Indefinite tenses are words or constructions that do not specify a future time. They often occur in the past tense, but also exist for other tenses such as present and even future events.

The “past indefinite tense negative sentences examples” is a list of sentences with the past indefinite tense.

Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

100 Past Indefinite Tense Examples

  We’ve compiled a list of Past Indefinite Tense sentence examples that will aid students of all levels in comprehending the syntax of this tense. With these examples, practicing will be a lot simpler. 

• She was the most significant person in my life. 

• On this field, we played cricket.

• I consumed a mango.

• Jesus was the greatest human being of his era.

• She really appreciated the film.


• I really enjoyed that film. 

• They had a great time in my house.

• She left for Delhi and never returned.

• I was the most inept student in the class.

• He had feelings for her but never voiced them. 

• He was quite helpful in assisting me with my assignment.


• My father and I went to a book fair.

• My mother went to her place of business.

• I didn’t show up for class the other day.

• She composed a love poem for me. 

• The whole school travelled to Agra for a picnic. 

• She consumed ice cream.


• In the school, Mr. Varun made a change.

• She was the one who baked the cake for me.

• In the hostel, I prepared meals.

• I improved my English skills.

• She attended classes.

• She was the one who paid for the money.


• I was the one who rang the doorbell.

• He bolted.

• She told me to remain put.

• I noticed a bird.

• Varun showed me a lovely young lady.

• She slept the whole night through.


• I was able to perform lovely music.

• He made an effort to spend time with me.

• He was summoned by me.

• Mr. Das was our English teacher. 

• It was just what I had in mind.

• The cricket match was won by Bangladesh.


• The lesson was confusing to me.

• He wrote me a letter.

• They were dressed in school uniforms.

• I went for a swim in the river.

• I told it like it was. 

• She didn’t show up for class.


• The principle thought highly of me.

• She confessed her wrongdoing.

• He suggested that I study more.

• I expressed regret for my error.

• She gave me permission to enter her home.

• I pretended to be a clever person.


• She emerged out of nowhere.

• For the drama, I liked her new appearance.

• She put in an application for a job.

• There was a round of applause for me.

• He had a lot of disagreements.

• They planned a large event.


• He enquired about a few things. 

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The “past continuous tense example” is a form of the past tense that indicates an action was in progress at some point during the past. The verb will be in the infinitive form and it will take a helping verb such as “was,” “were,” or “have been.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the example of past indefinite?

A: The example of past indefinite is the word was. I was here yesterday.

What are 5 examples of past?

A: Here are five examples of past.
1) Pasta
2) Potato chips
3) Positioning System for your cars GPS system
4) Puffball 5, Planes

What are the examples of past tense?

A: The examples of past tense are the following:

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