As a result, many students have to rely on unhealthy choices such as the vending machine or purchases from outside sources. In order to improve this situation, I would like to request that you make some improvements in your school canteen and allow us more healthy options.

The “write a letter to the principal regarding unhygienic conditions your school” is a document that can be used by students to request change in school canteen.

Letter/Application to the Principal for Improvement in School Canteen

Welcome to my site,, where I will explain how to draft a Letter/Application to the Principal for School Canteen Improvement.

Write a letter/application to the principal of your school, recommending improvements to the school canteen, as a student leader of Church Mission School, New Delhi.


The Principal, Church Mission School, New Delhi, 10th October 2000, Examination Hall

Improvements in the School Canteen


I’d want to use this opportunity to bring your attention to the need for reform in our school cafeteria. The school cafeteria is where kids go to unwind and have tea and snacks during recess and other free times. Our school canteen, on the other hand, is in terrible condition. Our school has over a thousand pupils, however there are only twenty seats and tables in the canteen, the most of which are damaged. Even the tube lights are often out of service. As a result, the kids are forced to sit in the dark, giving the place a desolate appearance. There is no effort made to maintain the canteen tidy and clean. The food supplied here is similarly of low quality, and the prices are outrageous. Because they don’t have a choice, the kids must accept them.

I hope you will take a personal interest in the issue and take the necessary steps to rectify it. Thank you very much, Sincerely yours Pawan

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Improvement Letter for the School Canteen- PDF Download

This letter is available in PDF format at The others provided examples of School Authorities letters to provide you phrasing suggestions for certain scenarios. To get a PDF file, just click on the URL provided below.

Improvements in the School Canteen Letter/Application to the Principal

The School Canteen is Getting Better (35 downloads) Image to Download (39 downloads)


How to Write a Letter/Application to the Principal for Improvement in the School Canteen, a formal letter for complaint, or a suggestion/advice to improve the unsanitary/poor state of your school’s canteen


I am writing to you today with a complaint about the lack of canteen facilities in the college. I would like for you to consider opening up a new canteen for all students, as there are many problems that arise from this issue. Reference: complaining about the lack of canteen facilities in the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my school canteen?

A: I am not able to answer that as it is beyond my scope.

How can we improve the quality of food and service in canteen?

A: I have no idea what you mean.

How do you write a proposal letter for a canteen?

A: First, you should find out what the process is in your school. Then, write a letter to explain how you can contribute and why its needed. You should also provide an estimated time frame for when it will be ready. Lastly, attach any references or materials that might prove your skillset

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