International Friendship Day is a day designated to celebrate friendships and promote world peace. It’s celebrated in more than 60 countries around the world on July 5th each year. In 2018, it will be celebrated for the 39th time since its inception in 1959. The first International Friendship Day was held by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2284 of October 14, 1959 to encourage people everywhere to cultivate international friendship and understanding among their peoples through cultural interchange

International Friendship Day is the day that celebrates international friendship. It was first celebrated on November 27, 1919 in New York City. The date commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Paris which is seen as a major step towards peace after World War I.

International Friendship Day (Date, History, Importance, Celebration)

Are you interested in learning more about International Friendship Day? If you answered yes, then this post is for you. It is International Friendship Day (Date, History, Importance, Celebration). This article is almost 700 words long. The day is also known as World Friendship Day.

a brief introduction (International Friendship Day)

Friendship Day is a day dedicated to encouraging people to be nice and meet new friends. This day also serves as a reminder to everyone of the value of friendship.

The Origins of Friendship Day

In 1935, the US Congress declared August 1st, the first Sunday of August, to be a holiday in honor of friends in the United States. Every year in August since then, they have celebrated World Friendship Day.

What is the date of International Friendship Day?

International Friendship Day is observed on July 30th in India.

Friendship Day’s Importance

Humans are social beings that need the company of others in order to survive in this world. Every year, Friendship Day is observed to honor the wonderful sense of friendship.

Many other nations have enthusiastically adopted this lovely notion of commemorating Friendship Day, and now, many countries, including India, commemorate Friendship Day every year on the first Sunday in August.

International Friendship Day is observed every year on February 14th.

To celebrate their pals, individuals gather together with their friends and share greeting cards and flowers on Friendship Day. Many social and cultural groups also recognize the event by conducting different activities to commemorate Friendship Day.

Ultimately, various ceremonies and timings are used by different groups to commemorate Friendship Day. People, for example, celebrate –

  • The first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day.
  • The third Sunday in August is Women’s Friendship Day.
  • February is Friendship Month across the world.
  • The third week of May is dedicated to “Old Friends, New Friends.”

What is the definition of friendship?

Friendship is a committed connection between two individuals in which both persons have genuine sentiments of affection for one other, with no expectations or misunderstandings. There is also a feeling of caring and love for one another. Friendship is frequently formed between two individuals who share similar beliefs, feelings, and tastes.

People felt that friendship had no age, gender, position, caste, religion, or creed boundaries, yet economic inequality and other forms of prejudice have been seen to hinder friendships. They also claim that true friendship between two sorts of brains in a comparable setting generates feelings of fondness for one another.

There are many friends in the world who are constantly together in times of success, but only true, honest, and trustworthy friends do not abandon their friends in times of adversity, challenges, or troubles. Terrible situations reveal who your good and bad pals are. By nature, everyone is drawn to money, yet true friends never make us feel awful.

When we need money or other forms of partnership, though, borrowing money from friends might put our friendships at jeopardy. Friendships may be impacted by others or by yourself at any moment, therefore we must maintain a healthy level of friendship.

Friendships may be strained when egoism and self-esteem are discussed. True friendship demands full comprehension, satisfaction, and trust. True friends do not exploit one another, but rather motivate one another to do the right thing and aid one another in life.

However, some dishonest and fraudulent friends may entirely distort the concept of friendship, constantly using the incorrect manner in some other way. Some individuals make friends as quickly as possible, but as soon as their purpose is fulfilled, the work is over, they terminate their relationship.

It’s impossible to be mistaken about friendship, yet a careless person gets deceived in friendship. In today’s world, it’s difficult to discover true friends among the bad and decent individuals. However, if somebody has true friends, the world is not lucky or gifted in any way. Humans and animals may form genuine friendships.

Our finest friends, without a doubt, assist us in our struggles and tough moments. Friends strive to safeguard us from risks on a regular basis. True friends are the most valuable commodities in our life because they share our sorrows, disperse our suffering, and strive to keep us happy.


International Friendship Day is observed only to demonstrate the importance of friendship in our lives. Also, why does everyone need a decent and best buddy in their lives? I hope you enjoyed learning about International Friendship Day.

International Friendship Day is celebrated on September 27th. It is a day to celebrate the bonds of friendship and bring awareness to how important it is for people to be friends with one another. The date was chosen because September 27th, 1937 was the day that the United Nations declared that all children should have the opportunity to go to school regardless of their nationality or race. Reference: is today friendship day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we celebrate Friendship Day?

A: In many countries, the day is celebrated on September 27th to commemorate a letter that Martin Luther King Jr. wrote to his friend in 1963. This was originally intended as a birthday card for Rosa Parks but she did not receive it until days later and it came too late to be delivered.

Who started International Friendship Day?

A: Many historians and researchers have tried to find the origin of this holiday, with no success.

Why is the 4th of August celebrated as Friendship Day?

A: The fourth of August is the day in which at the end of a long and difficult journey, the three amigos finally found their way out of the desert.

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