In a society where it is so difficult to get justice, this essay looks at the ways in which social media can be used as a platform for using our voices and highlighting injustices. Using examples of racism and gender-based discrimination, this essay will discuss how social media has allowed people’s voices to finally be heard.

The “justice delayed is justice denied essay” is a short essay that discusses the consequences of waiting for justice. The essay will be written in 150 words.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay in 1000+ Words

Here you will find a 1000+ word essay about Justice Delayed is Justice Denied for students and children. This encompasses the nastiness of this statement as well as the consequences of delayed justice.

Essay (1000+ words): Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Justice is an important component of contemporary civilisation. There are more than 3 crore cases outstanding in our nation, according to the state of things in the Indian court, which is worrying. Unless people lose trust in the legal system, the required steps should be made to preserve justice.

It will take roughly 300 years to solve all of those cases. In various Indian states, there are many case backlogs. According to a January 2015 report, the Supreme Court had a total of 62,794 cases outstanding.

Around 44.5 lakh cases were waiting in 24 high courts at the end of 2013 A.D., with 2.6 crore cases lingering in other subordinate courts. All of these instances are civil and criminal in nature.

People are looking to the courts for answers. However, at current pace, it will be very difficult to accomplish. According to the report, Allahabad (Prayagraj) has the most cases pending, at 10, 43,395. There are 3, 81,615 criminal cases in this case.

What Does This Phrase Mean?

This idiom is put forward by William E Gladstone, in the late 1800s. He was a former British Statesman and Prime Minister. At the passage of time, What Does This Phrase Mean? has been spoken in many different ways.

The adage “justice delayed is justice denied” signifies that justice is not served within a given time frame, and therefore even if justice is provided later, it is not justice since justice was not served within that time frame.

This sentence is truly rather endearing. It might be difficult to decipher its meaning at times. Everyone has the right to justice. Justice must be delivered within a certain amount of time. The judicial rights of these individuals have substantial value in the court system. Justice may be described as the defender of civil rights and the protector of innocent.

‘Injustice everywhere is a danger to justice everywhere,’ according to Martin Luther King. When it comes to a legitimate legal system, justice should be fair, inexpensive, and quick. 

The adage “justice delayed is justice denied” carries a lot of weight behind it. When someone deliberately delays something as vital as justice, justice is delayed, and the perpetrator may simply flee owing to their ignorance.

The Final Judgement 

The most serious crime is knowing the truth and doing nothing about it. Many cases are pending in India’s courts, and the legislation is insufficient to resolve them all in the allotted period.

People seeking justice must navigate many ups and downs on their journey. It makes no difference whether the case is civil or criminal. Justice is the only thing that counts. It is hard to earn people’s faith in the legal system without justice.

It is hardly justice if those who have filed lawsuits and are anxiously awaiting the decision are unable to obtain it in a timely manner. The technique of kings’ judgment is well-known throughout history. There were no hiccups in their decision-making. 

The monarchs had sufficient authority to punish the criminals and ensure that the people were treated fairly. We must have seen these awful events in our culture. People in society are always quick to convict and punish them. 

When justice is delayed, the culprit may be able to flee. He or she may show in court that he or she is innocent by erasing all evidence or anything else that may occur.

The criminal’s lawyer will be able to show that his or her client is innocent. This is the worst-case situation, in which a criminal might simply flee owing to sluggish and delayed judgment. 

People in our democratic democracy are searching for honest and true justice. It may assist individuals in maintaining their trust in the legal system. 

The Advantages of Delayed Justice

Have you ever wondered why justice is delayed? The police investigation, which is underway to apprehend the culprit, is delaying the process of justice. It is hard to maintain them as a criminal while the inquiry is ongoing.

The police will haul the suspect to court after the whole investigative process has been completed with evidence. Following then, several law-and-order responsibilities are there to keep the formalities in place. 

The police’s failure to conduct an inquiry also creates a delay in justice. The adage “justice delayed is justice denied” applies well here. The cops sometimes take their time filling up charge forms. 

Even if the charge sheet is filed with the court after some time, putting the matter on the file is a lengthy procedure. Following that, on a predetermined day, the court will interact with the clients and the perpetrators, as well as counsel from both sides.

There are no special courts to deal with the most heinous crimes, such as murder, rape, and burglary. These courts are dedicated only to such offenses. They must be set up with supremacies in order to take direct cognizance of offences. They must conduct a trial on a daily basis once they have identified the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, our jurisdiction lacks such a mechanism for punishing the offender. In such a sluggish jurisdiction process, the victim’s family has a limited amount of time to seek justice. Furthermore, in our nation, the courts are subjected to an excessive amount of litigation from the government, since many of the lawsuits are brought against government departments.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: 10 Lines

  1. The length of time it takes the jurisdiction to provide justice is totally unacceptable.
  2. The fact that the courts take a long time to make a judgement often aids the perpetrator in eluding justice.
  3. The victims’ families suffer greatly as a result of the lack of justice. 
  4. The investigative process might occasionally cause the decision to be delayed.
  5. There were no delays in obtaining justice under the reign of the monarchs.
  6. Victims must be given justice in order for the public to have faith in the legal system.
  7. In the pursuit of justice, the police and their investigations play a critical role.
  8. To ensure that justice is delivered on time, rules and regulations should be more stringent.
  9. Special courts should be established to deal with major offenses right away.
  10. The process for apprehending the criminals should be made more efficient.


The adage ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ refers to an unjustified delay in the administration of justice. The statement underscores the inexcusable lack of justice. The absence of a sufficient number of judges in our nation is the primary cause of delayed justice.

This has a significant influence on the speed with which justice is delivered and India’s jurisdiction. We hope that the system will shift to something better on a day when everyone may live in peace and fairness.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay in 1000+ Words. The essay discusses the topic of justice and how it is delayed or denied. Reference: justice delayed is justice denied essay brainly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Justice delayed is justice denied?

A: Justice delayed is justice denied.

What can you say about justice delayed justice denied?

A: Justice delayed is justice denied.

What is the reason for delay in justice?

A: The Justice System was overhauled and delayed because of a bug in the new system.

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