In the story, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is a relationship between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker that exists beyond just friendship where they can only be together in private settings. There is an underlying sexual tension throughout their time spent with each other that develops into something more intimate later on.

“Friends are treasure essay” is a short essay on friendship. The author explains the importance of friends and how they should be treasured.

Expository Essay on Friendship in 900

What is the definition of friendship? It’s a genuine connection between two individuals with no ulterior intention. Love, according to the definition, is a feeling shared by two individuals. Is it, however, simply dating? It’s not always so simple, like in the case of best friends. Best friends share sentiments or perspectives that give them a sense of success and psychological fulfillment.

A friend is someone you can really come to know and trust for the rest of your life. They have some similarities yet want to be together without modifying their differences, rather than being emotionally compatible with the personalities of two individuals who are friends. Friends usually support one another without suspicion, yet close friends’ thoughtfulness may have a good impact on you.

Friendship and Its Importance:

In life, we all need a great buddy with whom we can share everything. Every buddy is important, and we realize how much they mean to us. Our buddies should be supportive when certain circumstances happen. If real friends are found, one would never feel lonely in this life. Stress grows in the lives of those who have no other friends than the billions of people on the planet. During times of crisis and adversity, friends are essential. Having a buddy who can assist you in getting through a tough period might make the adjustment simpler.

Having trustworthy friends might help you feel more confident. On the other hand, a lack of companions might make you feel lonely and powerless, making you less effective in situations like melancholy and drug misuse. Having at least one person to rely on will boost your self-assurance.

Wise Friendship Selection:

Not all friends can boost your self-esteem. It may potentially have negative consequences. It is important to choose your friends carefully. Selecting the appropriate companion is a challenging but crucial endeavor. When a few of our closest friends are misbehaving, such as smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, we are sometimes drawn to their bad habits. This is one of the reasons why choosing the appropriate friendships is so important.

True friendship is a gift that may be shared by a couple. People who have it should thank God for allowing them to have true pearls in their life, and those who do not have a few wonderful friends should continually attempt to strengthen their closest friends. There is no better place to turn if you have a close friend who is in need. You’ll always be pleased in your one-room apartment as long as your pals are around, and you won’t be satisfied even if you’re alone.

Friendship types:

Variety may be found everywhere, so why not among friends? Throughout our lives, we will encounter several types of friends. Your best buddy at school, for example, is the one to whom you are most drawn. That buddy, particularly the females, may be more enraged than you are at chatting to a friend. Because your connection is so strong, it might be difficult for others to tell whether you are a close friend or a rival.

Then there’s a third kind of sibling. Your siblings, or elder brother and sister, are those pals who have lived with you for the remainder of your life, no matter how much you reject it. You have a separate set of friendships with them since you often fight them. In times of need, however, you will discover that they are the first to rally around you and assist you.

There is a third kind of best buddy, which we refer to as professional pals. When you’re older and have decided on a job, you’ll encounter people like these. These pals are often from the same organization and are beneficial throughout your peaceful years. Some of them will either remain with you or go on to another company.

Friendship examples from history:

Much has been learned through history. True friendship may be found in plenty. We have a well-known historical example that demonstrates the company’s worth. The most essential of them is Krishna and Sudama’s friendship. We must all read or hear that once Krishna became king, he encountered Sudama, a boyhood friend who treated him with reverence despite Sudama’s poverty. It tells us that we should not take friendship for granted. It must be between persons who share the same viewpoint. The following are instances from the Mahabharata era, involving Karna and Duryodhana.

Despite the fact that he was aware that the Pandavas were his brothers, Karna fought beside Duryodhan as his closest friend and even lay down his life for her. What is another example of sincere friendship that one might develop? Krishna and Arjun were once again referred to be best buddies at this time. The Bhagavad Gita is an illustration of how a genuine friend may help you succeed in life and lead you along the Dharma path. Similarly, there are several historical instances that demonstrate the importance of real friendship and the need of providing for it.


Whether you realize it or not, a buddy is an important part of your life. Having a buddy is vital. At the same time, you must select your friends carefully since they may either build you up or tear you down. However, one enjoys the company of a friend throughout one’s life, and friends should be cherished as the greatest value a person can own.

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