The “reading as a hobby essay” is an expository essay on the benefits of reading. The author discusses how reading can be used as a hobby and provides information on what types of books are best to read.

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From childhood, recreation is the nicest thing that can happen to a person. Simply put, leisure time refers to the regular use of one’s free time for amusement and enjoyment. Reading, stamp collecting, art, athletics, instruments and music, gardening, sewing, and even cooking are just some of the hobbies that we, like children, might enjoy. It is also said that a person may work in one of these interests on occasion.

Reading as a pastime

My favorite pastime is reading. In my spare time, I like reading novels. J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series is also one of my favorites. Other novels I’ve read include Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonder Wizard of Oz, Peter’s Tale Rabbit, Winnie-the-Pooh, Rusty’s Adventures, and Malgudi’s Days.

I read children’s magazines such as Champak, Tinkle, Wisdom, Cha-cha Choudhury, and others in addition to novels and books.

The advantages of reading books

Reading literature, in my opinion, offers several advantages. Here are a handful of them:

It provides information: Reading is an excellent way to spend time alone or on the run. Books provide useful knowledge about people, locations, and other activities. Reading books and novels provides a feeling of purpose.

Reading is a terrific method to enhance your vocabulary: it’s an excellent habit to get into. It also aids in the development of vocabulary and grammatical skills, as well as fluency. Speaking smoothly and properly utilizing grammar helps you seem knowledgeable and polite.

Others may provide information: Learning assists you in gaining knowledge and knowledge from others.

It encourages you to think more: Reading books and tales transports the reader to another world, the author’s universe. This aids in the development of the student’s capacity to think. While reading a book, one may also strengthen his visual representations of the issue. It’s difficult to do so while watching TV.

Reading helps in the comprehension of people and circumstances: Reading aids in the comprehension of people and situations, allowing you to deal with them more sensibly. People and locations are often described in biographies and autobiographies, as well as basic reading books.

Relaxation and refreshment: Reading helps to relax and refresh the mind. After I come home from school, I often spend time reading magazines. It aids in the relaxation of my thoughts before to beginning my schoolwork and academics.

It allows you to pass the time on the trip: Learning is the finest way to spend the time on the journey. With a book in hand, one may travel by bus, rail, vehicle, or airline.


It is a relaxing activity that may be done in the privacy of one’s own home. Reading keeps you occupied without isolating or distracting you. With the advancement of technology, it has become a low-cost activity that everyone who enjoys reading may enjoy. It’s also a technique to practice self-control.

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Reading is a very important hobby that I have. It’s something that I enjoy doing and it helps me learn new things about the world and myself. Reading allows you to escape from reality, but it also teaches you a lot of life lessons in the process. Reference: essay on my hobby reading books 100 words.

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