Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated in India, although the exact date and time has not been officially assigned. It is a day to celebrate fathers who have raised their children well and taught them values. With these meanings of Father’s Day it can be difficult for some parents to create an event for this specific holiday when many other events are already scheduled on that day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year in India. It is a day to show appreciation for fathers and father figures. It is also used as an opportunity to celebrate family, friends, and loved ones.

Father's Day in India (Date, Importance, Celebration)

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about Father’s Day in India. It covers the date, celebration, and significance of the event in the lives of the children and their father.

In India, Father’s Day is celebrated on June 21st.

Our earliest instructors are both our father and mother. They fight for their kid from birth through schooling and throughout their lives. We celebrate mother’s day and father’s day on different occasions to recognize their value, to show him respect and affection, and to remember their contributions throughout our lives. 

Why is Father’s Day observed?

Father’s Day is now observed across the globe to recognize, honor, and commemorate a cherished father’s commitment and sacrifices in the development and maturation of his children and grandchildren.

We must never overlook our dear father’s significance and contribution. Every family’s father is the most essential and valued member, and no family can exist without one.

Father’s Day sends a great message to all of us, reminding us not to forget our fathers and to cherish them throughout their lives. 

Father’s Day has a long and illustrious history.

In Washington, D.C., Father’s Day was first observed. Father’s Day was first observed and commemorated on June 19, 1910, according to our research. In honor of her father, Sonora Dodd began her day in Spokane City, Washington.

Sonora Dodd’s father was a farmer and a war veteran. Sonora Dodd’s mother died while she was a youngster. After that, his father offered him both mother and father’s affection. From Mother’s Day, Sonora Dod got the idea to celebrate Father’s Day.

The idea to mark Father’s Day was approved by the US President in 1916. In 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson declared it a national holiday to be observed on the third Sunday in June. In 1972, President Richard Nixon declared a holiday in honor of the event.

In India, Father’s Day is commemorated.

Father’s Day is observed in many ways across the world. This day is recognized as our father’s gift to India’s commemoration of a day; it is commemorated every year on the 3rd Sunday of June as Pitra Divas, with the primary goal of honoring the father.

On this day, children shower their father with presents and surprises. They gather together and reflect on their contributions to the lives of youngsters. If they are separated, the children take a snapshot and go to the father. On this day, fathers bestow their blessings on their offspring.

They go on an expedition with their father on this day and make him happy. They recall their father directing them with his finger throughout their childhood.

Father receives a slew of nice and great notes and WhatsApp messages. There are a lot of quotations and slogans for dads. Some youngsters compose a touching tale for their father as well as nice remarks. 

Father’s Day’s Importance

In the same way that Mother’s Day is vital in our lives, Father’s Day is as well. This day conveys a message about the father’s current situation, history, and significance. 


Father’s Day in India was observed on June 21, 2020 in the year 2020. 

Importance in the Life of Children

The significance of Father’s Day in the lives of children is well understood. Kids and children look forward to this day each year, which is a present from their father.

In Indian tradition, the father is our first teacher and leader who comes down from the heavens. On this day, youngsters grow emotional as they recall the days when their father taught them the principles of ethics and morality in life and school.  

Children want to throw a lot of parties and give their father a particular gift. Children understand the significance of this day and recognize their own participation as a result of it. After going to work and most children travelling to different cities for the first time for employment, they recall their father and miss their presence much.   

Father’s Day is a day when children are encouraged to do something special for their father. On this day, the kids attempt something new for their father. 

Importance in the Life of a Father

This day sends a message to the whole globe, reminding everyone to remember the father’s sacrifices. Fathers consider themselves fortunate to see this moment when their children meet them with the same love and devotion that their father had shown them throughout their youth.

On this day, fathers also travel back in time and tell their children tales of their lives as youngsters and as adults, including their struggles. On this day, fathers teach their children vital lessons. On this day, Father bestows a blessing on the children.

This day is significant because it is when a father feels overcome with emotion as he recalls his children’s youth and his struggle to provide for them. Fathers put in a lot of effort for their children, and they can’t leave them alone for the rest of their lives.

On Father’s Day, ten lines

So, these are On Father’s Day, ten lines in India

  1. Father’s Day developed as a complement to Mother’s Day in the early twentieth century to honor parenthood and male upbringing.
  2. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared this day to be observed on the third Sunday of June in 1966.
  3. On this day, several social seminars and events are performed in honor of the father.
  4. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your father how much you care.
  5. Fathers sacrifice their pleasure and strive tirelessly for their children; they have a sense of sacrifice and kindness.
  6. Father’s Day is significant for a father; it is much more significant for his children.
  7. In India, Father’s Day is not a public holiday.
  8. The father is the first person a kid sees while they are starting to walk, holding their hands.
  9. In certain schools, special Father’s Day programs are also held.
  10. Father’s Day is observed all around the globe, including India.


Following the above research, we may conclude that Father’s Day is a significant event in our lives. Our fathers and mothers should be respected by all of us. Children, without a doubt, recognize their father’s value and efforts to this day.

We should all treat each day as if it were Father’s Day, since this is the necessity of the hour. This day brings the whole family together and allows the youngsters to spend time with their loving father. 

I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day in India article. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the fatherhood of men. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in June each year. Father’s Day has been observed since 1909 in America and has spread internationally, with more than 190 countries celebrating it. Reference: international father’s day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is fathers Day celebrated?

A: Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June and celebrates fatherhood.

Why do we celebrate fathers Day in India?

A: Dads should be thanked for all the hard work they put in to make a family.

Why do we celebrate fathers Day in June?

A: Fathers Day is celebrated on June 15th in order to honor Fathers day, which was originally established by the Sons of Israel Society in 1908.

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