word essay about a zoo visit)

The expedition might include a visit to a historical site, a natural beauty spot, or a new contemporary attraction such as a zoo. Many people, including students and children, wish to visit the zoo. 

What exactly is a Zoo?

The zoo is a facility where real animals and birds are housed securely and individually in their natural habitats so that visitors may see them closely and learn more about them. 

What is the goal of creating a zoo?

The Zoo was founded for the following reasons:

  • To entertain the people -To Research & gain Knowledge.
  • To do research in the interest of mankind.

Visit the Delhi Zoo.

On March 24, 2019, I visited the Delhi Zoo. I was ecstatic to take a taxi to the Zoo with my parents and uncle. During my Zoo trip, which I recounted below, I had a lot of fun.

Beautiful ice cream and flowers from the garden

Before beginning the Zoo round, we first ate ice cream. I couldn’t tell since there were so many lovely flowers on there. In the garden, there was also a panda. After that, I continued walking while staring at him. 

Inside the Zoo, there is a toy railway.

We discovered the ideal toy train, consisting of a few open carriages, for a tour of the Zoo. We have tickets and are waiting for them to arrive. We all sat on the train and watched the whole Zoo series. It had been a terrific round on a fantastic train. This is something I really like.

In the zoo, we saw tigers, chimps, and monkeys.

We moved forward; the guide claimed there was a tiger on this side and chimps and monkeys on the other. We then proceeded to the tiger’s side.

After walking a bit farther, we came upon a large pond with many birds on its banks and in the water. We observed ducks, cranes, and a variety of other species, but the cranes were the most numerous. Next to the entrance, I saw a tiger.

It was located inside the compound. I was a bit worried since his mouth was so nice with his strips and tail. When he opened his mouth, he was terrified. Then we saw the chimp and the monkey.

Deer and Barasinga were among the animals I observed.

We began seeing a deer where we saw a tiger, and just behind me I saw a deer, but it was a forest, with trees, and we were behind the net and the net.

I mistook the buck for a barasinga when we first spotted it. Because one of the newborn reindeer had eight horns, I assumed it was a barasinga. Following that, we came upon a blue cow. She isn’t blue, but she does have that name. After that, we were able to apprehend the vehicle. 

I saw Rhinosaurus & Hippopotamus

We moved on and found a Rhinosaur, as well as a Hyena and a Hippopotamus. As a result, we went to see the Rhinosaurus. He was a colossal Rhinosaurus from India. His skin was nice, but his voice was a bit tiny.

In a large yard, he was alone. The body of this enormous creature is large and powerful. Then we traveled by means of a hyena, and when we got there, we showed the hyena, and when we arrived to view it, it went down, and then it went the other way, till the hyena came from the other direction, and while we were sipping mango juice, monkeys appeared.

We observed three large Hippopotamas, one of which was a youngster and the other two of which were adults, then we continued ahead and spotted three more large ones, one of which had grown so large that the other had been captured, but they were unharmed. 

Lion & Snacks 

In the cage area, I saw a lion. He began by taking the first round. He then took a position near his cage. He was seated near the cage’s entrance and then stood there. Then we noticed something.

Then we saw a snake home, complete with a baboon and a jaguar. Then we went on and showed us a baboon’s area, which was basically an empty room with a cat in the form of a rive doing meow meow.

The crocodile seemed to be dead.

Crocodiles were found dead along the water’s edge. I felt like I was about to die, but my father assured me that he was still alive and sleeping. We took a break and sat down after seeing the monkey.  

Emu & Other Birds

Emu’s signboard caught my eye. After that, we went down to see Emu. Another large bird in the globe is the emu. He lives with his mother, father, or a buddy. We’ve spotted quite a few peacocks. There, we took pictures. 

Elephants were also present.

We also came upon an elephant. They didn’t go too near. They were both gazing at one man, and one of them had a message for the other. Outside, the female seemed to be in better shape. We took several photographs.

Lunch at the Zoo

We were all weary of traveling after viewing all of the animals and birds. Then we exited and proceeded to the restaurant just in front of the Zoo. We returned home after eating dinner with my dad and uncle.

Zoo has ten lines.

  1. Animals and birds, which are the most important components of forest richness, may now only be seen in zoos.
  2. The Zoo may be found all across the nation. Calcutta is home to the country’s biggest zoo.
  3. On the one hand, viewing the Zoo is entertaining, and on the other hand, information is gained.
  4. Wild animals live a natural life in a safe environment constructed with their help at a Zoo.
  5. The zoo sends us a message about the importance of protecting endangered species.
  6. The most notable feature of Zoo is that the ferocious creatures are allowed to walk freely in several areas.
  7. London is home to the world’s biggest Zoo.
  8. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, and Kanpur all have prominent zoos.
  9. The Forest Department of the Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of the birdhouse arrangement.
  10. We must make every effort to protect and enhance the forest and wild creatures.


An only Zoo, in my opinion, is a location where we may witness unique animals from all over the globe with our own eyes. Our understanding grew.

We live a natural existence in an environment that they have built for wild animals. We get a close look at every aspect of his life. The zoo sends us a message about the importance of protecting endangered species. I hope you enjoyed this motivational essay about a zoo visit for kids.

“The zoo visit essay 100 words” is a short essay that students and children can write about their experience at the zoo. It should be written in 100 words or less. Reference: a visit to a zoo essay 100 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a paragraph at a zoo visit?

A: One way to write a paragraph at a zoo visit is by explaining what you feel as it relates to the animals. You could also talk about how each animal makes you feel, or why they are interesting.

Why do we visit zoo paragraph?

A: Because it is the perfect answer to many questions that people have about different animals.

Is zoo good for animals essay?

A: Yes, zoos are good for animals. They provide a controlled environment to help contain and monitor the large number of wild animals that have been brought in from the wild due to human encroachment on their natural habitats.

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