In order to be a good leader, one must first understand themselves. This essay will explore the qualities of a good leader and how they can apply them in their own lives as well as others. These include being confident, controlling emotions (by using anxiety), believing that you are right, decisive and being persuasive

This “short essay on leadership” is an expository essay that discusses the topic of leadership. It will give you a brief overview and then go into more detail about the topic.

Expository Essay on Leadership in 800


What distinguishes a great leader from an average leader is the topic of What Makes a Great Leader. Despite the fact that they are both leaders, there is a big difference between them. There is substantial debate as to whether some individuals are just born with the ability to lead. Others, on the other hand, feel that extraordinary leaders are born. This debate has prompted the obvious issue of what constitutes a great leader.

A leader should have the qualities that distinguish them as a great leader. Not all leaders are great leaders, and the difference is typically discernible by the traits that such leaders possess. A tyrant should not be a powerful leader. Leaders must instead be focused, visionary, acutely aware, accountable, and reasonable. Leaders that are effective take into account both their strengths and flaws. They evaluate themselves by asking oneself questions such, “Am I a good leader?” “What am I capable of, and where do I draw the line?” When a leader recognizes his or her weaknesses, he or she will try to address them in order to turn them into strengths.

Some leaders feel they can do anything, both inside and without their sphere of influence. This is a logical fallacy since there is no such thing as a complete person who can execute all tasks. Others who are knowledgeable in many disciplines and areas of expertise should aid leaders. Even the most experienced leaders benefit from these aids because they compensate for their weaknesses. Leaders must respect and value the skills of those who work with them. As a consequence, individuals have a higher chance of becoming successful leaders.

What kind of leader should he or she be?

The perception of a leader is crucial. It may help you figure out whether or not a leader is effective. Leaders must communicate effectively with their subordinates and establish strong relationships with them. Leaders must foster an atmosphere in which all workers think they can offer something worthwhile. Conflicts should be identified and dealt with effectively by the leader. If individuals who work with him praise his leadership talents and what he can do, he is an excellent leader. Leaders, like the rest of us, must be accountable and responsible. They should never break the law and should always obey it.

Leaders must always adhere to the rules that govern them. They should never go outside their comfort zones. They should not assume that because they are strong, they have the authority to modify the rules to suit their needs. The leader should be motivated by the aims of the organization or group to which he or she is leading. Good leaders should make the objective their top priority and endeavor to accomplish it in the best interests of the company or group they manage.

Ability to lead

To be a good leader, you must possess a variety of qualities and talents. However, there are nine key characteristics that separate leaders from followers. Being influential, focused, integrative, a problem solver, able to maintain a good attitude, able to collaborate with others, visionary, and self-disciplined are just a few of them. Only three of the nine will be discussed. First and foremost, influence is critical since the ability to influence others is required to gain followers. It’s critical to know your place in the leadership ladder while influencing others. The higher you climb the ladder, the longer it takes to reach the next rung.

Second, honesty is a necessary skill for a corporate leader to be full and united, as well as for employees to be on the same page. Integrity is what defines a leader, and who they are determines what they do. Others will have faith and trust in leaders who can be depended on, enabling them to make an impact on their lives. The key of integrity is growing and evolving.

Third, since problems happen often, a leader must be able to address them. The leader’s job is to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Leaders must change their mindset, but this is not their issue. They must accept that they cannot choose their difficulties, but they can choose how they solve them.

Leaders must recognize a problem before it escalates and be on the alert for signs of oncoming calamity. After the leader has recognized the problem, he or she should provide the best potential Conclusion based on the formation of principles and policies to handle the issue.


Many individuals in management and leadership positions are aware of what they need to do to improve their leadership skills. Individuals do, however, sometimes fail to react correctly. Continuous professional and personal growth, self-reflection, honest and frequent feedback from the team, and adopting appropriate steps based on the input are all required to be a successful, trustworthy, and devoted leader.

Finally, being a great leader needs tenacity, laser-like concentration, and team-building qualities, all of which must be combined to create the ideal leader. Leadership, on the other hand, is impossible without a well-coordinated and committed group. That is something that every leader should keep in mind while they go about their business.

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The “effective leadership essay” is an expository essay on leadership. Leadership is a process that involves the idea of taking charge of something and using it to accomplish goals. It’s not just about being in charge, but rather how you use your authority to lead others.

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