In most cases, invitations are meant to be a one-way communication. However, the receipt of an invitation can also sometimes lead to more conversation. When you’re invited and decide what your response is going to be, it’s important that you take into account how this decision affects others in the chat room or on social media platform where they may have seen your post before responding themselves.

The “formal invitation format cbse class 12 english” is an example of a formal invitation. Formal invitations are written in the third person and are usually sent by someone who has more power than you. Informal invitations can be sent by anyone and they are typically less formal.

Formal and informal Invitations and replies

There are two sorts of invitation letters:

  1. The invitation letter format
  2. The standard invitation letter.

Characteristics of a Formal Invitation Letter:

  1. It’s written from a third-person perspective.
  2. There is no signature on the document.
  3. The address is written at the bottom of the invitation, but there is no indication of the date of writing.
  4. It is written in the Simple Present Tense.
  5. The acronym R.S.V.P (which stands for “please respond”) is written at the bottom.
  6. The letter is set up such that each of the following is on its own line:
      • The name(s) of the person(s) mentioned in the invitation:
      • The traditional expression—requested the company’s satisfaction;
      • The rationale for the invitation is as follows:
      • The event’s start and end times.

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Ordinary (Informal) Letter of Invitation Characteristics:

  1. It’s written in the first-person perspective.
  2. There is no address on the interior.
  3. ‘Dear + name,’ is the greeting.
  4. ‘Yours Sincerely’ is a complimentary closure.
  5. The year is not mentioned, just the date of writing.
  6. The customary location for the writer’s address appears.
  7. To fit the meaning, several tenses are utilized.
  8. The letter does not specifically request a response, but the final phrase implies that one is anticipated.

Invitations and responses, both official and informal


Formal I 

  • Recognize the invitation.
  • In the third person, express your gratitude.
  • On a report, mention acceptance with a solid rationale.

Informal (ii)

  • Accept the invitation in the first and second person.
  • Mention whether you accept or reject the offer and why.
  • Make use of basic and pleasant language.


Formal and informal invitations and responses (solved questions/examples)

1st example

Mrs. and Mr. U.R. Mediratta cordially welcome you to their daughter’s wedding on July 5, 200… , In roughly 50 words, write a formal invitation that includes all pertinent information.



2nd example

Accepting the offer by writing a formal response.


Panchsheel Colony, 152/21

132001 Sonepat

The twenty-fifth of June…

Mrs. & Mr. R.K. Mittal thank Mrs. & Mr. U.R. Mediratta for inviting at the occasion of the auspicious marriage ceremony of their daughter Suman to be solemnized on the 5th July, 200… We are happy to accept this invitation and will be present there to enjoy the fine time.



3rd example

Indian Air Force is celebrating the 64th Air Force Anniversary. You are a Public Relations Officer. Draft A formal invitation for all retired Air Force Officer. Invitations and responses, both official and informal.



The Chief of the Air Staff will hold a reception for all retired Air Force Officers on October 5th at 20.00 hours to commemorate the 64th Air Force Anniversary… New Delhi, Air Force Officers Mess, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg

The event is open to all retired officers and their wives.

23015478 23015478 23015478 23015478 23015478 23015478 23015478


             Formal (23377609)

4th example 

You are Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya’s school captain, Ankit/Aditi. You’ve chosen to hold a “Grandparents Day” celebration at school. Prepare a formal invitation to be sent to the grandparents of your school’s pupils, including the program, days, date, and time, among other things.




5th example

Prepare an official invitation in the form of a card to be sent to all of your school’s parents on the occasion of the Annual Sports Day.




6th example

The Delhi Government’s Ministry of Health is hosting a ‘Health Care’ exhibition at Pragati Maidan. Write an invitation for visitors to come to the exhibition as the Health Secretary. Provide pertinent information.


The Delhi Government’s Ministry of Health organized the event.

From the 5th until the 11th of August

The expo will be inaugurated by Union Minister of Health, Government of India.

At 11 a.m. on August 5th,

In New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, in the Hall of Nations.

The Exhibition is kindly offered to you.


  1. Causes of deadly illnesses and how to avoid them.
  2. Health care for individuals.
  3. The causes of blindness and how to avoid them.
  4. Anti-infectious-disease precautions
  5. Nature Health Care information about the pectoral.
  6. AIDS-related seminar.

7th example

Nikhil passed the I.I.T Entrance Exam with flying colors. He’s decided to hold a get-together with his pals. Make a casual invitation that includes the location, time, and date. Do not write more than 50 words.

Satyawati Colony, M-3

Phase III of Ashok Vihar


June 23rd, 200…

Arun, my dear buddy,

As you are aware, I have organized a joyous celebration for all my friends on July 5th at 4.00 p.m. at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi, as a result of my achievement in the I.I.T Entrance Examination. Please notify your group and bring Samta to add to the charm of the gathering.

I am, as always, your dedicated servant.


8 as an example 

You are Mohan/Molly. You have been invited by the Lions Club to act as one of the judges for a fancy dress competition for children. But due to a previous engagement, you cannot accept this invitation. Write a formal reply to the President of the Clun regretting your inability to accept the invitation. (word limit – 50 words) Invitations and responses, both official and informal.


Panchsheel Park, 52/21

New Delhi

12th of March, 2000…

President, I salute you.

I consider it a tremendous honor to be asked to serve as one of the judges for the Lions Club’s fancy dress competition on March 18, 2000… I am unable to accept your offer due to a prior commitment to give a talk at Ramjas College in Delhi. I extend my best hopes for a successful outcome.

Sincerely yours


9 as an example

Suman/Suresh has passed the admission test for Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental. The family is overjoyed with their success, and they’ve decided to throw a party for all of their friends. Create an informative invitation for the party.


Mukherjee Nagar, 16/15

New Delhi

September 10th, 20xx

Dear ABC

You will be pleased to learn that Suman, our daughter, has passed the Pre-Medical Pre-Dental entrance test. We, the whole family, have chosen to commemorate the event by hosting a get-together with our friends on September 15th at 6 p.m. at our home. You are warmly invited to participate in this event. We’ll be ready when you arrive. 


Suman’s parents



Formal invitations are sent by an individual or group of people, and they are usually sent as letters. Informal invitations are sent to one person and can be in the form of a phone call, email, text message, etc. Reference: formal invitation reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reply to a formal invitation?

A: If you are unsure of what to do, the best response would be a casual yes.

What is formal and informal invitation?

A: An invitation is an offer you can take or leave. For example, if I invite you to a party and dont hear from you for two weeks, then that would be considered your rejection of the invitation. If on the other hand we have been good friends for years and I tell my friend Im giving a surprise birthday party, this could be seen as more of a personal invitation because its not something set in stone like going out with people at work once every few months.

How do you write a formal invitation?

A: An inviting letter is a formal letter that invites someone to an event or social gathering.

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