In the United States, almost half of children fail to graduate high school and a quarter don’t even complete 8th grade.
This paper will examine how reading has been used in schools since the 1800s to solve this problem. It will explore different methods that have been employed by teachers as well as solutions from parents and communities outside of education. This essay is intended for people who are interested in helping to improve educational outcomes among students while they’re still young.,

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Expository Essay on importance of Reading in 800


Reading is one of the most essential things that a young person may engage in to help them thrive in life. People, on the other hand, face a variety of challenges throughout their lives that exceed their desire to read, and without proper guidance, they may never overcome these challenges. Almost everyone has gone through the process of learning to read and write at some point in their lives. Learning to read and write in a foreign language is the most crucial procedure in this case.

Reading is essential in the lives of every kid or adult since it is a requirement for success. Learning to read is a process that takes place in stages. Every step entails the acquisition of new skills or the mastery of previously acquired ones. For example, throughout the first few years of a child’s life, he or she is taught how to decode, or convert words into sounds. They are eventually taught how to organize their words into phrases and chapters in order to acquire and interpret their meaning.

What exactly is reading?

The primary building block of every child’s reading ability is decoding. To the majority of youngsters, the process happens naturally or smoothly. Some children, however, have difficulty with this procedure and may need further training from their teacher or caregiver. The bulk of those impacted in this manner are young people with reading difficulties who need immediate assistance.

Around 85 percent of youngsters, according to Nelson, Lindstrom, and Foels (2015), have a reading or language development challenge. Because some or all of these problems are neuro-developmental, we can’t readily cure them; we can only manage them. In summary, the majority of these children can quickly learn to read and become skilled readers who comprehend the basic concepts essential for academic success. When a child’s reading difficulty is identified early enough, they may be taught how to cope with it.

The value of reading is shown by the early discovery of learning deficits in children. Reading is beneficial not just to youngsters but also to adults. It exposes a person to new ideas, concepts, and knowledge while also training them to solve problems effectively. Reading may become a passion or even a profession for many individuals. The experience starts with reading.

Reading is a crucial part of personal development. As a consequence, people get a better understanding of the world around them. This essential technique helps individuals to have a deep grasp of the things that they are interested in. One may, for example, read an article or other piece of writing about how to improve one’s self-esteem or remember information. Reading is the foundation for such self-improvement methods. Through reading, it is therefore possible to create an ordered route toward a greater understanding of topics and well-informed decision making.

What is the significance of reading?

Reading is also crucial since it aids in the preparation of actions. Before taking any action, it is common practice to seek counsel and support. People who have been in similar circumstances before may provide advice. Some individuals, on the other hand, utilize reading to get information and direction about a topic. In the twenty-first century, the demand for guidance and aid plays a significant part in decision-making. For example, one may learn how to prepare a meal, play football, or even plan a trip. Reading could be useful in such situations to help individuals prepare before taking any critical decisions.

Reading also helps you to learn from other people’s experiences. Reading exposes a reader to a diversity of experiences since books and other reading material are written by individuals from varied backgrounds. Such encounters may speed up a reader’s progress toward a goal by allowing them to avoid errors committed by others. If you succeed, you may learn about the best money-making tactics and how to avoid common traps along the way. Everyone who wishes to follow in the footsteps of successful individuals must learn about and comprehend them.

Reading also helps to promote self-esteem and stimulates creativity. As one reads, the brain converts the descriptions of things, places, and people into images. We may use this information in real-life situations. The more a person reads, the more educated they become, according to the One World Literacy Foundation (2013). More knowledge leads to more self-assurance, which enhances self-esteem. Reading about how varied life is and being exposed to new facts and thoughts encourages one to expand their mind and become more creative. A well-read individual can respond to a broad variety of general knowledge questions, which considerably boosts self-confidence.


Reading is an important milestone in each child’s life since it is a requirement for success. Learning is still an important part of every person’s life. Reading and writing are the first skills that students acquire in school. Children with reading difficulties may secure their success in a variety of methods. Reading teaches individuals how to avoid other people’s errors, prepare for action, broaden their comprehension, extend their creativity, and increase their self-esteem.

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Reading is an important skill that can be learned at any age. Reading is a great way to learn new things, and it’s also a good way to relax. Reading allows people to escape from reality and enter into another world. Reference: importance of reading short essay 100 words.

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What is the importance of reading essay?

A: In todays society, information is power. Reading and understanding the essays of others can be a good way to keep on top of whats going on in the world so that you dont miss out on anything important, or if something big happens later it will already have been covered by someone else!

What is the most important part of an expository essay?

A: The most important part of an expository essay is the introduction. It sets up the context for what you are going to discuss and will let your reader know where they need to be at that point in time so that they can understand the rest of your work.

Why should we learn to read and write?

A: There are many reasons why it is important for children to learn how to read and write. One of the most important ones would be so that they can access all kinds of information available on the internet, such as books or articles from sources like Wikipedia. Another one is so that their education does not stop after graduation; with a good reading comprehension skillset, students will be able to keep up with whats going on in society beyond high school—and also help other people out too!

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