HIV AIDS is a disease caused by HIV virus. It was discovered in the USA and Africa. Most people in developing countries have little or no access to healthcare, making it difficult for them to get treatment for this deadly illness. The lack of knowledge about sex education and safe practices spreads the epidemic across regions with high levels of poverty

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HIV is one of the world’s most dreaded illnesses of the twentieth century. AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which destroys the human immune system. More than 29% of the world’s population has died as a result of it. Since its discovery, AIDS has spread like wildfire over the globe. Because to the efforts of the government and non-governmental groups, the majority of the people is aware of this fatal illness, AIDS.

The Causes and Spread of AIDS

AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, better known as HIV. By injecting a copy of its DNA into human host cells, this virus replicates in the human body. Because of its properties and capabilities, the virus is also known as a retrovirus. The host cells in which HIV dwells are WBCs (White Blood Cells), which are part of the human immune system.

As a consequence of HIV’s destruction of WBCs, the human immune system is weakened. The degradation of the immune system has an influence on a person’s capacity to fight illnesses promptly. For example, a cut or a wound takes significantly longer to heal or the blood to coagulate. In certain cases, the damage may never heal.

HIV may be transmitted directly via one of three routes: blood, prenatal, or sexual. Blood transfusions were particularly common during the early phases of HIV transmission. In today’s world, however, all developed and developing nations have critical systems in place to assure that blood is virus-free before being transfused. HIV may be transmitted from one infected person to another through sharing needles.

As part of sexual transmission, HIV may be transmitted via bodily fluids during sexual activity. If they engage in unprotective sexual intercourse, HIV may swiftly transfer from an infected person to a healthy person via the oral, genital, or rectal regions.

Prenatal transmission refers to the ease with which an HIV-positive mother may pass the infection on to her child during pregnancy, nursing, or delivery.

Symptoms of AIDS

HIV weakens the human immune system by attacking and infecting white blood cells (WBCs), leaving the infected person vulnerable to additional illnesses or infections. AIDS has a much longer incubation period than other illnesses. The symptoms appear progressively over the course of 0-12 years.

AIDS symptoms include fever, tiredness, and weight loss, as well as diarrhea, swollen nodes, yeast infection, and herpes zoster. The infected person is prone to a variety of unique ailments as a result of their reduced immunity, including persistent fever, nocturnal sweats, skin rashes, mouth sores, and more.

Treatment and Prevention of AIDS

AIDS presently has no treatment or cure, making it a life-threatening disease. Antiretroviral treatment, or ART, is the best way to halt it from spreading, according to medical experts. It is an antiretroviral medicine that keeps HIV from multiplying and hence delays the disease’s progression. It is usually better to start therapy as soon as possible to reduce immune system harm. It is, however, merely a precaution and does not ensure that you will be free of AIDS.

AIDS prevention is the method of preventing the spread of AIDS. An person should be informed of his or her own HIV status as well as that of his or her partner before participating in any sexual activity. It is critical to engage in safe sex at all times. Males should always wear condoms during sexual interactions and keep the number of people with whom they have intercourse to a minimum.

Addiction to illicit drugs or narcotics is not a good idea. Multiple public awareness efforts conducted by the UN, local governments, and nonprofit groups have lowered the risk of AIDS spreading by increasing public knowledge of the disease’s transmission and prevention.


The approach of avoiding the spread of AIDS is known as AIDS prevention. AIDS testing is required on a regular basis. Before participating in any sexual activity, a person should be informed of his or her own HIV status as well as that of his or her partner. Males should always use condoms during sexual relations and limit the number of persons with whom they have sexual contact.

It is not a good idea to get addicted to illicit drugs or narcotics. Needles and razors that have not been sterilized should always be avoided. Multiple public awareness campaigns led by the United Nations, local governments, and nonprofit groups have reduced the danger of AIDS spreading by raising public understanding of the disease’s transmission and prevention.

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Expository Essay on HIV AIDS in PDF Expository Essay on HIV AIDS in PDF Expository Essay on HIV AIDS in PDF (6 downloads)

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The “hiv/aids essay pdf” is an expository essay on HIV AIDS in 700. This paper will provide a detailed overview of the history and current status of HIV/AIDS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the introduction of HIV AIDS?

A: The introduction of HIV AIDS is the first documented case in which a virus was identified as causing a specific disease. This meant that humans could now be infected with something and find out something about its effects on us, rather than being very limited to what we know through observation alone.

What is the history of HIV AIDS in the world?

A: HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus that targets and destroys the immune system and life-long treatment can be expensive or even impossible to access sometimes.

What idea are conveyed in the essay on AIDS?

A: The author of the essay, Jim Goad, is trying to convey that AIDS has played a significant role in modern society because it became such an important issue.

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