I had a lot of fun and learned more than I would have in my three months at summer camp.

I spent my summer vacation essay for class 5 by writing a journal. I wrote about the things that I did during my time off from school.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay 100 Words

‘My summer vacation’ is the subject of a few short pieces. There are just 100 words in each of these writings. I am certain that you will like them. If you’re searching for a quick summer vacation essay, these are excellent choices.

Essay about How I Spent My Summer Holiday (100 Words)

My summer vacation was just fantastic. My time is spent with my family. We traveled to Bihar for a summer holiday. My grandfather’s house is there. We were there for around 15 days. I did so many wonderful activities that I will remember for the rest of my life. I saw my grandfather for the first time in a long time, and I adore him. In the nearby bush, we had a terrific time. We went camping and picnicking there a few occasions. Near the forest, there is a tiny uphill river. That scenario is one of my favorites. I’d want to return there for my next summer vacation.    

Essay about How I Spent My Summer Holiday (100 Words)

We spent our final summer vacation in a hamlet near Sylhet, Bangladesh, which is the most beautiful city in the nation. I had a great time there. My father has a close friend here, and he has been encouraging us to visit him for quite some time. He and his family have been to see us on many occasions. Finally, over the summer break, my father decided to pay a visit to his home. We took the train to get there. The train travel is one of my favorite pastimes. The tea gardens there were the cutest and most wonderful thing. I was very enamored with the location.    

My Summer Holiday (100 Words)

My summer vacation was spent in a cottage in the center of a tea plantation. My dad and I went there. In Darjeeling, one of my uncles worked as a tea plantation manager. We went there to pay him a visit. The natural beauty of Darjeeling astounded and delighted me much. It has been a lot of fun for myself and a few relatives. We rented a vehicle to tour the whole estate. The forest is teeming with monkeys. There is a designated wildlife area. We visited there and witnessed a wide variety of wild creatures.    

Short Essay about Summer Vacation (100 Words)

Vinay is my name, and I’m from Kerala. This summer, I traveled to Kolkata, the city of joy. We have a large number of relatives in the area. My mother is a Bengali lady, thus I have a strong connection to the state of West Bengal. My uncles live in the city proper. Their area is very stunning. I stayed there for two weeks. There are so many gorgeous sites there that I’ve seen. I’d want to return to Kolkata. I feel there is still much more to see. I have a few wonderful relatives that like taking me to various locations.  

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My summer vacation was a really good time and I had a lot of fun with my friends. We went to the beach, visited museums, and went on lots of adventures. My favorite thing about this summer was spending time with my family. Reference: my summer vacation short story.

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How you spend your summer vacation 100 words?

A: I was excited to go on vacation. It has been a long time since I have had some downtime, and this seemed like just what the doctor ordered. On the flight over there were only so many movies available for me to watch (I guess you cant be too careful with all these terrorists running around), but when we actually got in there, it was even better than expected! There wasnt anything else out there that could have kept my attention away from all of the delightful sights and sounds going about outside. That is one thing that I am always happy about – vacations are absolutely wonderful experiences wherever they take you!

How I will spend my summer vacation essay?

A: All the best plans for a good summer vacation.
The beginning of July is likely to be very busy as people are going back and forth between school or work, some taking a break from college for summer vacation. The most important thing about this time of year is making sure youre keeping yourself healthy during your free time! Make sure that you get enough sleep, eat well-balanced meals each day, and make exercise part of your daily routine.

How did I spend my summer vacation 10 lines essay?

A: You probably spent it at the beach, or on a mountain hike with your friends and family. Your summer vacation was most likely filled to the brim from activities like these that allowed you to relax and enjoy each moment of your time off.

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