The Government of Kerala in India has recently taken steps to provide free lunches for school children. The state’s focus on the first world problem will be remembered as one of its greatest achievements, but it is still just a beginning.

Kerala is a state in India. It’s known for its diverse culture and cuisine. The food of Kerala consists of various dishes from the cuisines of different parts of India. One dish that is very popular in Kerala is “Kerala Food Essay”.

Kerala Food Essay

You will learn about the numerous cuisines of Kerala in this article about Kerala food. We’ve also included a selection of delectable foods below. This article may assist students and youngsters with their exams and projects.

(1000+ words) Kerala Food Essay

Food is one of the most basic requirements for all living things on Earth, and it is essential for every life that is created in our planet. In this way, we should not waste food but rather value it. 

There are many different types of cuisine that are prepared in varied ways across the world, much like the style of living in that location. That culture creates culinary flavors that are exclusive to that kind of meal. 

In any way, nature has constructed itself by providing nourishment for this whole life narrative. At that time, whatever we obtain is because of the notion of this planet, whether it’s a vegetable, a natural product, rice, or wheat. 

Kerala, which is surrounded by the sea, is known across the globe for its way of life, customs, and seductive quality, as well as its surrounding cuisine. Aside from idli and dosa, Kerala also offers a variety of sweets and non-vegetarian cuisine. During various festivities and merriments, traditional Kerala dishes and delectable sweets are prepared. 

Rice, fish, and coconut are staples in almost all of Kerala’s celebrated cuisine, and tastes are boosted with bean stew, curry leaves, mustard, turmeric, tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida.

Kerala’s geological, verifiable, and ecological diversity of food sources are shown by its geological, verifiable, and ecological diversity. It is, by coincidence, divided into two portions, the Masanori first, and the vegetable lover second.

While non-vegan cuisine uses a lot of tastes, veggie lover food uses a lot of veggies with subtle flavors.

The use of coconut is the most important aspect of Kerala cuisine. Around there, coconut oil, its water, and helpless three items are used. The recipe is cooked in coconut oil, and the sauce is created using coconut. Coconut is also used in other meals.

Kerala’s signature dish is sambal sambal sambal sambal sambal sambal Even while sambhar vada, idli dosa, and other South Indian dishes are famous all over the globe, what is served here is unique.

Kerala, often known as God’s Own Country, is a popular tourist destination noted for its tastes, non-vegan cuisine, and seafood.

Fry Karamani

Fry Karamani is one of the customary dishes of Kerala. Karaman or Pearl Spot fish is exceptionally regular in Kerala backwaters, and this dish is set up with the assistance of a similar fish.

This meal may be found almost everywhere in Kerala, yet there is a significant difference in flavor from one location to the next. It is traditionally a Syrian Christian meal; yet, in Kerala, celebrations are incomplete without it.  

Parotta Malabari 

Kerala-Food-EssayParotta Malabari 

Malabari Parrotus, when described in simple terms, is the fluffiest paratha you will ever eat. Several layers of paratha are created throughout the process of producing this paratha. It becomes more delicate and tasty as each layer is added.

Coincidentally, you will get the chance to taste this Parotta Malabari in various conditions of the nation; however, its actual taste can be discovered distinctly in Kerala. To make this parotta significantly softer, you can fill it with various stuffing.


1643337858_420_Kerala-Food-EssayKerala Filter Coffee (Kaapi)

Even if you’ve had espresso before, the Kerala equivalent isn’t the same. It’s a kind of channel espresso that can be found in almost every café in Kerala. Kappi is well-liked by the locals. Once in a while, you should relish this espresso as well.



If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the payasam in Kerala. It’s a kheer that looks like a pastry and is made of broken rice, vermicelli, saffron, cardamom, and the greatest tastes.

It may resemble kheer, but its flavor is distinct, and simply a spoonful transports you to another universe.


1643337860_344_Kerala-Food-EssayRecipe for white pattu on the right side

In Kerala, Puttu prefers to consume as a snack. In Malayalam, putu means to separate. It’s made with rice and coconut milk, and it’s often stuffed with sweet or sour insides. It’s so fragile that it crumbles as you put it in your mouth. It’s unlikely that you’ll have to bite it. 


