Have you ever had a problem with your school, professor or university and wanted to complain? Here are some basic tips on how write a complaint letter for various topics.

A letter of complaint is a formal letter that is written to complain about an issue. The letter can be written for various topics, such as the product you ordered or your school’s policies. This article will provide some examples of how to write a complaint letter for different reasons and with sample letters.

How to Write a Complaint Letter for various topics? with Format Samples

We’ve covered How to Write a Complaint Letter for a variety of themes in this post. with Helpful Hints and Format Examples

(What is a Complaint Letter, Anyway?)

There may be problems with a company’s goods or service for which you will be charged. The first step in expressing your dissatisfaction is to contact a corporate representative to discuss the problem. The next step is to send an email to the company’s customer service department. If everything else fails, try filing a letter of complaint to the corporation.

Complaint letters are very important since they register your complaint with the firm. It aids in the preservation of whatever legal rights you may have in the scenario. It also shows the corporation that you’re serious about pursuing the issue via the legal system.

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A complaint letter is intended to express dissatisfaction with unfair practices and to get a positive result. It will motivate other distressed customers and persuade authorities to take proper action against defaulters, making them more accountable and responsive.

Let’s have a look at How to Write a Complaint Letter.

Here are a few suggestions for writing a complaint letter.

1. It is necessary to be clear and concise.

Describe the product or service you bought, as well as the issue you had. Include a unique number, such as the product’s model number or serial number, as well as the seller’s location. Also, be aware of where the service or product was purchased. You may include the firm and seller as references in your complaint letter if you have previously talked with them.

2. Specify exactly what is required.

You must specify exactly what you desire and the length of time you are prepared to wait for a response. Try to be a bit more reasonable.

3. In your letter, be modest.

Don’t write a snarky or threatening letter while attempting to be responsible. The person who reads the letter is not responsible for the problem, but he or she may be able to remedy it.

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4. Attach copies of any necessary papers.

The letter must contain copies of documentation such as the receipt, repair order, and warranties. You should also give copies of any emails you exchanged with the vendor. Sending the originals with the letter is not a good idea.

5. Information and contact

Include your contact information as well as any other necessary information in the letter.

Please make sure that you send the complaint letter using a reputable courier service so that you can be sure that it reaches the firm. In addition, the courier firm may offer you with evidence of receipt.

Formats for Complaint Letters

Please find attached some sample letters (examples) for your consideration.

1. Complaint Letter for Unauthorized Parking of Cars and Scooters in Your Neighborhood, Blocking the Street

Moraj Residency, Plot No. 13, Badlapaur, Mumbai 28th of March, 2020

Mumbai’s Building Secretary

Subject: Complaint about improper parking behaviors in the neighborhood


I’m writing to bring to your attention the terrible parking practices of residents in our neighborhood, which have generated a lot of chaos and left no parking space for folks who arrive late from work.

Cars are parked between two parking spots, despite the fact that each unit has its own designated parking area. Residents’ incorrect parking results in one automobile taking the place of two to three cars, resulting in mismanagement. Two-wheelers are not permitted to park in the designated area. As a result, a lot of problems are produced since other people have to spend a lot of time looking for parking places in various locations. It also produces dissatisfaction and anxiety for the vehicle’s safety.

Despite the many notifications and warnings sent to rule-breakers, there is still no progress. You are urged to take swift action against the offenders, since this is upsetting our community’s peace and causing people to fight amongst themselves. It would be very welcomed if the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Concerned Citizen, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done for me.

2. Writing a letter of complaint to a watch company informing them that the watch they purchased is not operating properly.

Ludhiana, Sector 10, 16/17, March 30, 2020

Customer Compliant Division, M/s TITAN Corporation, Ludhiana

Subject – Complaint about the watch’s operation and replacement

Greetings, Sir/Madame

I bought your brand of watch model number 12345 from your authorized seller shop on March 20, 20 for ten thousand rupees. 

Unfortunately, your product did not perform as expected. The watch does not function half of the time, despite the fact that I have replaced the batteries multiple times. I’m quite disappointed since this was not what I anticipated from such a well-known brand and company.

I recommend that you replace the product with a fresh, fully functional model to remedy this issue. I have all of the necessary documentation, including the guarantee card and the purchase receipt, in excellent shape. I’ve included copies of the documents for your records and reference.

I eagerly await a favorable answer and a resolution to our dilemma. I’ll wait 10 days before filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency. You may reach me at the phone number or location shown below.

Regard Buyer, Regard Buyer, Concern Buyer, Concern Buyer, Concern Buyer, Concern Buyer, Concern Buyer,

1) a duplicate of the receipt a) a copy of the guarantee card; b) a copy of the

12345678 is the phone number to call.

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A complaint letter is a powerful tool for addressing problems with a substandard product or poor customer service. The correct letter might help you gain the attention you need and attain the outcomes you want. If necessary, the complaint letter may also be used as the foundation for future legal action.

Those who take the time to write a complaint letter want to solve the issue instead of whining about it. Allowing the corporation to rectify the problem might help to resolve any tense sentiments.

The “letter of complaint class 10 examples” is a guide that will help you write a letter to your school administration or any other company, in regards to various topics. The article will provide you with sample letters for different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of complaint letter make proper format?

A: Here is a template for an effective complaint letter:

How do you start a complaint letter example?

In order to successfully file a complaint, you will need to provide the following information in your letter:
-Your contact details. This includes your name, address and phone number. If this is not included then it will result in an incomplete complaint letter which does not guarantee that any action will be taken against the person or company you are filing the complaint about.
-The date of issue/when you became aware of the problem (including when they first appeared) -This may help identify if there is a systematic pattern with these actions over time.
-How many times have they done this behavior? In other words how often did they do something wrong? -If this cannot be found out from personal recollection then it would need to be estimated based on available evidence e.g., records from administrative letters sent by them etc.-You can also include here what specific behaviors were involved as well as who was affected by those behaviors.-Finally make sure that all complaints are signed off for verification purposes!

How do you write a complaint example?

A: I would like to file a complaint against the barista at my local coffee shop.

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