Kerala-Food-EssayRecipe for Appam

Rice flour appam may be eaten for lunch, dinner, or breakfast at any time. It goes nicely with any vegetable, both veg and non-veg, when served with a sauce. 


1643337862_11_Kerala-Food-EssayPathiri (Kerala Pathiri)

This is the most popular dish among the people of Malabar, Kerala’s northern region. It’s made with rice that looks like a hotcake. It’s usually served with any veggie sauce. 

Egg curry with idiyappam 


Idiyappam is a rice-based noodle. Keralites devour them with ferocious fervor with egg curry. A few individuals like Idiyappam that has been soaked in coconut milk. It’s also known as Nul Putu by a few individuals.

Chicken from Malabar

1643337864_138_Kerala-Food-EssayChicken from Malabar

Biryani is the most loved of Malayali individuals Chicken from Malabar Biryani. The flavor of this biryani made with Malabar’s extraordinary flavors has now gotten acclaimed in the entire nation. You can eat it with raita and chutney.



In Kerala, avial is a traditional meal served during weddings and celebrations. Sadya is another name for this meal, which is produced by combining several types of vegetables. This is said to have been created by Bhima during his mysterious living arrangement. 

Chips made from bananas

1643337867_448_Kerala-Food-EssayKerala Chips made from bananas

Kerala and Chips made from bananas resemble the heart and its pulse. Chips of Kerala Food are such bites that are loved by pretty much every Indian. They are effectively found in each shop, truck, café, and even inns there. 


This banana dish is produced by stuffing it with coconut and jaggery. You may also call it a stuffed banana. This is the most popular dish among the locals. 

Burgers from Porotta 

Parotta is a fluffy bread that is eaten with ferocious ferocity with meat. There is no shortage of its fragrance or test darlings all over the globe. 

Kuzhachatu Kappa 

It is one of Kerala’s most popular recipes. It’s produced by bubbling Tapioca and combining it with a few masalas. It is often served with fish, spicy chutney, and pork.

Pori Pazam 

1643337868_556_Kerala-Food-EssayPori Pazam 

Browning bananas is used to make this cuisine. The most popular tee-time snack is banana pakoras. 

Veggie Stew from Kerala

Vegetable ashtu, or stew, is a basic Kerala meal produced by boiling coconut milk over low heat. With Idiyappam and Appam, you may enjoy it. 

10 lines on Kerala cuisine

  1. Kerala’s primary meal is rice. Malayalis like rice mixed with green vegetables, fish, pork, eggs, and other ingredients. 
  2. Kerala cuisine is known for being flavorful and aromatic. 
  3. Eating banana leaves has been a tradition since ancient times. 
  4. Kerala offers a plethora of culinary traditions. Here, you’ll find a distinct kind of cuisine.
  5. Kerala cuisine has a disproportionate quantity of coconut. 
  6. The coastline of Kovalam is well-known all over the globe. Kerala’s area is divided into 14 districts. Each state is significant in its own way.
  7. Kerala boasts India’s highest education rate, one of the lowest infant mortality rates, and a female population that outnumbers males. 
  8. Kerala is the world’s largest producer and exporter of black pepper, which is used in a variety of dishes.
  9. In addition to cardamom and ginger, Kerala sends out cardamom and ginger. 
  10. Kerala’s principal produce and staple diet is rice. 


Finally, we can state that Kerala cuisine is both healthy and tasty. In contrast to its neighbors, Kerala has a substantial selection of non-vegetarian cuisine. If you like walking and eating, you should come to Kerala to sample the well-known local cuisine. 

You should read our whole post about Kerala cooking to have a better idea of how renowned and delicious it is. We’ve put up a list of exquisite Kerala culinary items that will undoubtedly catch your attention.

Kerala has a wide range of foods that are unique to the state. The cuisine is heavily influenced by the spices and herbs that grow in abundance there. The food is also very healthy and nutritious, due to the large amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood consumed. Reference: kerala cuisine pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is famous food of Kerala?

A: Famous food of Kerala is fish.

What is Kerala food style?

A: Kerala is a state in the southwestern Indian subcontinent, located on the Malabar coast of India. Typically, travelers to Kerala are surprised by its cuisine. It has been described as a mosaic of spicy dry and wet cuisines with diverse ingredients from around India and abroad.

Why is Kerala food healthy?

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